Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Couldn't let Halloween go by without a couple pics of my furry babies (ready for the trick-or-treaters) AND my favorite Jack-o-Lantern carver!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

(eat lots of candy!)
Today was my Weigh-In day and I did great!

Well, according to my SCALE I did great...but I'm not sure I totally believe it!

I had to weigh myself four times, and two out of the four times, the number was the same...showing a 3.5 lb. loss! Why aren't I excited? I don't FEEL like I've lost 3.5 lbs. I'm worried that my scale is just off.

But regardless, I'm sure I lost SOMETHING so I'm happy about that. Even with my weekend eating not being the best. I logged the weight loss in my book and I'm plugging along. I have a nice healthy day of eating planned. And dinner will be grilled chicken and sweet potatoes and another veggie. I LOVE sweet potatoes on the grill...Michele turned me on to that! ;-) Yum!

Not much else new to far my allergies seem in check (knock on wood) but it didn't really hit me until afternoon yesterday. I hope it doesn't strike again today!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Argh! Work is making me sick!!

....No, really, this place is LITERALLY making me sick. It started with a vengence on Friday. Sore throat, sneezing, head aches, and I immediately thought, "Oh damn, I'm getting sick." Meanwhile the weekend blew by....and not a sniffle!

Break to first thing this fine, sunny Monday morning and AGAIN my throat is scratchy, my head hurts, and I keep sneezing. Ugh. At lunchtime I went out and sat in my truck with the windows open and felt better. Back in the office after lunch though--you guessed it--back to sore, scratchy throat, runny eyes, sneezing, etc.!!!

I am frustrated! I told my manager and she was like, "You know I have been feeling like crap the past few days myself here." And both of us are allergic to mold, so that is my first thought. That icky green stuff is lurking somewhere our eyes can not behold! But this building is so freaking old and yucky that I don't really hold much hope that anything will be done about it.

So what's a sneezin' girl to do? Take Claritin? Bitch and moan? (that I'm already doing! LOL)
Had a good weekend. But, did I eat well, you may ask? Not really.

Friday we grocery shopped after work (and bought loads of candy for the trick-or-treaters from BJ's! Don't worry, it's mostly all candy that doesn't "do" it for me. I was SMART about that this year!). Then we did a small roaster chicken for dinner with Annie's mac and cheese and mixed veggies. Not a bad meal, at all!

Saturday we went to the new Cabela's (sp?) in East Hartford with Daryl's grandparents, and his mom and step dad who were in town for the weekend. That store was pretty cool, I must admit! This coming from a NON-fisher/hunter. Then after that I made an apple pie that we brought over to his grandparents house...and I stuffed my face with pizza for dinner. Damn pizza. It gets me every time. I did have some apple pie...but a very small piece.

Sunday Daryl and I went out for bagels (Bruegger's) and lattes (Starbucks). And actually that was a pumpkin spice latte for me, and peppermint hot chocolate for Daryl. Then I cleaned until around four when Stacey came over to watch the Patriots game with us. We had chips and salsa and I made chicken quesadillas...using 9-grain tortillas, chicken, 2% cheddar, salsa and low fat sour cream. YUMMY. Unfortunately though Stacey brought over soda and chocolate chip cookies...I had some ginger ale (and I NEVER drink soda!) and two cookies! Brendan popped over at seven and then we settled in to watch the Red Sox game. I admit, it was a struggle for me to stay up that late...but I DID IT!!! :-) I finally saw the END of the last four games. HA HA!

But now today...I. AM. TIRED.

Friday, October 26, 2007

TGIF! I'm very happy it's Friday. :-)

In a pretty decent mood too about how I've been eating this week. SO much better than last week, I'll start off by saying! I have not been exceeding my points like I was doing last week...and it is getting easier to eat less. (Notice I didn't say it IS easy. We're not quite there yet!)

