Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm trying. I really and sincerely am. Maybe not as hard as I SHOULD be, but, I will. Been eating MUCH better lately and I had all intentions of going to ww this week but then I remembered Sarah is out at work...that means my lunch break is at the mercy of whoever can cover. So I couldn't go till 1pm which meant no 12:15pm ww meeting. Damn. But I am still counting the points! I've been eating good ALLLLL day long and then by dinnertime...WHACK! It all goes down the tubes. Last night it was pizza, the night before lasagna and pepperoni bread. So tonight I gotta be GOOD.

For Christmas, I got Daryl a Cooking Light cookbook which is technically a JOINT gift. It will benefit us BOTH. Anyway, I asked him if tonight he can make one of my favorite recipes that I've done of Cooking Light's...the Baked Potato Soup. It's yummy and filling and low fat but still a good winter time "comfort food". And I'm craving it! I hope he gets home early enough to make it! I also bought some broccoli crowns for us to steam and have along with it. I REALLY need to start eating more fruits and veggies!

And now...a countdown...I think it's about time. I'm planning on the wedding for sometime in March, April or May 2008 (I will narrow it down soon, I promise! lol). So I have a really good reason to whip my out-of-shape butt INTO GEAR. That gives me AT LEAST fourteen months (maybe a couple more) to do it. In the grand scheme of goal at the end of those fourteen months is this:

14 months to W-DAY: Down 35 lbs.

Now that figure scares me. Can I do it? Yes. Will I? I am going to. But it still scares me cuz I'm so undisciplined. So I figure I better come up with some SHORT TERM goals in the meantime, so it doesn't seem so impossible:

By March 2007: Down 10 lbs.
By June 2007: Down 20 lbs.
By September/October 1007: Down 30 lbs.
By December 2007: Down 35 lbs.

That means December '07 through March '08 I will have to MAINTAIN my loss. God, I hope I can do this!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!

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