Friday, September 15, 2006

*SIGH* I know I've spoken about this before...maybe even on this blog here...the school-bug is back in my head. I've thought on and off for like the past two years about going back to school. It's something I toss around in my head but never really sat down to wrap my brain around. I'm not satisfied with my job (I've been doing the same TYPE of job for about ten years, even though it's been at different companies) and feel that there is so much more I could be doing with myself. I could be doing a job--wait, a career--where I feel like I'm making a difference, where I feel like I'm GOING somewhere, instead of just standing still, or running in place.

Well, Stacey has now put it back into my head. She started her classes this term (I think she said she's going to SJC) and so far has been enjoying it. She said on the way home from class last night she was thinking about ME and how she knows I would enjoy this too, this opportunity to challenge and stimulate my mind. I also feel like my writing has definitely taken a back-burner lately so maybe I DO need some stimulation in that department. Even though my writing is nothing but a hobby for me right now, whose to say it couldn't also be part of a career someday?
I really would hate to look back at my life and think "Oh, if only..."...I don't ever want to feel like that, ya know? Unfortunately I'm not filthy stinkin' rich and I WILL have to work to live. Money does not grow on my tree, damnit. So, knowing that, why can't my work be something I ENJOY doing? Something I WANT to do until I retire?

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