Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Damn hormones. :-(

I always miss my Dad but of course when I am PMS''s like the waterworks come on at the most random of times and I miss him so much it's an ache in my chest. I was driving to work the other day and suddenly an image of my Dad popped into my head. As my eyes teared up, missing him, for some reason it got me thinking of my Dad's hands....

My dad had big, strong MAN-hands. Long fingers. A firm handshake. He was a rock and that extended to his hands. But yet, despite that firmness, they were gentle hands. Hands that would sweep me up into big bear hugs as a little girl. Hands that cut up my steak for me when I was not big enough to do it myself. Fingers that spent countless hours wrapped around a pencil, helping me with my math homework in grade school. Hands that patiently made the family big homemade breakfasts on lazy Saturday mornings. Fingers that video taped and snapped endless pictures of me in my costume, on recital day.

Those same hands that I held onto tight, when Dad told me he loved me and was so proud of the woman I had become. Fingers that squeezed mine when he told me his only regret with dying young is that he would never get to hold his first grand-baby in his his hands...*SIGH*

Dad...I know you'll always hold us all safe with those big, strong hands. We not be able to see them, but I'll always know they're there.


Keri said...

my heart aches for you. But you are right... he'll always be there.

Smitty76 said...

Thanks Keri...some days are obviously tougher than others...even five years later! *SIGH*