Monday, December 31, 2007

What is everyone doing for New Year's Eve?

I'm very glad that my work is letting us go at two today (as opposed to our usual time at six) so now I can go run out and buy the shredded mozz that I forgot to buy yesterday at the dang grocery store.

D and I are going over Michele's tonight for a little food, wine (maybe beer for the boys?) and good company. We're looking forward to it! D is making chili in our crock pot right now at home and we bought tortilla chips, cheese and scallions to make yummy nachos...and I am going to make my delicious pepperoni bread as well. Absolutely nothing diet-friendly but HEY! It's New Year's Eve, damnit! Tomorrow I will start fresh. I have four months and two weeks to whip my overweight ass into shape so I can look pretty in my wedding dress! I'll be going into lock-down mode on better eating and exercise.

Anyway, since I only have three more hours of work left, I'd better get cracking here. I have a lot to finish up. So if I don't talk to you all again....

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007 I'm ready to relax.

Yesterday was a busy day. It started with D and I being a bit lazy in the morning and watching one of his Christmas gifts (the 3rd Pirates movie). Then we had to go to the Cashin Family Christmas Party which his grandmother guilts him into going every year. This is extended family that D hardly even knows: his father's cousins, his great-aunts and uncles, and lots-o unknown children. Yay! So we spent about three hours crammed like sardines in a teeny-tiny house with a bunch of virtual strangers while I kept my psuedo-fake smile plastered on and picked at appetizer meatballs and soda. Yum. *SIGH* (I had to be on my best and FRIENDLY behaivor, as this was the first time I was meeting all these people.). And I tried to not giggle out loud when his grandmother, at one point, introduced me as "My niece's fiancee." Um, your niece? When did I become a lesbian? Or more accurately, when did D have the sex change? LOL Then some little five year old girl who I originally thought was cute, started punching other kids, then turned her punchs on D's (already upset) tummy. She was like a Mike Tyson/little princess on crack. I was THISCLOSE to reprimanding her about hitting people but seeing as how I didn't know these people, I felt a little funny telling this kid to keep her hands to herself while all the other adults turned a blind eye. What is wrong with people??? Anyway, thankfully, painfully, we skipped out before dessert with the apologies that we had dinner plans. (Yeah, like THREE HOURS later, but they didn't need to know!).

So last night we went to the casino (Mohegan) with my bestest friend, April, and her hubby Agustin. Had fun but man, oh, man I realized what old people we are now! First of all I wrinkled my nose at HALF of the younger girl's outfits and thought, "I'd never let my daughter leave the house dressed like that." We had dinner at a restaurant and April and I only had one drink (a cheesecake martini! Yum!) and the guys didn't drink at all...and we were all perfectly content with that. Then we did some gambling...yeah between Daryl and I we spent sixty bucks...and it PAINED me. LOL I know people that drop hundreds at the casino yet all I could think of was, "Cable bill, electricity bill, and groceries, OH MY...." Then we got coffee at Starbucks (mmm...must get as much gingerbread latte in my system before they stop serving it till next year) and then headed home. We were home before midnight! Like 11:30pm. And I was EXHAUSTED. Yep, no partying like a rock star anymore, that's for sure!

Anyway, I forgot to mention our lovely trip to Ghetto-Mart (otherwise known as Walmart) and it just reinforced in my mind why I will NEVER shop at Walmart again...and even more specifically the SUPER Walmart in the next town over. As a birthday/xmas gift I was given a new camera by a friend but unfortunately it stopped working so we went to return/exchange it. As we walked in the door we were practically accosted by the employee who could barely speak English. We believe he said, "Return? Return?" in a frantic voice as he spotted the bag in my hand. Then he slapped on that little pink sticker to show that we really brought in the bag full 'o shit and did not steal it. (yet when we left with our bag the employee there paid NO ATTENTION whatsoever. Strange.) Whatever. After getting in line at the courtesy desk (ha, that's a laugh, what courtesy?) we see signs that said: "RETURNS, aisles 12, 13 or 14 ONLY". *SIGH*. Fine. So mind you, there is only ONE EMPLOYEE in one of those aisles and no customers. SCORE. I hustle around to go in the aisle the correct way and start to hand my bag to the employee holding his hand out to me, and immediately this senior citizen rolls up like lightening with her wheelchair and whips her shit onto the belt. Now I love old people, really,I do. I have lots of patience, believe it or not, so usuasully I would have just kinda sighed and laughed. But yesterday, I was already cranked out at how busy Walmart was and getting more irritated as our shopping excursion progressed.

"What the *&%$? This old lady just cut me?!?!" I turned to Daryl and snapped.

"I think she might have been waiting on the other side." He said diplomatically. This pissed me off more as usually D is the one to lose his patience quicker than me in Walmart.

"Um, hello? There is a LINE to wait in?" I informed him. But whatever. My fued was not with D, so I didn't' want to argue with him. As we're standing there, the line behind us SWELLS to epic perportions. The flustered employee continues to help old Miss-Line-Cutter while another employee walks up, points to a customer standing at the end of the register and said, "When you're done there, help this customer return her Ipod."

Um, EXCUSE ME? Biatch? Do you NOT see the huge line of people, ALL of us waiting to return OUR shit? And yet this lady is going to get to cut the line? No, no, no. I think not.

I was ready to throw-down but thankfully the employee started our return first. He refunded us our cash and we got the hell out of line. And headed back through the throngs of people to the electronics department. Where we proceeded to stand at the cameras and make urgent eye contact with the two photo department employees who were so busy chatting about their past night out, and how many tacos they could eat in one sitting, then to pay attention to us.

"Okay," I told Daryl. "Maybe we actually need an electronics employees. I'll get one."

The electronic employee helpfully smiled at me and replied, "Oh no, m'am, you need a photo dept. employee to help you with cameras."

"Oh, you mean the employees who are ignoring us?" I asked sweetly. He laughed nervously as I stalked back to the cameras and loudly interrupted the highly intelligent photo employees conversation with," EXCUSE ME? Can someone help us over here?" And of course our camera, and even the next step up which would have been another ten bucks, were SOLD OUT and not coming in for another week. So we had to purchase a camera that was FIFTY bucks more. I am one who can NOT be without a camera for long periods of time so I willingly forked over the cash.


We left Ghetto-Mart with a sigh of relief, opened up the camera in the car, and realized that it has a rechargeable battery to which we have no charger at home. Son of a.........

Friday, December 28, 2007

Is it just me (and if it is, I accept that my mind is constantly in the gutter. And I see nothing wrong with that.) or does my punkymoods look a

And let me just say, that's NOT why I chose it. It really was becuz I was thirsty.

But I'm not thirsty any more...interesting...
Okay I'm hopping on the band wagon (or is it roll wagon?) and putting in a blog roll of all your sites that I like to spy--er---read often!

PLEASE feel free to drop me a comment and let me know it's okay to link you! (that sounds kinda dirty..."I"m gonna link you". )

And did I say yet:
YAY! It's Friday!!!

P.S. I already started adding some of you onto my blog roll before I got "permission" so if you don't like it, feel free to yell at me. I can take it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I. Want. To. Cry.

Note to self:
Never take time off at busiest work times of the season or PERSONAL life be damned!!! (<---insert extreme sarcasm here)

I'm so busy and not sure I'm going to get things done when they NEED TO/HAVE TO be done so I'm stressing. Couple that with the fact that other work things are irritating me (that I can't type about here...bummer) AND possibly that I'm PMS'ing...that makes for a cranky April.

I gotta head to lunch (although I even feel guilty taking time for THAT!) cuz my stomach is growling like a wild untame-able beast right now. I did just eat a square of organic milk chocolate that I got as a gift from a coworker and I must admit, it's soothing that beast a tiny bit. But just a teeny, tiny bit.

