Monday, September 11, 2006

So I think I'm going to have a hard time getting into football.

I wanted to "broaden my horizons" and try to become interested in a sport this year. (Anyone who knows me knows how much I am NOT into sports!) Anyway, after some searching, I decided to focus on football (I don't care for basketball, softball or hockey). Learning about the game itself is not going to be a problem, nor is it going to be a problem for me to become interested in it. I already am. The games seem more exciting to me than other sports, more action packed and quick to change on a dime.

The PROBLEM is the fact that I have a hard time sitting still long enough to WATCH it! LOL I feel like there is so much I can be doing around the house that to sit on my tush, watching the game, feels like such I am wasting valuable time! I watched about a quarter of the Patriots game yesterday before I felt the itch in my fingertips...the housework itch! LOL I soon found myself doing laundry, cleaning the computer room from top to bottom, washing dishes in the I missed the rest of the game! Sheesh!

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