Monday, August 14, 2006


But quite happy. :-) Daryl and I ripped down those HORRENDOUS over-grown monstrosity of bushes and trees in our backyard!! I can't BELIEVE how much it opens up (makes it so much larger!) the backyard. I love it. I have the biggest yard in the neighborhood. :-) Granted, there is still MUCH more work to do (i.e. clearing out all the downed brush, raking the dirt and pulling out all the stumps, burning the extra wood, and finally, planting grass, phew!). It's definitely a work in progress.

And on the INSIDE of the house, much work too. Daryl's next project (with me as his assistant! LOL) is to put in the plenoms (have no idea how to spell that word) and vents in the floor for our new furnace. I'll be psyched to have heat in each room, as opposed to just what it used to be, those damn grates in the floor. And I LOVE the fact that those grates are gone. Right now you can see the wood but I don't care. All in due time, right? So, after the furnace is complete, we'll be sanding the walls. I have the paint chip on the wall that we'll be painting the living room and hallway walls. And once THAT is finally accomplished, we can install the new carpet! What a difference a new carpet will make! I HATE the ugly,stained stuff that is down now!

Progress, progress! :-)

Oh, and I will post pics tomorrow of what we're doing in the yard....

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