Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I want to throw a tantrum. Really.

God damned Ernesto is gonna screw up my weekend camping plans! It's now supposed to rain (where we'll be in NH) Sunday during the day and Monday. I just want to cry. This is the SECOND TIME I've attempted to go camping (before that I hadn't gone in FOUR YEARS!) and that time was disastrous weather-wise, too! Remember the 12 days of rain we had last October? That's during the time I was in NH. Ugh.

And then as if that isn't bad enough, the other couple who was supposed to come with us, CAN'T! So now there is this second site already paid for (two of the three nights) and available but we asked a few other couples we're friends with and no one is able to come. I kinda knew it was a long shot being last minute, and a holiday weekend, but I was hoping we could find SOMEONE else to go! Grrrrrr!

Why do all my plans go to shit???????????????????????????/

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