Monday, October 29, 2007

Argh! Work is making me sick!!

....No, really, this place is LITERALLY making me sick. It started with a vengence on Friday. Sore throat, sneezing, head aches, and I immediately thought, "Oh damn, I'm getting sick." Meanwhile the weekend blew by....and not a sniffle!

Break to first thing this fine, sunny Monday morning and AGAIN my throat is scratchy, my head hurts, and I keep sneezing. Ugh. At lunchtime I went out and sat in my truck with the windows open and felt better. Back in the office after lunch though--you guessed it--back to sore, scratchy throat, runny eyes, sneezing, etc.!!!

I am frustrated! I told my manager and she was like, "You know I have been feeling like crap the past few days myself here." And both of us are allergic to mold, so that is my first thought. That icky green stuff is lurking somewhere our eyes can not behold! But this building is so freaking old and yucky that I don't really hold much hope that anything will be done about it.

So what's a sneezin' girl to do? Take Claritin? Bitch and moan? (that I'm already doing! LOL)


Chele76 said...

ugh... that sucks! Hose that place down with bleach! lol

It probably does not help that there are millions of oils and loctions around... I can imagine that stuff getting spilled onto carpets and just going to town....

Smitty76 said... I'm REALLY grossed out just thinking about that! LOL