Friday, November 30, 2007

This is a lesson on what playing pool, with two bottles of wine coursing through our bodies, really looks like. Take notes.

And yes, I may look completely sober in this picture--but oh, how looks can be deceiving! LOL (that is my drunk friend, Jess, laying in front of me!)

Oh! And Michele would be so proud of me! I drank some good stuff last night! We started off with a regular 'ol $15 bottle of wine first but then as the night progressed and Jess got more and more pissed at her ex while telling us a certain story (they still live together till they sell the house), she was like "Screw it! We're gonna drink his good stuff from Napa Valley!" She gave me the option of the $40, $50, $80, or $100 bottle. At that point I was like, "Hell! Nothing but the best for us!" So we cracked open the $100 bottle of wine. My first (and most likely last) time ever drinking expensive wine...and damn, did it go down smooth!
Anyway, I didn't realize quite how drunk I was till I got home and literally stumbled/fell into bed. Actually even then I probably didn't quite realize it. But I certainly did this morning when first Daryl told me that last night, I jumped out of bed last night and yelled at him to get his booty into bed becuz I was so "c-c-cold!" and needed him to warm up. No recollection of that whatsoever. ;-) And after I hopped out of the shower this morning, Daryl said, "Um, April? Did you unlock the front door this morning?"

Uh, no. I never locked it when we came in. It appears I left it unlocked. ALL night long. Oops.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Someone (a stranger in the office, no one I know) just asked me, "Are you expecting?"

ACK! I totally just flushed in shame and started stuttering out, "Uh, uh, no, um, but, um, I am getting married soon!" And quickly looked down at my desk. And looked to see how big my belly must look for someone to be ASKING this question (I was sitting at my desk so half of me is hidden under the computer desk anyway)! Mind you, I know I have a few pounds to lose but I'm TALL and usually NO ONE can guess my weight accurately...most people think I'm smaller than I really am. I could stand to lose a good 10-20 lbs in my own humble opinion (and I HOPE to lose a good 10-15 lbs. before the wedding) BUT STILL, to ask me that question? I'm mortified!!!!

I told my boss (who knows this woman) and she was like, "Oh no, April, don't take offense. That woman is VERY intuitive and picks up on other people's energy."

That stopped me cold in my tracks becuz this morning I was holding (mauling, loving up) my coworker's 3-month old baby and I COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS LITTLE PUDGE-Y GIRL. She even drooled on me and my first thought, no lie, was, "Awww...I seriously can't wait to have one of these little muffins of my own!" LOL And after holding (mauling) little Morgan for about 20 minutes, my baby fever was crazily RAGING. I could not get babies off my brain for a good hour or so (kinda hard to concentrate on work like that).

So, in that ladies defense, maybe she WAS picking up on my baby-wanting-energy, but STILL, to ask someone that question? Ugh!

Then my boss was like, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" ACK, people! Now ask me that again in 5-6 months and I'd be smiling back hopefully and running out to buy a preggo test, but come on people, NOT BEFORE THE WEDDING!!! LOL

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have a confession to make...I'm a tad embarrassed...don't tease me too much...

....I mailed out my Christmas cards already.



(Oh, and since last weekend, I've already baked about 4 dozen peanut butter blossoms and 9 dozen Russian Tea Cakes. I'm SO gonna be done with my baking ahead of time this year!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Snow is in the forecast this week! I'm so stinkin' excited. Sunday night into Monday. I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we really see more than some white DUST when we wake up on Monday.

This is coming from Mister Scot Haney. HE BETTER NOT BE WRONG or I'll be really, really pissed.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Okay I now have a couple of pics to go with my previous post. :-)

Here was my bird getting prepped (which came out moist and delicious, might I add!)...And the second shot is Daryl's hairy arm (not mine! LOL) stuffed up the turkey's bum. One thing I hate, hate, HATE to do is pull out the guts! Unfortunately that is is for Thanksgiving pictures. I was so busy cooking (and cooking and cooking) and cleaning that it did not leave much time for photo opportunities!

Then it was Friday and on our way to the Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm!Immediately, Daryl was on the move. Our hunt for the "perfect" tree!

Words can not DESCRIBE just how darn cold it was that day! And of course being the native New Englander that I AM, I had no jacket on, just a sweatshirt! Silly girl.My tree-man, hard at work!! After the tree was up and in it's stand, Daryl began working on this, our new outdoor light....

