Friday, October 19, 2007

Sometimes I really wish I could afford to quit my full time job and stay home and devote all my energy and time and creativity to my writing.

I know, I know, the bills have got to get paid, right?

My problem is that a burst of thoughts related to a current story/character/scene (or even not a current one) will pop into my head at the most inopportune times...and then what is an office worker to do?? I'll tell ya what she does--hastily scribble on a nearby Dunkin Donuts napkin..or text message myself or my email with a sentence that is standing out in my head...or (shhh!! don't tell) sometimes quickly type up a dialogue or scene that I must put down in print for fear of losing it otherwise! But that is so frustrating to me! Because then I get home and want to delve into my writing some more, but dinner needs to be made, dogs need to be fed and taken out, laundry needs to be finished, dishes washed, yada, yada, until I'm exhausted and ready for bed.

What's a writer to do?? Does anyone have any suggestions for...I don't know...better managing my time? Short of quitting my job, which is not an option right now, I need to devote more time to my writing. Maybe I need to start carrying a notebook around reserved strictly for that purpose (although ack, me use a pen and pencil? I'm a speedy typist and as fast as my brain is sometimes moving, only my typing fingers can usually keep up. My writing fingers, not so much!)


April said...

what about a voice recorder? I have found that if I keep one in the car, if I have an idea, I can just blurt it out, record and then come back to it later - much better than (gasp) WRITING LOL.

Smitty76 said...

Wow! Why in the world didn't I think of a voice recorder? That is a great idea! :-) Lord knows, I love listening to myself talk. LOL