I'll be back whenever I can pull my head out of the piles of multi-colored (pretty! a rainbow!) papers on my desk. *SIGH*

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Does this mean I'm a grown up now?

We ran to Lowe's today amid the crazy food shopping (I offered to make a pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas at the in-laws AND tonight I tried out a yummy recipe for dinner so I needed all the ingredients) and holiday shopping for D's grandparents...we were only supposed to go into Lowe's for a gift card for his grandpa.

While inside, D was like, "Let's go look at the carpets." Let me just preface this by saying we ALWAYS look at the carpets while in Lowe's and talk about what we want to get when we can afford to get a new carpet in our living room (the carpet we have now is dingy and old and stained from the past owners pets and children AND from a couple pets of my own--not to mention the color is completely off from what we painted in there and what color our furniture is).

Anyway, a SUPER nice employee at Lowe's started chatting us up about carpet selections, prices and what we were interested in when he saw me fingering different carpet samples with longing in my eyes.

That's when I turned to Daryl (who had not started my Christmas shopping yet--he was gonna do it today and tomorrow like a typical last-minute man) and without even blinking, I immediately burst out with,

"I'll forgo getting Christmas gifts this year if we can get a new carpet!!!"

He looked at me in surprise for a moment and said, "Really? You don't want gifts? Just the carpet?"

"Oh yes, I'm positive!"

So needless to say, I'm psyched! WE ORDERED THE CARPET and I couldn't be happier.

Does this mean I'm a grown up now? No presents...and I'm HAPPY ABOUT IT?

And even though I have always loved giving gifts and have for YEARS, I also love RECEIVING gifts. It's fun. It makes me feel like a kid, I admit.

But this is the first year that it hit me...I don't *need* to receive a gift to be happy this Christmas. I'm more excited to give. Even the sense of satisfaction I've gotten out of handing out my homemade goodies has made me positively giddy. WHY has it taken me almost the entire Christmas season to come to this realization?

Regardless, I'm happy. I have lots to be thankful for this Christmas.

I have a new blog-stalker.

His name is Daryl.

I was reading on the couch earlier this evening when all of a sudden, D comes out of the computer room (where he'd spent the last *quiet* hour or so) with a big silly grin on his face.

I smiled back and put my book down.

"What? Why are you smiling like that?"

"I've been 'spying' on you." He said with a chuckle.

"What do you mean, spying on me? Oh, my blog?"

"Yes. I like reading it. I like the way you write."

Feeling kind of bashful now, I replied, "Thanks, honey."

"You know what i like the most though about it?" He asked. "Reading about ME."

Of course. ;-)

Then he proceeded to tell me how he liked reading Melissa's blog too. (Melissa, you have a blog-stalker too now!).

So of course, now I was thinking, "I haven't blogged in a a day or so! I need to get in there!" And off I scampered to the computer room.

Daryl called out from the living room, "What, are you going to blog now?"

"Yeah I might..." I replied vaguely. Without skipping a beat, D said: " Make sure you write all about how special I am."

Oh yes, D, you are special!

Friday, December 21, 2007

I want to THANK Melissa for sharing her friend's YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY Chocolate Peppermint Martini recipe yesterday (Melissa, I hope your friend does not mind me linking to her recipe on her blog...I feel it is my DUTY to spread the word on how delicious this drink is! LOL). It was like drinking a liquid candy cane. No lie.

It is the BOMB! Seriously. I can't tell you that enough.

Even Big D, after taking a sip, was like, "Whoa. That's a good drink." I am planning on making it again tonight and using my peppermint rimmer around the glass. I think that will just make it PERFECT.

No, I am not a lush, but tasty things make me so very happy. :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Okay, I figured it's time. Here are 25 random facts about MOI...enjoy!

1. I am deathly, deathly afraid of spiders. So much so that if either (a) I have to kill it myself or (b) Daryl is taking too long to COME kill it for me, I refuse to take my eyes off it (I've walked backwards before so that i could keep my gaze trained on that devil with eight legs). I literally start to sweat and my breathing quickens and I feel like I'm going to hyper-ventilate. This fear worsened immensely the year i was a camp counselor at the Y (I think I was 16?) and we slept outside over night for the big camp-out. I woke up face-to-face with multiple Daddy Long Legs on my pillow. And crawling on my sleeping bag. OH my god, I'm starting to sweat.....

2. I LOVE cheese the best over all other foods. I must have it at least once a day and a sandwich is NOT a true sandwich to me w/out cheese. I put cheese on almost everything (eggs, apples, burritos, potatoes, pasta, bread, nachos, pizza, mmmm....cheese....)

I almost thought that being a nurse would be a kick-ass job (I LOVE helping people!!!) however, the sight of blood and/or guts makes me want to vomit. A few years back I was giving blood at a blood drive and the person stuck some cotton on my arm and had me hold it up a second or two and then was like, "Okay, sit up, you're done." I remember thinking, "Ummm...don't i usually hold this cotton on for a couple minutes while I lay here?" And next thing I knew, blood was squirting out thickly all over and the room started to spin and I said "Oh, god, I'm going to throw up!". I was forced to lay there for another 20+ minutes with cold compresses on my forehead and back of neck, dry heaving into a garbage can while millions of senior citizens popped in, gave blood, then left. I felt like the biggest dork on the face of the planet.

4. I am NOT, however, grossed out by pee, poo or vomit. Lost count of how many times I've (a) stepped in mushy, warm cat puke, (b) pulled pieces of string/sticks/etc. out of my dog's hiney's while they struggled to poop it out, (c) changed many a nasty diaper w/out so much as a frown, (d) slid barefoot through Tucker's slimey water-puke, (d) watched (and smelled) and tried to help as Daryl struggled to stop sewage water from gushing into our basement (with his bare HANDS!!!) after we'd only been dating for about 2 months (that's for anther blog ALL in itself!!! LOL).

5. Big, chubby baby cheeks are my absolute favorite. Essentially a baby could be a total stranger, and all I want to do is put that chubby little cheek in my mouth and kiss it!! I try to refrain though if the parents don't really know me. It's better that way.

6. I asked Big D to move in with me after only about 2 or 3 months of dating...and he happily agreed.

7. My favorite sounds ever are the crash of waves on a beach, the soft and gentle "quiet" of a freshly falling snow, and a baby's giggle.

8. One of my favorite smells is RUBBER. Walking into a tire store? HEAVEN.

9. I didn't lose my virginity till I was nineteen. And I'm so glad I waited till I was somewhat emotionally "ready" for that moment AND with someone who I truly and deeply loved at the time (good 'ol puppy love!).

10. In addition to baby cheek's, I also like to nibble on dog's warm floppy ears.

11. As a child, I vowed I would never marry a man with facial hair of any kind. My, how things have changed. :-)

12. I was conceived on my parents honeymoon, in California. Who knows, maybe it was the day they went to Disneyland, hence my love for theme parks?!
13. I can easily eat half a pizza (one of my favorite foods) in one sitting. I am working on stopping that habit though.

14. The first concert I ever went to was for Dave Matthews Band (I think I was about 22 or 23 years old?) and it was freaking AWESOME. I LOVE DMB!! Coincidentally, that was the first time I got full-blown drunk, as well.
15. I have never taken illegal drugs of any kind (just prescription drugs) nor have I ever smoked a cigarette.
16. I won my 3rd grade spelling of my most PROUD moments from childhood. The winning word was SALAD and the girl before me spelled it S-A-L-I-D. I won a big bouncy ball and a first place ribbon.