...while I finished decorating our Christmas tree! Here it is (sorry for the grainy pic...this last one taken with my cell phone...that's why it's all crooked too...LOL):

Happy Monday.

NOT glad to be back at work, but definitely glad I can finally "slow down" some. Thanksgiving was good. I probably only got about 1-2 hours of true sitting-down time the entire day. I was exhausted, bloated and ready for bed by 8:30pm!

Friday was fun. We got our tree! I love it! Went to a place called Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm. How cool of a name is that??? I do have a couple pictures but of course I had difficulty trying to load the pics on the computer this morning with my new camera that I got as an early birthday/Christmas gift from a friend. So needless to say, pictures will come tomorrow. I "mother-f'd" a bit when after stringing the ENTIRE tree in bazillions (ok, maybe a slight exxageration) of white lights...the whole tree just plunged into darkness. Seriously, I thought my head was going to spin completely around and steam come shooting out of both ears. I'm sorry to say I screamed at the poor doggies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time...and then suddenly the lights popped back on. No idea why. THEN I decorated the entire tree while Big D was putting up our new outdoor light (and doing some "mother-f'ing" himself) when our friend Lorelei stopped by. I put the last ornament on the tree, squatted down to grab something off the floor, and heard a gasp from behind me followed by an "Oh, oh, Ooooohhhhh!" and then a flash of gold and green blurred by me. That is how the tree, fully decorated, ended up laying across my coffee table. Gold sparkles were everywhere, ornaments scattered across the carpet, the tree skirt soaked from the drink we'd just given the tree, and the terrified dogs nowhere in sight. Aaahhhh...gotta love Christmas. LOL More "mother-f'ing" trying to get the tree back upright, Lorelei mopping up the carpet, ornaments BACK on the tree, and me calmed down. Not an easy task. Then a very irritating phone call right in the midst of that hullabullo. *SIGH* That irritating phone call will have to be in my next blog or we'll be here ALL morning. Not that I don't like you guys, but I'm sure we all have work to do.

Saturday was a nice day all around. My friend, April, came over and we hung out and vegged all morning/early afternoon. Big D made us omelets and I brewed up some coffee and we chatted then watched a Christmas movie. I had woken up that morning with a horrible pain in my neck, literally, so around four Daryl put some type of icy/hot stuff on my neck. We had dinner plans with another couple, Crystal (who is seven months preggo and so stinkin' cute with her big belly! although she feels "fat") and Jimmy, that evening so as the evening and dinner progressed, the neck pain started to radiate down to mid-back. By dessert (half a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and three tylenol), I was having trouble moving. Coughing, laughing, sneezing, breathing---all hurt. Went home and slept on and off all night, on an ice pack. Thankfully by today, Monday, the pain is almost completely gone. I carried a LOT of Christmas boxes up and down from the basement this's the only thing i can remember doing out of the ordinary. Ugh!

Sunday was perfect. We ran out and got lattes and some stuff at Lowe's to finish the kitchen pantry/closet/fridge project (again--fodder for another blog). I also started some of my Christmas cookie baking...I have a cookie swap to go to in a couple weeks and I need ten batches for the swap alone (not counting what I'm keeping for myself to give out to family and friends!). Between my mom and Daryl, I think they killed about a dozen and a half alone. I wanted to smack them both. LOL Baking cookies ALL DAY is freaking tiring! Anyway, Daryl and I enjoyed each other's company all day, just giggling and teasing each other, not stressing about anything which was nice. A pleasant change. Then last night I watched one of my favorites, "The Year w/out Santa Claus". A perfect end to an almost-perfect weekend. :-)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I want to tell a little (humbling) story about being thankful.

I'm having a REALLY bad day today...all hell has broken loose at my bank and loan payments have gone awry and a very large check was (still is) close to bouncing...freak out #1. Then I log on to the bank again and see that D's paycheck has still notbeen direct deposited into our account which will leave us IN THE RED going into Thanksgiving if it does not go in today...freak out #2. So basically I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with nothing more than a turkey and some lint balls in my jeans pockets.

