Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I am so, so very sad by this. :-(

John text messaged me a link to an article about it yesterday. I always loved Steve Irwin and used to watch the Crocodile Hunter like CRAZY about two years ago...it was almost an obsession and I used to try to tape the show if I was going to miss it. I'm not sure what the exact pull for me was, granted I LOVE animals and watching shows about them, but it was also, I think, Steve's enthusiasm for them and his love for them (even the snakes! eek!) which I found so captivating. And it was just so enthralling to watch him, a master at his game, a man who definitely knew his stuff. I do remember saying, "God, if he dies early, this will probably be the way he'll go." But I honestly didn't think he WOULD die. He seemed invincible!

Now, you're probably thinking, "Why is she so upset? It's not like she KNEW him or anything." I think hearing about Steve Irwin's death just brings closer to home for me, the reality of how short and precious life really is. It can be gone in an instant. So many things this year and last year have been reinforcing that in my brain. I told myself to start ENJOYING my life and LIVING it, instead of constantly wondering what lays ahead for me and what I "shoulda, coulda, woulda" been doing in my life. If there is a "good" point to any sad story like Steve's, it's that I fully believe he LIVED every day of his 44-year life. He had a wonderful family he loved, a passion for a "job" and did what he enjoyed every single day.

I am vowing to myself to use that as an example and stop the endless worrying about the material things (bills, houses, jobs, etc.) and concentrate more on having FUN and enjoying and loving the people in my life now. :-) It's a ride that I fully intend to enjoy and relish in, every dip, twist and turn that is coming my way....

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