Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm pretty darn proud of myself lately. First of all, I lost a pound last week. I know THAT is not monumental or anything, but it's good to lose SOMETHING. :-)

Also, I worked out both Friday night after work AND Saturday morning. Me, working out on the weekends, is usually almost unheard of! LOL I also cleaned NON-STOP Sunday probably for a good four or five hours. I'm sure I burned some calories there!

I pigged out a LITTLE bit this weekend but not in a major way. Friday night I had homemade cheese fries for dinner...nice, right? Saturday I ate good pretty much all day. Then yesterday, Sunday, I went out for breakfast and had about 1/2 a Farmer's omellet and 1.5 pieces of wheat toast and 3 pieces of bacon. Then I didn't eat again until dinner when we went out to eat at this yummy place in Manchester called Smokey Bones. I had a beer and then some spinach/artichoke dip with toasted pitas, and for dinner pulled pork w/barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and steamed green beans, with a piece of garlic toast. So damn good! But that means that TODAY I'm back on track. ;-)

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