Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today was my Weigh-In day and I did great!

Well, according to my SCALE I did great...but I'm not sure I totally believe it!

I had to weigh myself four times, and two out of the four times, the number was the same...showing a 3.5 lb. loss! Why aren't I excited? I don't FEEL like I've lost 3.5 lbs. I'm worried that my scale is just off.

But regardless, I'm sure I lost SOMETHING so I'm happy about that. Even with my weekend eating not being the best. I logged the weight loss in my book and I'm plugging along. I have a nice healthy day of eating planned. And dinner will be grilled chicken and sweet potatoes and another veggie. I LOVE sweet potatoes on the grill...Michele turned me on to that! ;-) Yum!

Not much else new to report...so far my allergies seem in check (knock on wood) but it didn't really hit me until afternoon yesterday. I hope it doesn't strike again today!!!

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