17. I took dance lessons for 12+ years growing up (all the way through eleventh grade, I believe) and participated in COUNTLESS dance recitals and dance competitions. (I won third place for my solo as the Tin Man from that Ease on Down the Road musical, is that what it was called? Can't remember.). To this day, I still love to dance.
18. I love sneakers. I have multiple pairs (2 New Balance pairs, plus different colored sneaks for stylish purposes only: fuzzy blue ones, black ones that look like bowling shoes, and the pair I'm wearing today which are brown with white stripes on the side).

19. I shop-lifted some candy when I was 12 (maybe 13?) after giving in to peer pressure from my best friend at the time, Becky Benko--and got caught. I think that was the first time I came close to passing out. My friend's father was mortified (especially because he was a push-over who would have BOUGHT us whatever we wanted) and spoke to us in such a controlled angry voice in the car (throwing a couple f-bombs in...I'd never heard him swear before!) that I was in awe. And afraid of how MY Dad would react. LOL

20. I like to sleep naked sometimes. Not ALL the time, mind you (it's COLD right now! LOL) but I'm going to continue to cherish being able to do it until I have children and no longer have that luxury. Ha!

21. My first date with Daryl lasted for 8-9 hours. It was the best first date I had EVER gone on. He arrived at my house at ten a.m. with bagels and coffee for me and Michele, who was living there at the time. Then he took me to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Mass. which was awesome and interesting and FUN all at the same time (I remember turning from admiring paintings to catch Daryl admiring ME LOL). After that, he then drove us to Mohegan Sun Casino to take me out to dinner and then specifically to the Martini bar there becuz he remembered in a past conversation on the phone how I said I LOVED flavored martinis. Unfortunately the martini bar was closed for a private party, as was the next 2 bars in the casino that we went to, and I could tell he was getting a tad anxious. We finally ended up at the waterfall bar which I love...the sound of the water rushing down, sitting there beside each other, having great conversation and when the conversation stopped briefly, just staring into each other's will be a moment (and day!) etched in my memory forever. On the ride back home, when D took my hand and just gently rubbed my palm with his finger, that was the moment I KNEW I was totally smitten with this man.

22. I love animals. I've had many different pets growing up (dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, chickens) and have enjoyed every moment with every single one. Different pets have helped me get through really hard times in my life (most especially my kitty Bailey, during my issues with depression and while my father was dying. She always knows the perfect moment to curl up on my chest and softly head butt me or kiss my cheek with her sand-papery tongue.)

23. I really enjoy receiving a good full-body massage. It's the best ME-time there is where I can just shut my brain off for awhile, enjoy the sensations and just BE.

24. I have been dying my hair on and off since I was in the sixth grade. I love changing my look. I think I've forgotten what my "true" hair color must look like.

25. I've moved over at least 12 times in my life (all in Connecticut...most in the same TOWN). Most of these moves with my parents and brother...but on my own I've moved four times (the last time to a different town).
Yay! My chocolate-dipped pretzels were a hit! (Hmphh, like you thought they wouldn't be???)

I made little goody bags for a couple of coworkers and brought them in today (wasn't sure if any of them would be off tomorrow and I'M off on Monday).

I used a small cute holiday bag with tissue and filled them with: a small box that held two choclatey-truffly pieces, 2 chocolate dipped pretzels (one white and one dark), a holiday rice krispy treat (I got those from my cookie swap, didn't make them myself), one of those chocolates in a ball-shaped with the nuts on it (I forgot what they're called, starts with an "R" I think?) and a candy cane!

People love, love, LOVE chocolate and sweet stuff! Geez! It was like I was the messiah or something! I CAN'T wait to finish handing out all my baked goodies to family and friends this weekend. :-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today I'm a hurtin' pup.

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I fell last night outside my house. I was coming back from the pizza place with Sarah and started to walk up the walkway when she said, "Oh be careful! It's a sheet of ice!" I kind of shrugged her off, after all it's MY house and I knew it would be a tad slippery, and started up the walk, pizza boxes in hand. My feet IMMEDIATELY began to slide out from underneath me so I somehow managed to get my bearings and said, "Wow, you weren't kidding!" and hopped over to the yard...which was JUST as freakin' slippery.


I maneuvered slowly but surely up the shiny glistening slope (my yard/walkway/driveway is of course on a hill!) and once I was ready to step back down to the sidewalk, I smartly handed the pizza boxes over to Sarah. (This is foreshadowing, people!)

Then I took a step and that was it...DOWN I went like a sack of potatoes. First landing on my left knee scraping a little skin, then onto my ass, soaking my jeans! Sarah was like, "Oh my god! Are you okay?" And at that point I was more mortified than hurt.

Then I tried to stand up.

Now visual a cartoon character bug with eight legs...each leg going in different directions. That was me on all fours. I could NOT get my footing! Almost there...then...oops, nope....DOWN AGAIN. I had thrown my hands out to catch/break my fall and in the process I broke something alright...I broke two of my acrylic nails (that I just had done Friday) on my front cement steps, scraped some skin on my palms, and felt the pleasant jolt of a hard cement step connecting with my belly (right below my chest) with my full body's weight behind it.

And now even more embarrassed, and HURTING, I hear, "APRIL! Are you okay?!?" It's Sarah's brother, John, who I had invited over for dinner as well (we're friends) who had just pulled up and witnessed the whole thing. He had jumped out of his car with the engine running and I was like, "DON'T come up that walkway, whatever you do!" LOL

So it didn't hurt too badly last night but TODAY is a different story. It feels like someone punched me, repeatedly, in the upper gut. Plus my REAL nail on my pinky (one of the acrylic nails that got broken on that finger) is somehow now jabbing into my finger and it hurts to type! And my leg is *gently* throbbing. Lovely.

Oh, and wanna hear how the rest of my morning went TODAY? I had to go on two errands this morning...the first an office building in my town where there is NO parking so I had to circle the block, and park behind the building. Then I had trek through barely shoveled/sanded sidewalks (OH MY GOD! ICE!) and walk the block to get to the building. Then I had to sit in a waiting area for 30 minutes with some shady characters (I love my house but NOT my town--that's fodder for another another post though). Finally finished up there, left the building and some creepy looking guy in sunglasses and a hooded coat starts talking smack to me in Spanish from behind me and whistling at me as I rounded the bend to go back to my car. I walked as fast as I could go considering now my insane fear of falling on ice/snow again.

Then from there it was on to the DMV Photo Licensing kiosk in Middletown. Again, parking sucks so I pulled into the dumbest shaped lot I've ever been in. It was shaped like a star so once you got to each end of the aisle, you had to then either reverse all the way back out OR do five billion k-turns to turn yourself around. NOT fun with a truck (or any big sized vehicle for that matter). And every space was full. At one point I noticed this young girl, who was driving out of the aisle I was driving INTO, mouthing off at me--and by now I'm already wound tighter than a top, ready to explode. I rolled down my window and was like, "What did you say?" And I hear, "Are you f*&%ing retarded? You can't get out this way!"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

With my mom still on speaker phone on my cell in my lap (I had been bitching to her about the parking, the lot, etc.) I was like "You wanna talk about retards, b*tch? YOU better shut the f&^$ up and mind your own business you stupid little &$#@! This whole parking lot is a &^$#-show!!!" (There was more to it but the moment is now hazy in my mind...anger just took over.)

And OH MY GOD, did I just say that???? I called that little prissy brat a choice word that I NEVER use, a word that I HATE...if I wasn't so freakin' mad at her I probably would have clapped a hand over my mouth in surprise! It was like that scene out of A Christmas Story:
"Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge!!!" But it wasn't fudge that he, NOR I, said. LOL

Anyway, I didn't get to work until eleven thirty, didn't get to eat my breakfast till noon, tried to laugh at someone's joke but my stomach hurts too badly...will the rest of the day go by any smoother you think???