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend...all of which that include food. So I'm trying to figure out in my head how I can make better food choices and make sure to eat plenty of healthy, low or no-point snacks, so that I don't want to binge when meal time comes. Tomorrow night we're doing pizza and dessert at Daryl's grandma's house (his mom and step dad will be in town) and I'm making apple pie for dessert--we still have an INSANE amount of apples left from our trip to upper state state visiting Dory, D's Mom. I MUST start baking! (I think I'll actually make a few pies and freeze them...I'll have one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, etc.). I should be able to say "No" to pie, cuz I know I'll have other opportunities to eat it soon. But pizza however, is my downfall! LOL I could eat it every single day. Seriously. There was a time I ate it 3-4 a week.

And then on Sunday we have company coming over for both the Patriots game at 4:15pm and the Red Sox game at 8pm. Daryl wants munchies during the football game so I've decided to make some low-fat quesadillas! I'm going to hunt for a recipe online but really, I can wing it if need be. And in the evening during the Red Sox game the boys will probably have a beer or I'm going to stick with white wine which is relatively low in points. And maybe I'll get some chips and salsa if they want to munch on something then.

I CAN DO THIS. I just have to remember to plan ahead. :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ode to a Fish

Dedicated to the greatest fisherman I’ve ever known: Harold Smith Sr.
(I wrote this when my Pop-Pop was dying, I wanted to get a smile out of him--I succeeded.)

I think I’ll never see
a fish as lovely
as thee.

With scales of burnished
silver, ruby or gold,
the depths of dark eyes
share tales untold.

Dorsal fins stand straight and proud,
Slender bodies elongated or round,
Various shaped gills gently motion
As tails swish soundlessly through the ocean.

To be a fish with the freedom to swim
from endless ocean to ocean,
And live a life of jewel blue
--But look out--before a shark eats you!

Wait, a fish’s life is not carefree,
encountering creatures in the sea!
From sharks to whales to other fish,
Or humans eating them off a dish.

A fish must always watch its back
Because in the shadows, oily and black,
Lurks a predator eager to munch
On that lovely fish for his lunch!

How can a fish be free
to swim happily and carelessly?
With no danger or concern
is the life the fish has earned.

Why, I know where fish can safely swim
And play and be happy on a whim!
To the sanctuary they must go
that is found in my fish bowl!

Author: April L. Smith

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ever have a funny thought or memory pop randomly into your head? I'm sitting here at work and remembering a story my mom told me about me as a child.

I don't remember how old she said I was, but, my grandmother got me my first diary.

My mom said I was so excited, so proud, that I ran into the next room where my grandfather (who we called Pop-Pop, don't ya just love it?) was and with a big smile on my face cried out,

"Pop-Pop! I have a diarrhea!"

Poor Pop-Pop--Mom said he was speechless for a minute. I can just picture him sitting there in his recliner, tall lean legs sticking out, curly hair poking up from his head, and a serious and perplexed look on his face as he tried to find out why I was excited about having diarrhea.

Of course my mom explained to him that I meant diary.

I do miss my silly Pop-Pop...the man who used to pretend to eat ants (and we kids all believed he really DID consume them) . He was also the animal-lover who fed the neighborhood squirrels and cats. The green-thumb grandfather who grew bazillions of tomato plants in his teeny-tiny back yard. I used to love listening to him speak phrases to us in German (the one used most often, "That is enough!" when we kids were misbehaving!). Pop-Pop had more photos and albums of fish (he was an avid fisherman) and war (he served in the army) than he did of his own kids. If he wasn't belting out the tunes with his long fingers over the smooth piano keys, he was reciting long, creative poems he'd made up and memorized, and we'd giggle (my favorite was his Christmas poem which I wish I could find a copy of). Every time I see a tub of butter/margarine/oleo, I remember his margarine tub of pennies for nights spent playing cards. Then there was the look of pure contentment on his face as he listened to classical music (the ONLY music he listened to) or the rapt attention during a Jeopardy game (I still think Pop-Pop or Dad should have been on that show!). And Pop-Pop really loved coffee. (That's definitely a Smith-trait that's been passed down to me. My grandfather and his son, my Dad, were BOTH avid coffee drinkers. I remember always smelling it and thinking how fabulous it smelled...but when I drank it? YUCK! It wasn't until after high school that I learned to love it!).

