Monday, September 19, 2005

I am a Leaf

(no, really! read my jaunty little poem...LOL)

Autumn’s days draw short and cool
and I yearn for the freedom to flee,
from way up above the swirling mass
of vibrant colors in my tree.

I stretch my limbs and twist my hips
and prepare for my descent,
and uncurl fingers from a reaching branch,
Then, down, down I went.

A fall breeze, a comforting hand,
reaches down to break my fall,
and gently floating on the spicy current,
Finally, now I can see it all.

Golden sunlight rains down upon asphalt
pigmented by messy piles of red, orange and brown,
my family, my friends all tumbled in a heap,
a cacophony of color blanketing the ground.

As the day draws to a sleepy close,
twilight delicately unfurls it’s cloak of gray,
I land softly amidst the smatter of color,
the end of my busy day.

I am a Leaf.

By: April L. Smith

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