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There's nothing like a little baby lovin' and smoochin' to put you in a good mood after a long (HARD) day at work! I was having a horribly shitty day until Sarah and the fam came over tonight so we could do our birthday gift exchange. Her daughter,Julia, is getting so big! (and believe it or not, these were taken AFTER I fell on the ice outside in front of my stinkin' house! Broke two nails, got some gravel embedded in my palms and hurt my tummy when it smashed into the cement steps on my front porch. Ouch! Damn ice! Some times I really dislike winter time!!)

In this one, Julia was giving ME the kisses! LOL Love her!!

She LOVED my birthday balloon and kept saying "Boo! Boo!" for balloon, all night long.

And below is me and Julia's mommy, Sarah. (Damn I look fat here!! UGH!). Anyway, we had a good night. :-) But now I'm beat!! Pretty soon, off to bed for me! I'm making it an early night. Have a good one, girls!

Mmmm...chocolate...salty pretzels...candy cane.

Yes, I made more but this time with just regular chocolate. The white chocolate version came out MUCH prettier, however, I know not everyone likes white chocolate. I'm thinking of giving one of each flavor in addition to the tins of cookies. I've got some hungry parents waiting for these! (including my best friend's parents...who essentially are like my 2nd set of parents.) Each year I make a ton of cookies and treats for April #2's parents and each year I'm told how wonderful I am! LOL These guys LOVE their sweets!! But, hey, who doesn't?

What else are you guys making lately? Since this is our last week to finish our holiday baking? I want to do something else easy like the dipped-pretzels but not sure what else. Any ideas? I don't need to make any more cookies though cuz I made two kinds myself plus I'm getting 12 dozen tonight of 12 different kinds. PLENTY O' COOKIES! Maybe some fudge? Does anyone have a nice and easy (and yummy!) fudge recipe? Ideas? Thoughts?

This is going to be a busy week. We're having company over tonight, my friend Sarah and her family, to exchange birthday gifts (since both of us are December babies) and we'll probably do pizza and beer. Then SOMETIME this week, D and I have to go out and do our little bit of shopping (not looking forward to last-minute shopping. I might as well just stab myself in the eye with my knitting needle, it might be more fun.) I also need to HURRY UP AND FINISH THE DANG SCARF I started knitting (then set aside) MONTHS ago cuz I plan on giving that as part of a birthday gift. Then I have to clean the house before Saturday cuz April and her parents are coming over (her hubby has to work. boo hoo!) for dinner and our cookie exchange and birthday gift exchange (ANOTHER freakin' December baby! How many of us ARE there?!?! LOL). Sunday I'm hoping, praying to wrap the gifts that we get this week and finally put SOMETHING under the tree. It's been looking pitiful lately!

How is everyone else doing with the 'ol Christmas countdown? Are you done? Almost done? Or like me....Not even close? LOL

Monday, December 17, 2007

I am not having a good day at all. Ugh.

I've been having anxiety since yesterday early afternoon so this is two days in a row that I had to do what I hate...take a pill. I usually try to hold off as long as I can but that little pill seems to tame the beast in my chest that makes it difficult to breathe. But of course, it also makes me tired.

SO not only am I dragging ass mentally and emotionally today, but now physically as well.

I'm not sure what specifically it is...I think I have a case of the holiday blues. Usually by this time each year I have LONG since finished and wrapped my Christmas shopping, baked everything, and am patiently waiting the holiday itself. This year, however, is nothing like that.

I have not even BEGUN my shopping, and we're only buying for limited people this year due to very low funds caused by paying for our wedding among other things (D and I are buying small for each other, and also need to get something for our Mom's and our grandparents. That's IT.) so I know that is bringing me down. What makes Christmas--for me--so much fun is being able to give, and I thoroughly enjoy the hunt to pick out THE perfect gift for ALL my family and friends but this year it's not to be. I'm almost dreading the day. Throw into the mix that my bank is still screwing shit up on me in my checking account and my job has picked up the pace (this is my busy-crazy-insane time for the next 2-3 months) and that makes April a very down girl.

So, what's a girl to do? I try to keep the important things in mind. I'm healthy, I have a roof over my head, I have great people in my life...but I think everyone just has one of those down days where NOTHING seems to go your way. TODAY is my day.

And damn it, my pen just ran out of ink. *SIGH*

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good news!!! When it comes to knowing my stuff (that stuff would be Christmas carols!), I got 84% correct.

"Not bad. You stand to be the life of any winter holiday party you attend, should caroling break out."

It was kind of funny to see just how many of these I got correct and which songs I knew the correct words to. Go, run, check your Christmas caroling expertise at this site....

Friday, December 14, 2007

My veil came in! I'm so excited!
(And Daryl, if you are reading this, STOP RIGHT HERE! I'm about to describe my veil and dress! LOL)

I ordered it online at the Veil Shop. I had read about the Veil Shop in a bridal magazine--and on the website I loved how (1) I could order samples of the colors which is how I was able to pick the PERFECT shade and (2) I could sort of "custom" make my veil (length, color, trim, etc.). Oh and (3) not spend a freakin' arm and a LEG, and my firstborn, on a veil that I only plan on wearing a couple stinkin' hours!

I went very simple and short. My dress is a champagne-colored (almost light gold-ish) princess-y dress (because after all, I AM a princess!!!) and I knew that a crazy head piece and veil would be WAY too much. So I chose a light gold colored veil with a thin gold trim at the end (it's very thin trim...and the veil color is don't think big and gold and gaudy! LOL) and the length is 20" in length. I plan on wearing it very low on the back of my head (underneath whatever hairstyle I have for my hair...I am contemplating a partial up-do...curled but only "up" on the sides...I don't look great with all my hair up, in my opinion!) .

I also saw on the same site a pretty comb/clip that I might get to wear in my hair (I know it's hard to see the picture but the description on the site is as follows:
This comb hair accent is heavily embellished with features ivory freshwater pearls and Swarovski rhinestones on a gold frame. The design measures approximately 4" in length and 1 1/4" in width, and it is attached to a 1 1/2" metal comb. While I absolutely LOVE the look of pretty tiaras/head pieces, I wanted a more simple look that wouldn't seem too flashy when paired up with my dress. What do you think of it? I even thought of just doing a couple fresh flowers in my hair instead of getting a clip, but, I have NO IDEA yet what I'm doing about flowers. I'm only getting bouquets and boutonnieres (no flower centerpieces for the table...can't afford it!) so I have not even really thought about what type of flowers or WHERE to get them yet. I'm SO not a party-planner so all these little details will be the death of me!!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Would you like to know how I spent Storm Alexander yesterday?? (okay it makes me laugh typing a name for a snow storm).....

Why, baking my little (wait, little?) hiney off, of course! Work let us out at eleven when the storm began since our school is on term break and there were no classes going on. I was very thankful to BEAT the mad crazy traffic that would erupt a little later as the snow came down.

I made a quick trip to Target on the slippery drive home to get:
1. A new shovel
2. hat and gloves to wear WHILE I shoveled
3. hershey kisses
4. and a stocking stuffer for D (yes this was totally unneccessary to buy during a snow storm, however, I was already there and saw it and purchased it!)

When I got home I immediately dove into my peanut butter blossom-baking and that took about an hour and a half or so...maybe two? Then it was time for the shoveling. Can I just say UGH?!?! Granted we don't have a long driveway or walkway, but, the driveway is on a hill so I was slipping and sliding all over as I shoveled which was a tad (opppppppppppppppppppppp <----okay my kitty Molly is trying to get in on this whole blogging phenomenon) embarrassing as people drove by. LOL And poor Big D! It took me about FOUR HOURS to drive home from Vernon to Meriden...he said literally that it took one full hour hour to drive three exits with all the traffic. Yuck! I was thankful to already be home. Since I had some time to kill, I dove into washing all those dirty dishes in the sink. Fun times.

