Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I'm not sure why. It could be that money-related stress is keeping me from dropping off into sleepytown! Also, the new beau has been sleeping over a lot so it's entirely possible that my body is just readjusting to sleeping next to someone again. Who knows.

OR, my other thought is that I'm going stir-crazy cuz I'm so damn sick of winter!!! GOD, I can't wait for my vacation in March!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Michele must be rubbing off on me already..her and her kooky dreams! Cuz now I'M having weird dreams!!

Although last night's dream was just down-right SCARY. I swear, I was like the star in my own slasher film. It involved blood and guts, being chased, murders, a big scary haunted house, and....*GULP*...a HUGE (like the size of a basketball) spider! I'm going to be sick just thinking of that spider!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Four Ho's

(how the hell do you write the plural form of HO? LOL)

And me and Jess....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So....I stole this little blip from Michele...who stole it from her friend Dawn! :-)

4 things you have done to embarrass yourself in public

* In middle school we used to have to hang out in front of the school before classes began and one day I had on a skirt...well one of my friends shoved me, I fell down, and the skirt flew UP. Needless to say, I chose that day to wear no undies under my nylons! Ack!
* Another middle school antic...in 8th grade a cute boy behind me stuck a yard stick (nice, right?) under my ass as I sat in my seat...I was so shocked I slid off the seat and onto the floor...AGAIN wearing a skirt. (Thank God I rememberd to wear undies THAT day! LOL)
* Hmmm...recently I got so trashed while out dancing that when I was trying to do some sexy dance move, I completely fell on my ass, in front of everyone. Good times!
* This isn't majorly embarrassing but I can't think of anything else...my pooch, Daisy and I were at the park with my ex. The ex was holding her leash, but not tight. Daisy saw a bird and took off running...and the leash popped out of his hand. So there we were, running crazily through this nice quiet, scenic (well populated, mind you!) park screaming hysterically for Daisy not to jump into the lake! LOL

4 things you wear that you shouldn't

* Paint-stained sweat pants out in public...they are my most favorite pair but they have bright yellow paint across the ass...people are always saying "You have something on your pants!"
* Sometimes my shirts are pretty damn low-cut...but wait, why SHOULDN'T I wear them? LOL
* Hmmm...not sure what else...
* ???

4 bad habits you have

* Cracking my knuckles (and everything else!). It's so obnoxious!
* Not washing the dishes in the sink in a timely manner! ALthough now that I have a roommate, I have been better about it!
* Text messaging while I’m driving
* Bitching and moaning too much when I'm cranky and/or sick! Someone needs to shut me up!

4 things you don't do well

* Budget my money and pay my bills on time!!
* Organize my files and important papers.
* Car stuff-I'm such a girl when it comes to that!
* Save money!!! (I'm seeing a trend here with my money...uh oh...)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Slap stupid people in the head.

Get your resolution here