Anyway, it feels good to reminisce sometimes, doesn't it?
Damn it. I was bad last night. Not horrendously bad, but still not good. I had two Long Island Iced Teas and some of the nachos from TGIF. For those of you familiar with weight watchers, I consumed(in that two hour period) nineteen points.

Let me break this down for you. I am allowed twenty four points per day. That's 24 per day. Not 24 per meal, or 24 per hour. I am mad at myself! I know it's only one meal, and to get back on track, but I just wanted to hold myself accountable. I wanted to see this in writing where other people will read it...and know that I was a bad girl.

Today, I will be a good girl.

I promise.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going out for a drink after work. My friend Jess, who I don't see often enough, asked if I wanted to go.

Since I'm trying to be *GOOD* both financially and diet-wise, I told her only one drink. And not to let me get any more than that! ;-) Cuz when I have one, I have a tendency to have two, or three...and I end up spending half the night yapping away.

Alcohol makes me even more of a talker than usual. Imagine that???

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sometimes I really wish I could afford to quit my full time job and stay home and devote all my energy and time and creativity to my writing.

I know, I know, the bills have got to get paid, right?

My problem is that a burst of thoughts related to a current story/character/scene (or even not a current one) will pop into my head at the most inopportune times...and then what is an office worker to do?? I'll tell ya what she does--hastily scribble on a nearby Dunkin Donuts napkin..or text message myself or my email with a sentence that is standing out in my head...or (shhh!! don't tell) sometimes quickly type up a dialogue or scene that I must put down in print for fear of losing it otherwise! But that is so frustrating to me! Because then I get home and want to delve into my writing some more, but dinner needs to be made, dogs need to be fed and taken out, laundry needs to be finished, dishes washed, yada, yada, until I'm exhausted and ready for bed.

What's a writer to do?? Does anyone have any suggestions for...I don't know...better managing my time? Short of quitting my job, which is not an option right now, I need to devote more time to my writing. Maybe I need to start carrying a notebook around reserved strictly for that purpose (although ack, me use a pen and pencil? I'm a speedy typist and as fast as my brain is sometimes moving, only my typing fingers can usually keep up. My writing fingers, not so much!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My mom sure is a funny lady.

She called me before at work and not even saying hello, started off with,

"I know what I'm going to get you for a wedding gift."


"Okay, what?"

"A baby crib."

Me: "Um, Mom, shouldn't you wait until I'm PREGNANT for that?"

"No, becuz if you get a baby's crib you'll realize how badly I want you to have a baby, so I can be a Nana, and you won't waste any time working on it."

"How about you let me get married first and then we'll talk." I told her, smiling through the phone.

Gotta love her. LOL's day three of weight watchers and I've gone over in points every single day. (yes, I know the day is not over yet, but I only have four points left for the rest of the day and that's not including my small Dunkin coffee w/cream and 1 splenda that I'm about to consume...slow day...the caffiene will "perk" up my afternoon!). Thank goodness for those 35 extra "Flex" points that I have each week! :-)

But on a GOOD note...I've been making much better food choices all three days! So for that, I'm very pleased with myself. For instance, yesterday I had for my afternoon snack one of those Planters NUTrition mixes (peanuts, pistachios, pecans, almonds and hazelnuts)...much better than my old choice which would have been peanut m-n-m's. (Hey peanuts! GOOD fat, right? hehehee...)