Freak out #3 was technically the first cuz it happened last night but thinking about it again today just made everything else seem so hopeless. D's father (who is an alcoholic...not an ADMITTED's kind of a hush-hush thing in his family and is what caused his parents to divorce years ago) was arrested late Monday night/Tuesday morning for drunk driving....IN UPPER STATE New York about 3 hours away from us! He was supposed to be driving to Pennsylvania to pick up his girlfriend's daughter from college. STILL not sure how he ended up in upper state NY. ANYWAY, long story short, D's grandma and his father's g-friend wanted HIM to go pick his dad last was already six thirty p.m. at this point. I'm SO proud of D becuz he stood up for himself and said NO. If he went, he would not get home till two, he'd have to be up again at five for work, no way Jose. And then his grandma asked if he could take today off and go pick him up. AGAIN, a big fat NO...D has no PTO right now AND I explained to him that if he calls out sick on the day before a holiday...he will NOT get paid for Thursday and Friday! Hell no! So, needless to say, things are tense, and his grandma is NOT happy with D. Both Grandma and my father-in-law are supposed to come to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (along with my mom and her boyfriend) but WHO KNOWS what's going on now.

Now, today...and the humbling part...I was crying the blues (oh alright, LITERALLY crying) to my boss Wendy basically cuz I just had to vent and get it all out (after D and I had screamed on the phone to each other about bank I was pretty emotional). And another coworker, Patti, came in and heard the story. I tried to make a joke out of it about how I'd be serving turkey and a smile for this Thanksgiving. THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN finished listening to my story then left the office. Unbeknownst to me, she ran to Stop and Shop and bought stuff and just showed up at my desk with two bags full of stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. I just proceeded to bawl my eyes out (and feel like a total loser and TOLD her that) but all she said was, while she cried herself, "Don't feel like that. You are loved. Pay it forward, April."

Now I've never seen the movie with the same name, but, I understand the idea. And I'm so thankful that someone took time (and money!) out of her day to do something nice for someone else in need. I don't feel that I DESERVE IT--I know there are other people out there in MUCH WORSE SHAPE than me-- but I'm thankful nonetheless. I know everyone falls on hard times and it makes you feel like shit, but then someone does something like THIS and it just totally blows my mind and makes me realize how lucky I am to have people like this in my life. How THANKFUL I am. I'm very very appreciative and this is something I will never, ever forget.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Okay, I feel really juvenile for even typing this, but it irritates me so I have to vent.

Last week was a coworker's birthday (someone I'm friendly with here but don't see outside of work) so even though I'm COMPLETELY strapped for cash (let's just say one of my dinners the other night was cheese and crackers and a leftover egg roll. *Yum*<---insert sarcastic voice here), I ran out on my lunch break and got her a card and a ten dollar Starbucks gift card. Oh, and a cute little birthday stuffed animal. And she emailed me later that day saying she knows I've been broke and I shouldn't have worried about buying her a gift, but she appreciates it. So that made me feel good that I was still able to do something for her.

Jump ahead to today when she is in the office putting "Thank You" cards in everyone's mailbox that gave her a gift (and mailing some out to family and friends etc.). SO I looked in my mailbox assuming I'd see a thank you card there...nothing. Now, let me explain, I'm NOT one of those kinds of people that does something just so that I can hear a "Thank You" afterwards or EXPECT gratitude. I give cuz I like to give and it makes me feel GOOD. I like to see people smile. But that being said, I have to admit, I'm feeling slighted that it seems EVERY ONE else got a thank you card--EXCEPT ME.

Part of me (the high-schooler part that I read about in Dawn's blog about insecurities and wanting people to like us) is like "Oh it's becuz you only gave her a ten dollar gift card, she thinks you're cheap." And then I'm all snotty-sounding in my head saying, "Who cares? It's all I could afford!" Then there is the OTHER part that is like, "Sheesh, that's totally rude that she didn't give me a card but she did to everyone else. Screw her!" Then the rational side of me is like, "Hmmm...maybe she forgot about me?" or "Maybe it got lost in the shuffle and I"ll see that Thank You card in a couple days."

Now, I ask you, WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH??? Why do I hold on to things like this? In the GRAND SCHEME of LIFE this is completely insignificant! And despite knowing all this, it kind of just festers in the pit of my stomach! Ugh. I need to let it go. I know this. Sorry for this crazy, babbling vent. Now that I'm finished typing this whole thing, I almost want to sheepishly delete it. LOL

(But next time maybe you can leave off the sleet and freezing rain...and maybe give me just a FEW more snowflakes. Today was totally a tease!!! But definitely a tease I enjoyed.)As you might be able to see (or might not...this was taken with my cell so crappy looking pic, I know), the parking lot is covered with a sheen of crusty/slushy/melting "stuff"...a mixture of snow/rain/sleet. And what little snow we had is barely visible on the trees. I want more white stuff!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Yes, I know, it's only Monday, *gasp*, but it is still like a Wednesday for us office workers. It's like an immense euphoric HIGH knowing that there are only three work days this week. Only THREE DAYS of ringing telephones, annoying clients, fellow co-workers complaints ("Wha! The copier/fax/printer is not working/out of paper/out of toner!") and endless clock-watching till six p.m. Freedom is almost here! I'm hoping (praying) that my work lets us go a couple hours four on Wednesday would be perfect!