After he finally made it home, we watched Scrooged with Bill Murray (LOVE that movie!) for a bit. Then we ventured out (I love four wheel drive in the winter time!) to get healthy KFC for dinner. Neither of us felt like, after hours of baking and shoveling AND D after hours of sitting in bumper to bumper driving. After dinner, Big D shoveled the drive and walkway AGAIN as there definitely was a pretty fast accumulation. That was when I decided to tackle the chocolate covered pretzel rods that I've been itching to make, thanks to Melissa. They came out delish!!! I dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled on either crushed candy cane or multi colored/shaped sprinkles. They look very festive!

Then it was time to get the pups out into the accumulation and poor Daisy had snow up to her armpits! She could barely manuever around! Needless to say, she didn't play much! Tucker, on the other hand LOVED IT and kept burrowing his yellow snout into piles of fluffy snow then he'd come up snorting flakes everywhere! It was hilarious. Unfortunately these are the best pics I could get as I was standing in the doorway with no shoes on, and they were both running at me, mock-10! Look at poor Daisy, she could barely get back up onto the porch!!! LOL And Tucker is saying, "Look OUT Mama! Here I come!" :-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!

OMG, did I mention, it's SNOWING!??!?!

I'm so psyched for this!

And what makes it even better is work is letting us go early today. WOO HOO! LOL
Who doesn't love chocolate?

I don't know many people who don't! I admit, I'd much rather eat CHEESE than chocolate (I'm a cheese-a-holic) but I certainly do like some good chocolate every now and then. That being said, when I was asked to make a dish for my company's Christmas party the other night, my first thought was "Death by Chocolate". It's easy, it's yummy, and most people like it.

OH MY LORD, if my coworkers and their families could have LICKED the trifle bowl clean, I seriously think they would have! LOL I was literally being hugged and thanked over and over again for making it! It's crazy how much people love chocolate!

And becuz it's the time of year where we are so busy, busy, I decided to post the recipe on here for a quick, easy dessert to bring to your Christmas dinners or parties. Enjoy!

Death by Chocolate
(this has been adapted from a recipe off of Allrecipes my favorite site!)

READY IN 8 Hrs 55 Min (this is if you refrigerate it for 8 hours but honestly I've made it before and eaten it immediately after and it was just as good)

Original recipe yield: 12 servings


* 1 (19.8 ounce) package brownie mix (I used a triple fudge chunk flavor)
* 1 (3.9 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix
* 1/2 cup water
* 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
* 1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
* 1 (12 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
* 1 (1.5 ounce) bar chocolate candy (I used crushed up Heath Bar...yummy!)


1. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions and cool completely. Cut into 1 inch squares.
2. In a large bowl, combine pudding mix, water and sweetened condensed milk. Mix until smooth, then fold in 8 ounces whipped topping until no streaks remain.
3. In a trifle bowl or glass serving dish, place half of the brownies, half of the pudding mixture and half of the 12 ounce container of whipped topping. Repeat layers. Shave chocolate onto top layer for garnish. (for MY version, I put crushed heath bar in the first layer as well, not just on top of it!). Refrigerate 8 hours before serving.

Enjoy!!! Eat lots of chocolate! :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Important! Free Coach wristlet through the Girlie Giveaway!!

Melinda Zook

Go Melinda's blog and check it out!!!! You won't be sorry if you win! (but you better not becuz I'M planning on winning.)
For all of you who may be wondering... I turn 31!!!! (I'm not quite at an age yet where I choose NOT to share that information...LOL). It's actually pretty amazing to me to think I've been on this planet for thirty one years. :-) I'm so grateful for my life, my family, my friends, my health and all of you my bloggy friends!!

Life is a great thing, indeed.

I'm actually in a really GREAT birthday mood, as you probably can tell. After I came in to work today to multiple ecards, email and text message birthday wishes. I'm feeling loved today!

And thank YOU all for the birthday wishes through my last comment section. You guys rock!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got a phone call last night from Daryl, before I got home from work.

"Hey! You got a package!! What did my mother send you in the mail?? "

His momma had sent me my first birthday gift! (my birthday is this Wednesday, the 12th) . After I came home, I started leafing through the many Christmas cards and bills in the pile and set the gift aside while Daryl eyed me anxiously.

"Well? Aren't you going to open it?" He begged.

While I wast trying to cut into the packaging, Daryl hovered over my shoulder like an impatient, nosy child, saying, "Come on! Open it! I wanna see!! How come I never get care-packages like this from my mother?!?!".

"Hello?" I said, my eyebrows raised. "This is my birthday present!! And you do so get gifts from your Mom!"

"Not like that." He replied stubbornly.

So, first I opened up the card and it was one of those mushy "I'm so glad my son found you and that you're my daughter-in-law" type cards. The big sap I am, I welled up a bit after reading it. But the best part was when I handed it to Daryl and he read it and got completely misty-eyed and said, "Wow, my mom must really love you!"

Then I pulled out the wrapped gift. The last time we were up north visiting her I was admiring her LED Night Vision Book Light...cuz I LOVE to read in bed but Daryl can't sleep with the regular light on so I usually don't get to. But at his Mom's I tried it out and he slept right beside me while I was reading. It was awesome! So she got me one (yippy!) and also had written on a card that the next time we get together she would take me to Borders to pick out a new book.

There was also another little bag that she had included that was jam-packed with all kinds of herbal teas, hot chocolate packets and mini-marshmallows. Daryl then said in a soft voice, "Wow, she knows you pretty well. " He kept poking into the wrappings, as if he expected a present for him to jump out. "How come I didn't get anything?"

"Again, honey, this is for my birthday gift!" I laughed. "You know how when parents have their second baby and that baby gets tons of gifts so to make the adjustment easier on their firstborn, like a 2-year old, that two-year old gets gifts? Well YOU are like that two-year-old! Do you think that every time your mom sends/gives me a gift that she has to give you a little something too?"

He pouted for a minute and then said simply, "Yes." LOL

Anyway, I love my mother-in-law! She is so thoughtful!! :-)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Monday!

I forgot just how much I like to get all glammed up (and found out just how much D enjoys it as well! LOL), cuz I don't do it often enough!!

We had his company's Christmas party this Saturday night so we hit the mall on Friday night to get:

(1) a dress for me,
(2) a dress shirt and tie for him, and

(3) some cute accessories to go with mine.

And I got some makeup and lotion from the mall, things I NEVER BUY (at least not in like the last four months) cuz I've been so poor lately. My makeup and lotion had consisted of the cheap stuff for a while even though I was jonesing BIG time for my Clinique tenderheart lipstick!

Anyway, it was a nice time...I enjoyed meeting his coworkers and wives (although one of the wives was a ditz! I mean that in the nicest way...she was sweet as pie but some of the things that came out of her mouth made my mouth fall open! For instance: "Oh I hate when my hands get cold! When that happens, I put them on Johnny's balls." YES, you read that correctly...his BALLS...I almost fell out of my chair! LOL)

And here is the finished product after the glamorization, and after three glasses of wine for me and three jack and cokes for big D from the open bar---( and YES, I have some serious cleave!!! Thank my Vicki's strapless for that! LOL And also what my mama gave me....):

The rest of the weekend was just as busy. We went to Michele's Christmas Open House yesterday which was a lot of fun! She is so darn CRAFTY...I'm calling her "Martha" from now on, seriously. I LOVED the gift bags (and Michele, that is an awesome idea! The homemade cd? LOVE IT!) and all the beautiful holiday decorations. I hope she posts some pictures of them on her blog for everyone to see! My favorite was the little "ornaments" that doubled as labels for the appetizers. So adorable! After Michele's, we went to Daryl's cousin Liz's house to pick something up and see her baby room. She is due end of January (the 20th I believe?) and DAMN, has the nesting instinct kicked in or what! LOL She was too cute.

