Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sheesh. It's the thought that counts, right??? I KNOW that phrase and I TRY to live by it, but, I HATE the cheap-o feeling I get when someone gives me a gift that is worth more than what I gave THEM! There is a girl I work with...I don't think we've EVER hung out together outside of work (maybe once?). We DO exchange gifts for birthday and xmas but usually the xmas gifts are "smaller".

Anyway, Christmas is hard. I have so many people to buy for and I really want to get nice things for my friends (my friends OUTSIDE of work) and stuff that they that means skimping a little on a coworker-friend. Which brings me to my point. I got this co-worker a (the SMALLEST size) Yankee candle jar candle...she got me a twenty dollar gift card for Old Navy! I did not expect that! I feel guilty and cheap! I KNOW it's the thought that counts, but damn, I suck. :-(

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