Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm NOT always the smartest tool in the shed. LOL

KNOWING FULL WELL that I have weight watchers today, I went to Friendly's last night for dinner and inhaled:
1 strawberry milkshake, extra thick
1/2 of the appetizer thingie w/ mozz. sticks, quesadillas and onion rings (didn't eat onion rings tho)
1/2 of my honey barbecue chicken melt
and a BOAT load of salty fries.

HELLO? Stupidity? LOL I need to flush out my system before my 12:15pm weigh-in!! Eek! Drinking lots of water! I also went LIGHT on orange and about a 1/2 cup of dried fruit. I'll eat a yogurt after wi and probably will get a salad from McD's or something.

So...last night we had our FIRST appointment at a reception venue!! It was The Pavilion on Crystal Lake. Not a bad place but definitely not my first choice. There were some things i was NOT impressed with. First off, the ceremony would be outside at this really pretty gazebo close to the lake...very nice! But, we would be at the mercy of the weather, and if it rained, that means the ceremony would be in the SAME ROOM as the reception, with people just sitting at their tables. I do not want that. That's one thing I'm adamant about. Also, there is no Bridal Suite or Lounge for the bride and the girls to hang out in beforehand, and then the bridal party after, while pictures are being taken. And speaking of pictures, you can take some really beautiful shots outside on the deck, on the beach by the water, or by the gazebo, BUT again the weather could literally "rain on my parade" that day. I would have no other alternative for pictures other than the hall itself. So that was a bit of turn-off.

Tonight I'm excited becuz I'm going with Mom (Daryl is on call so he can't come!) to the 4-Points Sheraton, a very nice hotel. They just remodeled both of their ball rooms (their phrase, not mine! LOL) so I'm eager to see how they look. Then Saturday two more venues, and one more on Sunday! Phew! Busy week!!!

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