This moring I woke up and asked Daryl, "Monday morning already? Where did the weekend GO?" It's definitely the holiday season! Busy, busy, busy!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love my boy, D, I really do.

Much to his chagrin, I tell everyone that "Daryl is the equivalent of a toasted marshmallow. Crusty on the outside, but oh-so-soft and gooey on the inside." That's one thing I love about him. His fabulous gooey-ness.

I was just remembering about a year ago when we sat down to watch Fifty First Dates w/Adam Sandler. Mind you, I'd already seen the movie like four times at that point but Big D had never seen it. Secretly, I wondered if it would be (even considering it was an Adam Sandler movie!) too much of a chick-flick for him?

I should have remembered he was my marshmallow!!!

For anyone who has seen it, remember the very ending when the boat is sailing in Alaska and Drew Barrymore's character is coming up on deck to "meet" her family all over again? That whole scene brings me to tears..EACH AND EVERY TIME. I am a sap. No lie.

Anyway, after the credits started rolling, as I wiped the tears away in the quiet living room, my D turned to me with glistening eyes and said, "I'd love to go on fifty first dates with you, April."

I know I'm a lucky girl. :-)
I found it! Mine and D's wedding's perfect...

Or considering Big D's lack of rhythm (Sorry honey if you are reading this, but it's true! LOL) maybe this one is more our speed.--and yes, I know it says father-daughter dance but whose to say a new hubby and wife can't shake their groove thang to it?....

On this day, fifty seven years ago, you were born a smiling brown-eyed baby boy. The world was a better place for it.

I've missed you these past five years and I will continue to go on missing you .

I could not let a special day go by without a
"Happy 57th Birthd

Love you always,
Your grateful daughter, April

Richard David Smith
12/06/1950 - 5/5/2002

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have a weird "eye thing" going on today. It started yesterday with the feeling of a "soreness" with my lid/eyeball. Pressing on the closed lid hurt (I found out when I woke up yesterday and tried to rub the morning goo from my eyes. LOL) Then late afternoon yesterday my right temple starting throbbing with a lovely head ache AND my right ear and side of my throat felt...for lack of a better word...weird. A co-worker suggested maybe I had a sinus infection or something.

Now TODAY I woke up and my eye is still not right (the whole socket feels mildly tender, less so than yesterday actually!) but it's a teeny bit swollen. Not enough to cause alarm or make me gasp in fright, but enough to make me say "Hmmmm." Has this ever happened to anyone before?

I did not poke myself in the eye, I would remember that. I don't see any bug bites (cuz someone else mentioned--*SHUDDER*--maybe a spider bite.) And I do feel a bit run-down but I'm attributing that to mental stress...I don't think I'm sick or getting sick...weeeeeeeird.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am taking back my previous bitchy and whiny post. Life is too freakin' short to worry about a cat shitting on your couch, or a crappy cup of coffee.

My mom just called me earlier to tell me her friend Peggy called her sobbing and said her husband died at quarter to one in the morning. Her husband, Dennis, was very ill. Terminally so, with cancer and a brain tumor among the worst things. They knew he didn't have long to live. But last night he got up to use the bathroom and started coughing....who knows if something ruptured or what...but he started bleeding out profusely. Peggy ran to call 911 and when she came back into the bathroom, Dennis was already dead. She never even had the chance to say "goodbye" or "I love you".

God. How can I complain about stupid, stupid things like an annoying pet or drivers cutting me off on the road, when this woman will no longer have her husband, the love of her life? And not only will she not have her husband, but she will not have their home either. They are an older couple (Peggy in his early seventies, Dennis is his sixties) and were living off of Dennis' unemployment check. They have no family (that there are good relations no one to take her in really), no savings, no pension, no insurance, NOTHING. This poor woman does not even have enough money to do a memorial service for her husband. She will have him cremated and he will be buried (with the ashes of their beloved dog) in a Veteran's cemetery (since there will be no cost for a plot there).

And completely off on another tangent now...what the heck kind of world do we live in where people can't even afford to DIE? It is just not right! To have to grieve for your husband while simultaneously wondering how in the hell you are going to pay your rent? And live? I feel for this woman so intensely...and I only met her and Dennis once or twice. I feel like I know them though from hearing about them through my mother. That's the problem with having Death touch me and my family so closely...I feel like I can't help but empathize with every person I know who loses a loved one. A part of me feels their ache. I know there is not much physically that I can do for this woman, or financially, but I might bake her something. I know the last thing she will want is to eat, but I really feel the need to let her know that people do understand what she is going with, and people do care.

Anyway, enough of this rambling, depressing blog...I think I need some tea.....
Today has started out so lovely.

Bitchy black and white cat shit on the couch sometime during the night. Bitchy black and white dog ate it before I could stop her this morning.

Then before leaving for work, Big D brought in a deer leg (I think it was a leg?) that his friend gave him. Now, I've never eaten deer--and I'm not saying I'm against it--but to see this disgusting grisly raw piece of meat/bone poking out of a garbage bag on my sun porch this moring was enough to make me feel like yacking. On the spot. And decide I never want to try deer. Then had to keep shoo-ing Big blondie dog away from it. Repeatedly.

And on to of it, all morning, my friggin' eye has been killing me. It feels like that dull ache you get with a's eye ball that is feeling it. But it's not something in my eye, if that makes sense. It hurts more when I press on my lid (closed over my eye ball). So what do I keep doing? Pressing it of course.


Oh, and my Food Bag coffee tastes like a cup 'o crap, this morning.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I have a closet obsession....I LOVE rap. Hardcore, sharp, gritty, offensive, (and yes.. .*gulp*...obscenity-ridden) rap. I don't know when this obsession started but the reason it's a closet confession is cuz I look completely and totally ridiculous rapping along with Ludacris, G-Unit, Jadakiss and 50 Cent (I know, I know, what about the Feud?? All I can say is, hey, I don't discriminate!LOL).

Anyway, another thing about me is my minor (very minor) road anger. I won't call it road rage, cuz I don't get that crazy, but behind the wheel I have quite the potty mouth when other drivers piss me off.

So tonight after leaving work, I had to run to Petco and pick up the pups dinner and I was none too happy about this (Big D was supposed to but he had to work late and I couldn't be a bad Mommy and not feed the furry little buggars!). I came to a full stop at a stop sign in the parking lot and was just getting ready to go when this small white car comes blazing from the the side (we were at like a T-intersection) and blows through their own stop sign, cutting me completely off. Thank god I had enough foresight to see this coming and wait before pulling out in front of him!

Now, I drive a red Chevy Colorado 4-cab, not a huge truck but not a teeny tiny one either. And when I'm behind the wheel of my red mammoth, with a little G Unit pumping from my speakers, I sometimes feel, uh, "bigger" than other people. I felt pretty intimidating as I threw my arms up in disgust and mouthed some choice words, followed by a very unlady-like hand gesture- no, not my gang sign LOL. I followed this dinky little white piece of crap car full of punks out to the stop light (hey, not cuz I'm crazy! I was going the same way...) and continued to uh...mouth off. I then saw the driver doing a (pretty good) imitation of me by throwing his hands up, and flipping his friend the bird, then they all started laughing and the back passenger turned back to shoot me an amused glance.

What the hell? I wondered. I'm big and bad and red! You should be trembling in your Nikes! Then I readjusted my rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of myself. This is what I saw...

....Strawberry Shortcake about to throw some 'bows.

Of all the freakin' days I wear my cute, fuzzy pink hat and poofy pink scarf.

Sunday, December 02, 2007, it's cold outside!