Anyway, the weekend was good. Was lazy a lot (something I don't do nearly enough of and that I am trying to enjoy as much as possible before (A) the wedding gets closer and closer and things start getting more chaotic and (B) before we start trying to get pregnant!!!) but I also did some good house-cleaning. Having Thanksgiving dinner at our house for my mom and her boyfriend, D's Dad and his grandmother. So, not a lot of people, but I still seem to get SO stressed for the holiday wanting everything to be perfect...yummy food, clean house, happy guests. All I have left to clean is the bathroom.

And Wednesday after work, D and I are going to go food-shopping (nothing like waiting till the last minute, right? I guess that's what happens when there is only about twenty bucks in our checking account and D doesn't get paid till Wednesday...of course I don't get paid this week...damn bi-weekly checks!). I wanted to start baking my pumpkin pie after we get home from shopping on Wednesday but a coworker/friend of D's wants to meet up for drinks. Normally I'd be like, "Ack! The the night before Thanksgiving?? Are you insane???" But I know that D doesn't ever really make requests like these (I'M normally the one setting up drinks/dinner/hanging out with friends) and that it's a guy he has started getting chummy with at work, so I said yes! (and his friend's wife is a novice knitter like me, so already we have something in common, lol).

Anyway, what is everyone making for Thanksgiving? I mean, obviously turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing...the main staples...but I like to hear what else everyone has on their dinner table? I don't make anything *fancy*...not enough time or money for that...just good 'ol comfort foods. I started making broccoli and cheddar casserole a few years ago and now it's a standard request with my family. I'm also thinking of some type of sweet potato side dish (last year I did a sweet potato casserole in the crock pot) but haven't decided specifically what yet. Oh and one thing that is a family tradition, my mom always made that I now make, creamed onions. SO delicious! (I'm an onion freak.) I also made a homemade (well, I won't lie, the crust is Pillsbury LOL) apple pie a couple weeks ago and froze it so all I'll have to do is pop that in the oven after dinner. And of course I'll be making my homemade pumpkin pie...made it for the first time last year and it was a HUGE hit! Yummy! I'm getting hungry just thinking of it all.

What are you making this year that is a main staple or family tradition or just "something new you wanted to try", in your house??

Friday, November 16, 2007

Stole this from another blog but can't remember quite where or whose...sorry!

Thirteen Things in my life I just wouldn't want to have to do without

1. Daryl. That man becomes more important to me every single day. And life is NEVER a dull moment with him. :-) I don't think I ever knew what true HAPPINESS was until I met my crazy, loveable, moody, silly D.
2. Mom. The woman is a freak sometimes, and she may occasionally drive me batty, but she is there for me when I need her (Wednesday!) and I love her to pieces. She (along with Dad) gave me LIFE and I can never repay her for that.
3. My computer...I hate writing by hand cuz my brain moves faster than my fingers. So all my stories get typed on the computer! (maybe someday I'll PUBLISH one!)
4. PIZZA. I can't begin to describe the euphoria I feel from the first bite of a cheesy piece of pepperoni pizza.
5. My fur babies. I love wet sloppy dog kisses and the purr of kitties, especially when they give me "mooshies" on my belly.
6. Sneakers. My favorite shoe, EVER. Comfort, man, comfort.
7. My "Smith" nose...even though I always complain about my nose, it reminds me of my Dad. It is a part of me, my life, my family, my legacy.
8. My boobies. Yes, you heard me. I love 'em.
9. My journal. I've kept a journal since 1982...I have MANY MANY journals now. LOL It's crazy (and AWESOME) to go back through twenty five years of chronicled read the thoughts that filled my crazy brain throughout the majority of my life.
10. My cell's insane how important this pink sliver is to me...if I misplace it or forget it at home I totally freak out. It's like a lifeline or something.
11. Autumn days...the beauty of New England (oh, hell, all four seasons). Can't forgot pure, clean white SNOW.
12. My's little and it lacks closet space but it's MINE. I bought it on my own and what it represents to me is HUGE...independence as an adult! Success! Living life to the fullest!
13. All my friends!! They bring me laughter, joy, tears, grief...and I love all of them. They are my family! I wouldn't have made it this far w/out them.

