Monday, July 02, 2007

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night Stacey came over and we did pizza for dinner then her, Daryl and I met up with Jessica at Rookie's to see Darik and the Funbags. I was the designated driver, so obviously hte other three had MUCH more fun than I did, LOL, but it was still a good time.

Saturday Daryl worked all day so I took that time to clean, do laundry and grocery shop for stuff I needed for Sunday. Saturday night we ended up going over our neighbors, Brian and Annie's, house and we ordered take-out from Zorba's and had a couple drinks. Daryl and I called it a night pretty early (11:30-ish) cuz we were both pretty tired from our busy days!

Sunday morning I got up early and started setting up the backyard (putting tablecloths on the picnic table and setting up lawn chairs etc.) for our company while Daryl mowed the lawn and straightened up. At two my mom and John came over, along with April and Augustin, and April's parents. April and Auggie brought their eleven pound miniature poodle puppy Lola (she's about 4-5 months old) and she not only got to play with Daisy and Tucker, but, Daryl gave her a haircut. LOL That dog looks like a little MOP! She's too cute though.

So now it's back to the grind at work. Ugh! I'm so glad that the holiday, July 4th, breaks up the week!!!!

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