Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm so excited!!! In about an hour I'm going to make a phone call and make reservations for camping Labor Day weekend! I'm totally psyched cuz, other than mine and Michele's DISASTROUS camping expedition last October (damn rain ruined our trip. >:-( See my October post), I have not been camping in years! And I absolutely positively LOVE going.

So, me and Daryl and Crystal and Jimmy (and possibly Jimmy's son, Jacob) will be going September 1st through September 4th. And the other cool thing, not only can we bring the doggies with us, BUT, this campground has a doggie kennel (for $2.00 per hour per dog) if we decided to go somewhere we couldn't bring the pups with us! So having that option is exceptionally cool, if we wanna check out some gift shops etc... :-)

Check out where we're going!!!! I feel like a kid, getting this excited to go! LOL

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