Also, I've been walking on my lunch breaks this week (except for today...had to go to my nail appointment! Tomorrow I promise to be back on track...literally. Well, okay, it's actually a sidewalk I'm walking on, not a track). I think these key reasons are all attributing to the fantastic mood I've been in the past couple well as the reason I've had more energy! Michele and I agreed to be "buddies" and cheer each other on (or yell at each other if that is the case) while we travel this crazy road to getting in shape. I am ready to start feeling good about my body again!
The homemade sweet potato chips from Stew Leonard's are DANGEROUSLY delicious.





Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh! I almost forgot to say...I'm back on Weight Watchers...AGAIN.

Yes, for like the millionth time. ;-)

I'm doing it on my own (no meetings, no internet ww) becuz it's cheaper that way. I have all my books, food journal, sliders, etc. so I know I have all the tools I need to do it! I am the type of person that (in order to lose weight) needs to follow a specific type of plan in the beginning. It helps me to focus and "get back on track" and...not to mention the fact that it's so HARD to lose those initial cravings for "bad" foods. Once those cravings die down though, I know it will be so much easier for me to keep going. SO my first day yesterday I DID go over my allotted points for the day by seven extra points (my daily is 24) but hey, it's my first day! I figure that's pretty darn good! Today will be the true test...let's see how I do...
There is NOTHING that says FALL better than a nice, juicy apple picked fresh from the orchard. I just cut into it with my knife and it's so nice and crisp that my knife sort of just *popped* as I sliced into it...and all the sweet apple juices gushed out and down my fingers. Yummy!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Looking forward to a nice weekend! We're leaving tonight around six p.m. to go to Daryl's mom and step dad's house in Burnt Hills, NY. Isn't it pretty???? We went around the same time last year to pick apples (and to visit of course!) cuz his step dad owns part of an apple orchard...their house is actually situated right in the midst of the orchard. I love it!

So this weekend is all about rest and relaxation and filling Daryl's mom, Dory, in about all the wedding planning we've been doing. Actually now that I think of it, maybe I'll bring up my new wedding shoes to sneakily show her. ;-) Without Daryl seeing them of course!

The only part I'm not looking forward to of course is the actual DRIVE up there. Turns out I may have to be the one doing the driving. Ugh. Daryl went to the eye doctor today for an exam (he's got a stigmatism (sp??? however it's spelled) and also another growth in his eye that she said he needs to take better care of so it doesn't get worse. She advised him to wear his sunglasses whenever he is outdoors. Also he had to upgrade his prescription cuz his left eye is SO much worse than the last time he had them checked. Anyway, the reason I might have to drive, they put those drops in his eyes and his vision is all blurred and the sun hurts his eyes. I have no idea how long it will last. So that means me, who HATES highway driving and especially night highway driving (starting to have vision problems of my OWN with distance and at night) will have two rowdy doggies in the backseat (Tucker our yellow lab and Daisy my little black and white "cow" as I call her...she looks like a cow with her coloring but she is 18 lbs. of pure terror--or more accurately 1/2 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/2 Rat Terrier...yikes!) and throw in the fact that I've been working all day and I am kinda tired..I hope the cranky girl does not come out and play! LOL I might have to stop and grab a latte or a coffee to keep me extra perky for the drive...wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Damn hormones. :-(

I always miss my Dad but of course when I am PMS''s like the waterworks come on at the most random of times and I miss him so much it's an ache in my chest. I was driving to work the other day and suddenly an image of my Dad popped into my head. As my eyes teared up, missing him, for some reason it got me thinking of my Dad's hands....

My dad had big, strong MAN-hands. Long fingers. A firm handshake. He was a rock and that extended to his hands. But yet, despite that firmness, they were gentle hands. Hands that would sweep me up into big bear hugs as a little girl. Hands that cut up my steak for me when I was not big enough to do it myself. Fingers that spent countless hours wrapped around a pencil, helping me with my math homework in grade school. Hands that patiently made the family big homemade breakfasts on lazy Saturday mornings. Fingers that video taped and snapped endless pictures of me in my costume, on recital day.