Well the weekend is drawing to a close, unfortunately. I swear these two days seem to fly by quicker and quicker as the years go on! What is up with that? Anyway, my weekend was a good (if busy) one.

Friday night I was mellow. Got my nails done after work and then got pizza for me and D on the way home. Of course, he ended up having to run out to tend to a friend's HVAC emergency so it was just me, a large pizza, and lots 'o t.v. Nev
er a good combination.

Saturday we were pretty busy. Knowing the snow (or lack of it?) was on the way, Daryl got out into the yard, after borrowing his friend Rob's leaf blower, and blew up all the leaves into the way back of the yard. This year I REFUSE for all our grass to get ruined cuz of snow on top of leaves! Then we did some much needed grocery shopping and stocked up. At BJ's (I love that store!) I got a new DVD...don't laugh...The Sound of Music. How could you not love that movie? ;-) Did some laundry but alas, I never got to bake any cookies this weekend. NOT good! I'll have to do more this week.

Today, Sunday, was another busy one. Daryl had to go and price out a side job in the morning (more jobs, more jobs! we need the money, please!!) and I meanwhile attempted to take Daisy for a walk, with no coat and gloves, even though I had a hat on. Big mistake--I could barely feel my fingers after only the short block around our house so I had to take her back. Plus, Daisy has short little fur-hairs and she shivers something FIERCE in this weather if I don't have a coat
of some kind on her. Laugh all you will, but it's not for a fashion statement (although I do make sure her coats/sweaters are cute, LOL). Here is a doggie coat that was actually a hand-me-down which looked so cute on her. But of course, like her Mom, she's packed on a few pounds (no, I'm not preggo, ha!) and it doesn't fit anymore! After our attempted walk, I took them out in the backyard and played ball with Tucker until yes, again, I could not longer feel my fingers. Seeing a pattern here? Do I need to buy new gloves, ya think? Later in the day I went to my friend Crystal's baby shower with my Mom. That was fun and I enjoyed seeing the *three* heavily pregnant women there. That's right, THREE of them including my friend Crystal. Is there something in the water?? After the shower, Mom came back home with me and had dinner. D had made homemade French Onion Soup in the crock pot, one of my favorites that he makes! So Mom just left a little while ago and I'm thinking of calling her soon cuz the roads are CRAZY slippery! D actually scraped the ice off her truck when she left (he's a sweet son in law, isn't he?).

Anyway, I hope you all had a SMASHING weekend!

Friday, November 30, 2007

This is a lesson on what playing pool, with two bottles of wine coursing through our bodies, really looks like. Take notes.

And yes, I may look completely sober in this picture--but oh, how looks can be deceiving! LOL (that is my drunk friend, Jess, laying in front of me!)

Oh! And Michele would be so proud of me! I drank some good stuff last night! We started off with a regular 'ol $15 bottle of wine first but then as the night progressed and Jess got more and more pissed at her ex while telling us a certain story (they still live together till they sell the house), she was like "Screw it! We're gonna drink his good stuff from Napa Valley!" She gave me the option of the $40, $50, $80, or $100 bottle. At that point I was like, "Hell! Nothing but the best for us!" So we cracked open the $100 bottle of wine. My first (and most likely last) time ever drinking expensive wine...and damn, did it go down smooth!
Anyway, I didn't realize quite how drunk I was till I got home and literally stumbled/fell into bed. Actually even then I probably didn't quite realize it. But I certainly did this morning when first Daryl told me that last night, I jumped out of bed last night and yelled at him to get his booty into bed becuz I was so "c-c-cold!" and needed him to warm up. No recollection of that whatsoever. ;-) And after I hopped out of the shower this morning, Daryl said, "Um, April? Did you unlock the front door this morning?"

Uh, no. I never locked it when we came in. It appears I left it unlocked. ALL night long. Oops.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Someone (a stranger in the office, no one I know) just asked me, "Are you expecting?"

ACK! I totally just flushed in shame and started stuttering out, "Uh, uh, no, um, but, um, I am getting married soon!" And quickly looked down at my desk. And looked to see how big my belly must look for someone to be ASKING this question (I was sitting at my desk so half of me is hidden under the computer desk anyway)! Mind you, I know I have a few pounds to lose but I'm TALL and usually NO ONE can guess my weight accurately...most people think I'm smaller than I really am. I could stand to lose a good 10-20 lbs in my own humble opinion (and I HOPE to lose a good 10-15 lbs. before the wedding) BUT STILL, to ask me that question? I'm mortified!!!!

I told my boss (who knows this woman) and she was like, "Oh no, April, don't take offense. That woman is VERY intuitive and picks up on other people's energy."

That stopped me cold in my tracks becuz this morning I was holding (mauling, loving up) my coworker's 3-month old baby and I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS LITTLE PUDGE-Y GIRL. She even drooled on me and my first thought, no lie, was, "Awww...I seriously can't wait to have one of these little muffins of my own!" LOL And after holding (mauling) little Morgan for about 20 minutes, my baby fever was crazily RAGING. I could not get babies off my brain for a good hour or so (kinda hard to concentrate on work like that).

So, in that ladies defense, maybe she WAS picking up on my baby-wanting-energy, but STILL, to ask someone that question? Ugh!

Then my boss was like, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" ACK, people! Now ask me that again in 5-6 months and I'd be smiling back hopefully and running out to buy a preggo test, but come on people, NOT BEFORE THE WEDDING!!! LOL

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a confession to make...I'm a tad embarrassed...don't tease me too much...

....I mailed out my Christmas cards already.



(Oh, and since last weekend, I've already baked about 4 dozen peanut butter blossoms and 9 dozen Russian Tea Cakes. I'm SO gonna be done with my baking ahead of time this year!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Snow is in the forecast this week! I'm so stinkin' excited. Sunday night into Monday. I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we really see more than some white DUST when we wake up on Monday.

This is coming from Mister Scot Haney. HE BETTER NOT BE WRONG or I'll be really, really pissed.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Okay I now have a couple of pics to go with my previous post. :-)

Here was my bird getting prepped (which came out moist and delicious, might I add!)...And the second shot is Daryl's hairy arm (not mine! LOL) stuffed up the turkey's bum. One thing I hate, hate, HATE to do is pull out the guts! Unfortunately that is is for Thanksgiving pictures. I was so busy cooking (and cooking and cooking) and cleaning that it did not leave much time for photo opportunities!

Then it was Friday and on our way to the Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm!Immediately, Daryl was on the move. Our hunt for the "perfect" tree!

Words can not DESCRIBE just how darn cold it was that day! And of course being the native New Englander that I AM, I had no jacket on, just a sweatshirt! Silly girl.My tree-man, hard at work!! After the tree was up and in it's stand, Daryl began working on this, our new outdoor light....

...while I finished decorating our Christmas tree! Here it is (sorry for the grainy pic...this last one taken with my cell phone...that's why it's all crooked too...LOL):

Happy Monday.

NOT glad to be back at work, but definitely glad I can finally "slow down" some. Thanksgiving was good. I probably only got about 1-2 hours of true sitting-down time the entire day. I was exhausted, bloated and ready for bed by 8:30pm!

