Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm excited! A week from today (hopefully MINUS the rain!) I will be on my way to the White Mountains in New Hampshire! Going camping with Daryl and the doggies and meeting up there with Crystal, her hubby Jimmy and their new dog, Harley. I've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time...I love camping and have only been once in about four years. So this trip is LONG awaited.

This week I gotta get stuff together (tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, etc.) and later in the week I'll throw together the rest of the stuff I need into our backpacks. I'm bringing my camel bak (sp?) and hiking boots too cuz we plan on doing some hiking! We're staying at a regular campground so YIPPY! Showers! Toilets! Eventually I WOULD like to try the whole "roughing-it" camping experience...just not yet. LOL Plus this campground has a dog kennel that charges only $2/hour per pup so THAT is a plus, in case we wanna do some sight seeing or tourist-y things in the nearby gift shops. ;-) Later this week, I'm going to do my SUN-Dance to insure we get great weather!

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