Those same hands that I held onto tight, when Dad told me he loved me and was so proud of the woman I had become. Fingers that squeezed mine when he told me his only regret with dying young is that he would never get to hold his first grand-baby in his his hands...*SIGH*

Dad...I know you'll always hold us all safe with those big, strong hands. We not be able to see them, but I'll always know they're there.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I am so excited! My wedding shoes came in!!!! And the verdict...I LOVE THEM IN PERSON JUST AS MUCH AS I DID THROUGH THE LINK I SAW ONLINE!!! I actually got a little shaky (I know, corny!) after trying them on, becuz this brings it all home...I'm really going to marry my honey in seven more months. I now have the shoes to prove it. LOL

Here is the link to them. Tell me what you think!!!

(I'm going to post an actual pic of my own feet in them soon....I know you'll be standing by, waiting breathlessly, to see a picture of my feet. Hehehehehehe...)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I stole this from Michele....

1. How do you like your eggs? with a runny yoke! but the white part must be fried and with a slice of American cheese on top...but I also LOVE omelletes too!
2. How do you take your coffee/tea? light with either one sugar or one splenda (depending on my mood LOL); tea with 1% milk and either one sugar or one splenda
3. Favorite breakfast food: I love eggs on the weekend...or french toast...or homemade waffles...well, that pretty much narrowed it down LOL
4. Peanut butter - smooth or crunchy? Usually smooth, but I enjoy crunchy as well.
5. What kind of dressing on your salad? I am not into creamy dressings...I much prefer light and especially a raspberry viniagrette
6. Coke or Pepsi? either one but they both make me burp like crazy...I try to steer clear of soda for the most part.
7. You’re feeling lazy, what do you make? Spaghetti with sauce (from a bottle!), sometimes with ground beef in the sauce. Or grilled chicken/pork and steamed veggies...nice and easy and quick clean up!
8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? pepperoni...mmmm...and garlic if Daryl will agree to it (he likes fresh garlic only and some of the places around us only do the jar stuff...I take what I can get!)
9. You feel like cooking. What do you make? my yummy homemade meatloaf...or a crock pot recipe...or a pork loin in the oven
10. Do any foods bring back good memories? chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes...I remember having fun watching my mom make them cuz she'd always let me lick the spoons!
9. Do any foods bring back bad memories? Michele is right on target with the throwing up part...went out for hibatchi one night and overindulged on the alcohol (scorpion bowls) was wasn't pretty coming back up! *SHUDDER*
10. Do any foods remind you of someone? again, chocolate chip cookies make me think of my mom...and pierogis make me think of my dad (he LOVED them!)
11. Is there a food you refuse to eat? I don't like mushrooms, olives, seafood (most) or steak
12. What was your favorite food as a child? hmmm...probably McDonald's cheeseburgers? I remember getting so excited to go there. LOL Now I get NERVOUS eating that stuff! LOL
13. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like? can't remember...probably something like brussel sprouts and beets...both of which I now like
14. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate? STEAK! my said said I coudln't get enough when I was really young!
15. Favorite fruit and vegetable: strawberries and sweet potatoes
16. Favorite junk food: and crackers...heath bar crunch ice cream...Doritos...should i keep going?
17. Favorite between meal snack: 100 calorie snack, fruit or cheese
18. Do you have any weird food habits? um, i like the flavor/coating off most chips (Doritos, flavored potato chips) and I bite the salt granules off of pretzels before eating them.
19. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? Diet, what's that? LOL Salad… fruit… veggies…DUH
20 . You’re off your diet. Now what would you like? cheesecake! pizza! CHEESE!
21. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? I never eat Indian/Thai.
22. Can I get you a drink? water please
23. Red wine or white? white
24. Favorite dessert? back to the cheesecake, also homemade SOFT cookies, or strawberry shortcake. (getting hungry now!)
25. The perfect nightcap? hot tea...or maybe a little Bailey's