His cup runneth over....and then some....

Dogs are great, aren't they???

I woke up this morning and let the dogs out into the backyard...all bleary-eyed, still half-asleep, and certainly not paying attention. I put on the tea water, and then peeked out the windows to check on the pups and thought, "Hmmm...what the heck is that black thing hanging like a noose around Tucker's neck?"

I called him back inside and stared at took my mind a full ten seconds to realize that HALF OF MY BLACK VICTORIA'S SECRET BRA (ONLY HALF) WAS HANGING FROM AROUND MY DOG'S NECK!!! I simultaneously wanted to strangle him, hug him, and GIGGLE. The other half was STILL hanging on the doorknob in my bedroom where I'd put it last night.

I still can't stop laughing at the visual! And instead of taking it off from around his neck, I immediately whipped out my cell phone and took a picture and thought "I TOTALLY have to blog this!".

Now the funniness (is that a word? well I'm using it) doesn't stop there, guys. I showed my boss, W, (who for those of you don't know her, she is small chested...does not wear bras) the picture as soon as I got into work and she squinted at the computer screen and in all seriousness she asked,

"What is that? A winter hat?"

LOL OMG I can't stop laughing....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's been over five years since my Daddy died.

Some days I'm fine...I think of him in passing thoughts...something could trigger a memory...a song ("I was a lineman for the county"), a smell (Old Spice, a hard-working man, Fall smells), a photo on my wall (his smile, his lips, so much like my own). Other days are tough, I tear up at certain memories, both good ones and also the bad ones, when he was dying before our eyes.

Then there is today.

I was in a great mood today and on lunchtime I headed out to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription for my prenatal vitamins. The goofy smile on my face suddenly just melted off and the waterworks began. I imagined myself on my wedding day six months from now, without my Daddy. I imagined myself getting pregnant and wanting to share the news with everyone...except my father won't be here to hear it. So, I cried the whole ride to the pharmacy...I tried not to cry IN the pharmacy. I came out into the car and cried on the way to Starbucks. Then I cried (and felt ANGRY) some more on the way back to work. I called my Mom knowing I only had about ten minutes left of my lunch break but needing to talk to someone who would understand my feelings. I cried to her for the full ten minutes, angry and sad and just not understanding why MY Dad can't be here.

While she couldn't take away my grief, my Mom certainly made me feel better. When you lose someone it is VERY IMPORTANT to feel like other people truly understand and can empathize with those feelings. I know my Mom can do that. I tried so hard to be strong for HER through Dad's brief illness and death, but I think I pushed so many feelings down/away that they now come out in little eruptions that totally take me by surprise. Like today.

So, please, if you are reading this blog, squeeze your Moms and your (big, strong, cuddly) Dads and your hubbies and your children extra specially tight for me. Squeeze them like you may never get the chance again...and please appreciate the time you DO have with them.

I would give anything for one more squeeze-y Daddy hug.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warning, this post might be TMI for some people. It's not going to be gross or anything, just extremely personal.


Okay, no, I'm not pregnant. But our plan is to try in 2008. Our wedding is May 17, 2008 and I see no POINT in wasting any precious time in procreating (hell, I'll be 31 and D will be 32...we're both READY). I'm not exactly one of those "OH-MY-GOD-MY-BIOLOGICAL-CLOCK-IS-TICKING-
TIME-IS-RUNNING-OUT!" people. I just really love children; I always have. I tear up for every episode of Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I hold my friend's children for hours, willingly change diapers (yes, I know "eagerness" will change when I have own LOL). I literally feel an ACHE when I see mothers with their children and long for that myself. I've written POEMS about how badly I want children. I remember being a little girl and the one thing I said I wanted THE MOST to be when I grew up was...A MOMMY.

