Monday, September 24, 2007

Feeling overwhelmed today. For many different reasons.

Job stress. Money stress.
Wedding-planning stress.


Can I have yesterday (Sunday) back?

Big D and I had a great day (except for our brief lover's spat in the morning LOL). We got into the truck and just DROVE. No destination in mind, no specific path to follow...just went. And I loved every second of it. I stared out the window at all the winding roads we drove, the pretty houses decorated for fall with pumpkins and scarecrows, the pretty foliage changing was like a quick gift here and there...little bursts of color. Fiery reds, hot oranges and bright yellows. I loved it! This is my favorite time of year, after all.

We ended up finding a really cool place in Granby, CT...the old Newgate Prison and Copper Mine. It is a fabulous historical CT site that I was so happy we stumbled upon! I love to find and sight-see CT places that I wouldn't normally come across. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone taking a trip there (it would seriously only take you about an hour to hour and a half's small) . It would be a great addition to another day trip or going out to lunch or something. It's only five bucks per person (even less I think for adults or senior citizens) and totally amazing to see the underground area where the inmates were kept! I'm including a couple pics of mine and Daryl's time there. We're silly, I know! LOL