Friday was fun. We got our tree! I love it! Went to a place called Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm. How cool of a name is that??? I do have a couple pictures but of course I had difficulty trying to load the pics on the computer this morning with my new camera that I got as an early birthday/Christmas gift from a friend. So needless to say, pictures will come tomorrow. I "mother-f'd" a bit when after stringing the ENTIRE tree in bazillions (ok, maybe a slight exxageration) of white lights...the whole tree just plunged into darkness. Seriously, I thought my head was going to spin completely around and steam come shooting out of both ears. I'm sorry to say I screamed at the poor doggies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time...and then suddenly the lights popped back on. No idea why. THEN I decorated the entire tree while Big D was putting up our new outdoor light (and doing some "mother-f'ing" himself) when our friend Lorelei stopped by. I put the last ornament on the tree, squatted down to grab something off the floor, and heard a gasp from behind me followed by an "Oh, oh, Ooooohhhhh!" and then a flash of gold and green blurred by me. That is how the tree, fully decorated, ended up laying across my coffee table. Gold sparkles were everywhere, ornaments scattered across the carpet, the tree skirt soaked from the drink we'd just given the tree, and the terrified dogs nowhere in sight. Aaahhhh...gotta love Christmas. LOL More "mother-f'ing" trying to get the tree back upright, Lorelei mopping up the carpet, ornaments BACK on the tree, and me calmed down. Not an easy task. Then a very irritating phone call right in the midst of that hullabullo. *SIGH* That irritating phone call will have to be in my next blog or we'll be here ALL morning. Not that I don't like you guys, but I'm sure we all have work to do.

Saturday was a nice day all around. My friend, April, came over and we hung out and vegged all morning/early afternoon. Big D made us omelets and I brewed up some coffee and we chatted then watched a Christmas movie. I had woken up that morning with a horrible pain in my neck, literally, so around four Daryl put some type of icy/hot stuff on my neck. We had dinner plans with another couple, Crystal (who is seven months preggo and so stinkin' cute with her big belly! although she feels "fat") and Jimmy, that evening so as the evening and dinner progressed, the neck pain started to radiate down to mid-back. By dessert (half a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and three tylenol), I was having trouble moving. Coughing, laughing, sneezing, breathing---all hurt. Went home and slept on and off all night, on an ice pack. Thankfully by today, Monday, the pain is almost completely gone. I carried a LOT of Christmas boxes up and down from the basement this's the only thing i can remember doing out of the ordinary. Ugh!

Sunday was perfect. We ran out and got lattes and some stuff at Lowe's to finish the kitchen pantry/closet/fridge project (again--fodder for another blog). I also started some of my Christmas cookie baking...I have a cookie swap to go to in a couple weeks and I need ten batches for the swap alone (not counting what I'm keeping for myself to give out to family and friends!). Between my mom and Daryl, I think they killed about a dozen and a half alone. I wanted to smack them both. LOL Baking cookies ALL DAY is freaking tiring! Anyway, Daryl and I enjoyed each other's company all day, just giggling and teasing each other, not stressing about anything which was nice. A pleasant change. Then last night I watched one of my favorites, "The Year w/out Santa Claus". A perfect end to an almost-perfect weekend. :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I want to tell a little (humbling) story about being thankful.

I'm having a REALLY bad day today...all hell has broken loose at my bank and loan payments have gone awry and a very large check was (still is) close to bouncing...freak out #1. Then I log on to the bank again and see that D's paycheck has still notbeen direct deposited into our account which will leave us IN THE RED going into Thanksgiving if it does not go in today...freak out #2. So basically I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with nothing more than a turkey and some lint balls in my jeans pockets.

Freak out #3 was technically the first cuz it happened last night but thinking about it again today just made everything else seem so hopeless. D's father (who is an alcoholic...not an ADMITTED's kind of a hush-hush thing in his family and is what caused his parents to divorce years ago) was arrested late Monday night/Tuesday morning for drunk driving....IN UPPER STATE New York about 3 hours away from us! He was supposed to be driving to Pennsylvania to pick up his girlfriend's daughter from college. STILL not sure how he ended up in upper state NY. ANYWAY, long story short, D's grandma and his father's g-friend wanted HIM to go pick his dad last was already six thirty p.m. at this point. I'm SO proud of D becuz he stood up for himself and said NO. If he went, he would not get home till two, he'd have to be up again at five for work, no way Jose. And then his grandma asked if he could take today off and go pick him up. AGAIN, a big fat NO...D has no PTO right now AND I explained to him that if he calls out sick on the day before a holiday...he will NOT get paid for Thursday and Friday! Hell no! So, needless to say, things are tense, and his grandma is NOT happy with D. Both Grandma and my father-in-law are supposed to come to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (along with my mom and her boyfriend) but WHO KNOWS what's going on now.

Now, today...and the humbling part...I was crying the blues (oh alright, LITERALLY crying) to my boss Wendy basically cuz I just had to vent and get it all out (after D and I had screamed on the phone to each other about bank I was pretty emotional). And another coworker, Patti, came in and heard the story. I tried to make a joke out of it about how I'd be serving turkey and a smile for this Thanksgiving. THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN finished listening to my story then left the office. Unbeknownst to me, she ran to Stop and Shop and bought stuff and just showed up at my desk with two bags full of stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. I just proceeded to bawl my eyes out (and feel like a total loser and TOLD her that) but all she said was, while she cried herself, "Don't feel like that. You are loved. Pay it forward, April."

Now I've never seen the movie with the same name, but, I understand the idea. And I'm so thankful that someone took time (and money!) out of her day to do something nice for someone else in need. I don't feel that I DESERVE IT--I know there are other people out there in MUCH WORSE SHAPE than me-- but I'm thankful nonetheless. I know everyone falls on hard times and it makes you feel like shit, but then someone does something like THIS and it just totally blows my mind and makes me realize how lucky I am to have people like this in my life. How THANKFUL I am. I'm very very appreciative and this is something I will never, ever forget.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Okay, I feel really juvenile for even typing this, but it irritates me so I have to vent.

Last week was a coworker's birthday (someone I'm friendly with here but don't see outside of work) so even though I'm COMPLETELY strapped for cash (let's just say one of my dinners the other night was cheese and crackers and a leftover egg roll. *Yum*<---insert sarcastic voice here), I ran out on my lunch break and got her a card and a ten dollar Starbucks gift card. Oh, and a cute little birthday stuffed animal. And she emailed me later that day saying she knows I've been broke and I shouldn't have worried about buying her a gift, but she appreciates it. So that made me feel good that I was still able to do something for her.

Jump ahead to today when she is in the office putting "Thank You" cards in everyone's mailbox that gave her a gift (and mailing some out to family and friends etc.). SO I looked in my mailbox assuming I'd see a thank you card there...nothing. Now, let me explain, I'm NOT one of those kinds of people that does something just so that I can hear a "Thank You" afterwards or EXPECT gratitude. I give cuz I like to give and it makes me feel GOOD. I like to see people smile. But that being said, I have to admit, I'm feeling slighted that it seems EVERY ONE else got a thank you card--EXCEPT ME.

Part of me (the high-schooler part that I read about in Dawn's blog about insecurities and wanting people to like us) is like "Oh it's becuz you only gave her a ten dollar gift card, she thinks you're cheap." And then I'm all snotty-sounding in my head saying, "Who cares? It's all I could afford!" Then there is the OTHER part that is like, "Sheesh, that's totally rude that she didn't give me a card but she did to everyone else. Screw her!" Then the rational side of me is like, "Hmmm...maybe she forgot about me?" or "Maybe it got lost in the shuffle and I"ll see that Thank You card in a couple days."

Now, I ask you, WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH??? Why do I hold on to things like this? In the GRAND SCHEME of LIFE this is completely insignificant! And despite knowing all this, it kind of just festers in the pit of my stomach! Ugh. I need to let it go. I know this. Sorry for this crazy, babbling vent. Now that I'm finished typing this whole thing, I almost want to sheepishly delete it. LOL

(But next time maybe you can leave off the sleet and freezing rain...and maybe give me just a FEW more snowflakes. Today was totally a tease!!! But definitely a tease I enjoyed.)As you might be able to see (or might not...this was taken with my cell so crappy looking pic, I know), the parking lot is covered with a sheen of crusty/slushy/melting "stuff"...a mixture of snow/rain/sleet. And what little snow we had is barely visible on the trees. I want more white stuff!!!