And that hasn't changed. What brought on this outburst you ask??? I went to my yearly gyno appointment today (this is the personal part LOL). I told him of our plans to TTC starting in late May. He asked me if I take vitamins and I was ashamed to admit that I do not. He then wrote me out a prescription for prenatal vitamins to start taking to prepare my body. Wow. I left the office and immediately called my mom, feeling choked up. My mom already knows of our plans but I just wanted to say it again out loud, that we are going to start trying to get preggo in May. I have not even told all of our friends/family our plans yet...they know we want to start working on it but I don't think anyone knows how SOON we want to start. It's getting closer and closer (I'm more excited about trying to get pregnant than I am for the wedding! LOL Don't get me wrong, being married to D will be the happiest day of my life, but I'm even MORE excited to see him as a Daddy. See, here I go, getting emotional again. LOL)

Anyway...I just really can't wait to become a Mommy. :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

*Stepping into my blogger-confessional*

"I ate M-n-M's today. LOTS AND LOTS of M-n-M's."

*Stepping back OUT of blogger-confessional*

SIGH. It's been one of those days.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I'm not lying either. I just went outside feeling industrious enough to tackle some leaf-raking. I seriously think I raked up two piles, then gave up.

I tried right? Doesn't that count for something????

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am so tired today. My body is tired, not necessarily sleepy-tired (although a little bit of that from dear little Daisy whining in the middle of the night. I pulled on some heavy sweatpants and huddled in the doorway to let her outside to pee where she proceeded to sniff every inch of the backyard till I *softly*--it was two in the morning--yelled at her to get her little black and white butt back in the house!)

I think I'm fighting off the cold that has been going around. I'm very determined to keep it at bay! I started feeling yucky yesterday so I took an Airborne and also some Echinachea (sp?) Plus that you put like 30 little drops into your water. Continued to feel pretty crappy last night. Today I went to CVS before work and bought some more Airborne (I'm on my second tablet of the day). Plus a co-worker (who is a vegan/raw foods chef) made me his concoction that he calls "Rocket Fuel" for when he feels like he is starting to get sick (and he made it specifically for me so there was NO turning it down! LOL I tried!).

Rocket Fuel=3 cayenne peppers, 1 whole lemon (minus the skin, or is that called rind?), fresh apple juice and raw honey...mix it all together and you've got a HELL Of a spicy burn going down your gullet! But I must admit, it cleared up the little bit of congestion I was starting to feel! Then I followed that up with little bit of Chicken and Rice soup for lunch (and a whole lotta water!).

So after work tonight on the docket is LOTS of rest (mixed in with a little laundry cuz we are running DANGEROUSLY low on clean undies/socks)...and then a good night's sleep. *Fingers crossed* that Daisy doesn't interrupt it again!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I just looked down into my cup of fat free (high in calcium!) hot cocoa (look, I needed to fufill a chocolate craving on a very LOW points/calorie scale, okay??) and what do I see?

What looks like CHICKLETS (however that's pelled) back-stroking in my hot cocoa! LOL

Are these really supposed to be marshmallows? They're not melting! Give me a break! What ARE these insane little nubs??? REALLY???
Yes, I know, it's a tad too soon for Christmas backgrounds (well maybe not too soon to the people like ME who are excitedly awaiting the holiday season! You know who you are! LOL) but it's such a pain for me to re-do my backgrounds (and lose my widgets!) that i decided to bypass the Thanksgiving background and move straight on to Christmas. WOO HOO!

If you wanna see a Thanksgiving background, check out my myspace account. :-)

Oh and did I mention? I'M READY FOR SNOW! BRING IT ON!! I've been like (excuse the pun w/ all this holiday talk) a kid at Christmas, after hearing that SNOW FLURRIES are in the forecast for Saturday!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And my toes. And all my appendages. LOL
Cramps are ripping through my belly this morning with tremendous force...seriously, it's like little maniacal elves in my belly with sharp, pointy knives...sometimes being a woman really sucks.

And I meant to slap on one of those little sticky adhesive pads that warm up (forgot what they're called!) to get a little relief but OF COURSE, I was miserable this morning that I even had to GO to work feeling like this so that I stinkin' FORGOT!

So, now I'm sitting here at work, hunched over my desk, miserable.


Monday, November 05, 2007

The pictures from our engagement session are now available online! I'm so excited! OF COURSE I can't copy and paste them (damn copywrights LOL) but for some reason I was able to with just ONE picture...and of course it's only a picture of our backsides...but still you get the idea!! :-)

And click on this link to view one of our favorites (since I can't post it)...

Mmmmm...gingerbread latte.

It sure pays to be a "regular" at Starbucks (to have him RECOGNIZE ME) and sneak me a gingerbread latte a whole DAY before it is supposed to "come out". I'm embarrassed to say JUST how excited I was and how I sorta begged him to do me this one favor and "puh-leeze" could I get one today???

