Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've never before suffered from "anxiety attacks" or any form of anxiety (just been a straight-stress girl)...well, there is a first time for everything, I guess. :-( LOTS of work stress going on. Big changes. Some not so good. Anyway, I'm not seeming to HANDLE it well. I let everything *get* to me and first thing that happens is I get an uncomfortable "fluttery" tightness in my chest. It feels like it's harder to breathe. And then I CRY. And boy, do I mean cry. I'm trying to think of non-medical (non MEDICINAL is more like it) ways to combat this. Michele had a great idea to start doing yoga. Now I'll admit, yoga is not my favorite form of aerobic activity. It's a little too slow-paced for me. But that just may be what I need right now to keep myself centered and grounded, especially at work! I have a yoga dvd at home that I've only used about 4 times so I'm going to unearth it, wipe off the dust, and pop it in tonight when I get home.

What else? I'm trying to get back into exercising, cuz exercising ALWAYS boosts my mood and spirit. Wednesday and Fridays are my gym days with Crystal. Of course, then this bomb was dropped at work so now I'll be alternating working Monday and Wednesdays 11am-8pm, and I SO will not be getting up to hit the gym with Crystal at 5:30am if I don't have to be into work till 11am those days. I'm either going to try to either get MYSELF to the gym later those mornings, OR see if Crystal would be willing to alternate to another day. I really need the extra "push" and knowing that I'm meeting someone stops me from blowing off the work-out altogether. *SIGH* I certainly need to get my MENTAL state in better shape so I hope this physical stuff will help with that (as well as keep on the track to losing!).

Monday, May 21, 2007

Well I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night D and I watched a scary movie (remake of The Omen with Julia Stiles) and got take-out, after chatting for about 30 minutes online through skype (LOVE that site and our computer camera!) with Carsa and little Braeden. Braeden was cracking me up every time Daryl left the view of the camera and he would ask, "Where's Daryl? Where's Daryl going?" But with his cute little kid "accent" it sound like "Where's Darro?" LOL Too freaking adorable!

Then Saturday we got up early and did some cleaning/straightening up and got food ready. Michele and Daniel were coming over around eleven. That was fun! Both Daryl and I definitely liked Daniel (we were meeting him for the first time). We hung out and cooked lunch on the grill; Michele brought the YUMMIEST dessert! Organic blueberries, strawberries and blackberries over pieces of Belgian waffles, with whipped cream on top. YUM! After they left, D and I went to Lowe's and got the rest of the wood to finish the railings on the deck he built. I also bought a nice hanging potted plant to hang off the deck.

Sunday we went over D's dad's house. His dad's 53rd birthday was actually Saturday so we did a barbecue at the lake on Sunday. It was GORGEOUS out and I really enjoyed getting a little sun and fresh air and spending time with his dad and grandmother, even though I was seriously JONESING to get back home and start on our endless list of yard work! So after we left we stopped at a flower market and got some veggies for the vegetable garden and two more BEAUTIFUL and HUGE hanging baskets of flowers. While Daryl planted the veggies I worked on the back corner of the yard (where we tore down all the bushes last year) and got busy pulling up the roots that were left and gathering all the sticks leftover into a big pile. I really want to get grass seed down ASAP so it will start growing and hopefully be grown in by July 4th weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My neck (on the right hand side, right where it meets the back of my head) is KILLING me today. :-( I spent like 3-4 hours last night holding and playing with little 1 year old Julia so I'm assuming it's from that.

Sheesh! I need to strengthen up for when I have kids of my own, if THAT'S why my neck hurts! I'll be holding them all the TIME! LOL

I seriously need a full body massage. STAT.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Daryl called me while I was on lunch break to tell me he won Red Sox tickets!!! How cool is that? Neither of us EVER win anything! Anyway, I casually asked him who he was taking and he said, "Um, I don't know. Do *you* want to go?". He knows I don't hate baseball, but I'm certainly not in love with it either. I think I just blew him away by telling him I DO want to go! LOL

I just explained that the only baseball games I've ever been to are Litttle League and college games...never a real live professional game. So of course I'm curious! I want the whole experience. Hot dogs and all. ;-)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wow! I haven't posted in SO long! (not that anyone other than Michele even READS my blog! LOL). It's been crazy for me at work lately...most specifically the last four weeks. I'm SO glad it's winding down now as the term begins. I can get back to "normal" for the next three months or so. And then it's STRESS-CITY again, baby! LOL

Anyway, fun, fun! I leave for Florida in ONE AND A HALF DAYS, and counting! I'm so freaking excited I can't stand it! I need a vacation like nobody's business. Lots of stress at home too with basement's flooding, washing machine and sump pump breaking (and needing to be replaced), spending money CONSTANTLY on stuff that's really beyond our control. And as always, shelling out money for our wedding! Some days I wish I could just elope! Ha! Well, only on the *really* crazy days do I think that. I want my fun wedding with the poufy, princess dress! I want a day ALL ABOUT ME, and Daryl too of course. ;-)

Oh! And good news, I lost 1.4 lbs. at weight watchers! YIPPY!!!!!!!!!! I've *finally* surpassed the ten pound mark! (10.6 so far). It took me forever, but that's no one's fault but my own. But on a good note, now I'm even MORE motivated to lose that additional 10-15 pounds to reach my goal weight before the wedding! I KNOW I can do it! So, back to my green beans! LOL