Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've never before suffered from "anxiety attacks" or any form of anxiety (just been a straight-stress girl)...well, there is a first time for everything, I guess. :-( LOTS of work stress going on. Big changes. Some not so good. Anyway, I'm not seeming to HANDLE it well. I let everything *get* to me and first thing that happens is I get an uncomfortable "fluttery" tightness in my chest. It feels like it's harder to breathe. And then I CRY. And boy, do I mean cry. I'm trying to think of non-medical (non MEDICINAL is more like it) ways to combat this. Michele had a great idea to start doing yoga. Now I'll admit, yoga is not my favorite form of aerobic activity. It's a little too slow-paced for me. But that just may be what I need right now to keep myself centered and grounded, especially at work! I have a yoga dvd at home that I've only used about 4 times so I'm going to unearth it, wipe off the dust, and pop it in tonight when I get home.

What else? I'm trying to get back into exercising, cuz exercising ALWAYS boosts my mood and spirit. Wednesday and Fridays are my gym days with Crystal. Of course, then this bomb was dropped at work so now I'll be alternating working Monday and Wednesdays 11am-8pm, and I SO will not be getting up to hit the gym with Crystal at 5:30am if I don't have to be into work till 11am those days. I'm either going to try to either get MYSELF to the gym later those mornings, OR see if Crystal would be willing to alternate to another day. I really need the extra "push" and knowing that I'm meeting someone stops me from blowing off the work-out altogether. *SIGH* I certainly need to get my MENTAL state in better shape so I hope this physical stuff will help with that (as well as keep on the track to losing!).

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