Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ode to a Fish

Dedicated to the greatest fisherman I’ve ever known: Harold Smith Sr.
(I wrote this when my Pop-Pop was dying, I wanted to get a smile out of him--I succeeded.)

I think I’ll never see
a fish as lovely
as thee.

With scales of burnished
silver, ruby or gold,
the depths of dark eyes
share tales untold.

Dorsal fins stand straight and proud,
Slender bodies elongated or round,
Various shaped gills gently motion
As tails swish soundlessly through the ocean.

To be a fish with the freedom to swim
from endless ocean to ocean,
And live a life of jewel blue
--But look out--before a shark eats you!

Wait, a fish’s life is not carefree,
encountering creatures in the sea!
From sharks to whales to other fish,
Or humans eating them off a dish.

A fish must always watch its back
Because in the shadows, oily and black,
Lurks a predator eager to munch
On that lovely fish for his lunch!

How can a fish be free
to swim happily and carelessly?
With no danger or concern
is the life the fish has earned.

Why, I know where fish can safely swim
And play and be happy on a whim!
To the sanctuary they must go
that is found in my fish bowl!

Author: April L. Smith


Carsa said...

I Love it girl! You are sooo talented!


Chele76 said...

you ever think about submitting your stuff and seeing what happens?

Smitty76 said...

Thank you my girls. :-) I have a site on that I use just for me (and to get opinions of other authors out there) but otherwise I have no idea where/how to go about submitting stuff. I'm only JUST starting to feel some confidence about my writing...I would LOVE to pursue it and have something published. :-)That is my dream!