Friday, October 26, 2007

TGIF! I'm very happy it's Friday. :-)

In a pretty decent mood too about how I've been eating this week. SO much better than last week, I'll start off by saying! I have not been exceeding my points like I was doing last week...and it is getting easier to eat less. (Notice I didn't say it IS easy. We're not quite there yet!)

Lots of stuff planned for the weekend...all of which that include food. So I'm trying to figure out in my head how I can make better food choices and make sure to eat plenty of healthy, low or no-point snacks, so that I don't want to binge when meal time comes. Tomorrow night we're doing pizza and dessert at Daryl's grandma's house (his mom and step dad will be in town) and I'm making apple pie for dessert--we still have an INSANE amount of apples left from our trip to upper state state visiting Dory, D's Mom. I MUST start baking! (I think I'll actually make a few pies and freeze them...I'll have one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, etc.). I should be able to say "No" to pie, cuz I know I'll have other opportunities to eat it soon. But pizza however, is my downfall! LOL I could eat it every single day. Seriously. There was a time I ate it 3-4 a week.

And then on Sunday we have company coming over for both the Patriots game at 4:15pm and the Red Sox game at 8pm. Daryl wants munchies during the football game so I've decided to make some low-fat quesadillas! I'm going to hunt for a recipe online but really, I can wing it if need be. And in the evening during the Red Sox game the boys will probably have a beer or I'm going to stick with white wine which is relatively low in points. And maybe I'll get some chips and salsa if they want to munch on something then.

I CAN DO THIS. I just have to remember to plan ahead. :-)

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