Mmmm...the nutmeg-y taste makes me think of Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. Aaaaaahhhhh....

Oh, and I must make a confession to everyone who knows I'm doing Weight Watchers. I was so surprised that he was really going to let me have one that I never even told him how I wanted my drink (grande non fat gingerbread latte w/NO whipped!). After he had already started to make it I managed to blurt out, "SKIM MILK?!?!" He smiled and shook his head and said, "2%". Who was I to argue, especially when he was doing me a favor? But I DID scream out, "NO WHIPPED!" just as he was about to squirt it out. LOL

And OMG, I just wrote an entire post about Starbuck's Gingerbread Lattes.
Had a very fun, if very busy, weekend!

Friday night we spent TWO HOURS at the photographers checking out (and laughing at!) our engagement pics. They came out very sweet and there are some hilarious candid shots of Daryl trying to kiss me (I say "try" becuz he is not big on PDA so to have smooch me in front of Susie, our photographer, was a big deal for him! He kept telling her, "I have performance anxiety!" LOL). So basically every time he went in for a kiss (PG-rated, mind you! God forbid he slip me the tongue in front of someone, he would have passed out!) we would both bust out laughing. I can't wait to get the link so I can show everyone! We ordered some for the house so I'm very excited and can't wait to get them! I gotta go pick out some pretty frames now. Maybe I'll start checking out the crafts stores...Michael's and Joanne's always seem to have good frame sales going on!

Saturday was a BUSY busy day of cleaning and preparing for our party. I would like to include a picture from the Athena's party. JUST ONE PICTURE. I don't think any others are necessary. (and before you ask, YES, his shirt says, "I got it in the Bunghole". Now get your mind out of the gutter, it's from a package store in Salem, Mass. called "Bunghole Liquors". Appropriate for the party, no?). 'Nuff said about the picture! (the blonde is the consultant..I wouldn't let anyone else but an Athena's consultant spank my man with a vibrating whip. LOL)

Sunday we got up early and April popped over (yup, the other April LOL) so we all went to Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfield, Mass. I REALLY love that place and must go multiple times a year. Got a large jar candle in the Mistletoe scent (anything that smells even remotely like a Christmas tree, I love!), a new tart burner, and six different scented tarts (including gingerbread! Can you tell I'm ready for the holidays??). Then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way home. Yum! After that i did some organizing in my bedroom drawers and then John came over with pizza for dinner so even though I missed the first half of the Patriots game, I saw the 2nd half. Wow, what a close game! MUCH more exciting than the past few weeks!

I tell ya though, turning the clocks back really screwed me up this weekend! I went to bed WAY too early two nights in a row, woke up multiple times through out the night, and today I was ready for lunch at 10:30am! LOL That's just not right.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Yippy!!!!!!!!!!!! It's FRIDAY!! I get to leave work in an HOUR!

Can you tell I'm excited?

I have a few errands to run after work including our meeting this afternoon/evening with the wedding photographer. We are going to see how our engagement pictures came out and I can't wait! I hope they are nice. I wanna get a nice big one for the living room. Just hoping I don't look like a total fat-ass in the pics. LOL I know, I know, I'm sure it's fine. But I am my OWN worst critic!!!!

What else? Oh, I gotta run to the package store and get a few bottles of wine. Daryl and I are hosting a co-ed Athena's party tomorrow night at our house. I'm sure we'll have a blast! So far there are four couples coming, and four singles. I've got my camera ready to go. LOL My last party (not co-ed) I got some HILARIOUS pictures of everyone. So I gotta spend the rest of the evening after our appointment tonight, and most of the morning/early afternoon tomorrow, scrubbing the house from top to bottom. I'll be vacuuming Tucker's baby fine fur for HOURS, I'm sure. (I swear it's like Tucker-tumbleweeds all over the house!). Then my 2nd PeaPod delivery will be coming sometime between 9:30-1:30pm so I'll only have to drag myself away from cleaning for a few minutes. Perfect. I gotta also prepare some munchies for the evening!

Sunday my bestest friend, April (yes, her name is April too! LOL) is coming over for coffee and to hang like mid-morning. She can't make it to the party cux she is having a medical procedure done but at least we'll get to catch up on Sunday. And in the evening, our friend John is coming over for dinner and to watch the Patriots (not sure what time they play on Sunday). SO it should be a busy weekend!