Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So I'm in the process of trying to figure out just WHAT I want in a wedding dress. Most likely, Daryl's grandma is going to be making one for me, but I have NO CLUE what I want! I started looking at different styles and one thing I think I know for sure is that it will be an A-line. I just think that will be the most flattering for my figure. Also I would PREFER some type of spaghetti straps or sleeves (I know, I know, this one has neither!) becuz I hate the feeling that I'm going to "pop out" out of a dress top when I'm dancing, reaching, etc.!

I'm sorta digging the "gathered" look of this particular dress...but I have MUCH MORE dress-hunting to do! I can't wait till this Saturday when me and Michele (and I think Sarah now too) head to a Bridal Mall to look at different dresses! I'm excited!

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