Monday, November 05, 2007

Had a very fun, if very busy, weekend!

Friday night we spent TWO HOURS at the photographers checking out (and laughing at!) our engagement pics. They came out very sweet and there are some hilarious candid shots of Daryl trying to kiss me (I say "try" becuz he is not big on PDA so to have smooch me in front of Susie, our photographer, was a big deal for him! He kept telling her, "I have performance anxiety!" LOL). So basically every time he went in for a kiss (PG-rated, mind you! God forbid he slip me the tongue in front of someone, he would have passed out!) we would both bust out laughing. I can't wait to get the link so I can show everyone! We ordered some for the house so I'm very excited and can't wait to get them! I gotta go pick out some pretty frames now. Maybe I'll start checking out the crafts stores...Michael's and Joanne's always seem to have good frame sales going on!

Saturday was a BUSY busy day of cleaning and preparing for our party. I would like to include a picture from the Athena's party. JUST ONE PICTURE. I don't think any others are necessary. (and before you ask, YES, his shirt says, "I got it in the Bunghole". Now get your mind out of the gutter, it's from a package store in Salem, Mass. called "Bunghole Liquors". Appropriate for the party, no?). 'Nuff said about the picture! (the blonde is the consultant..I wouldn't let anyone else but an Athena's consultant spank my man with a vibrating whip. LOL)

Sunday we got up early and April popped over (yup, the other April LOL) so we all went to Yankee Candle Factory in Deerfield, Mass. I REALLY love that place and must go multiple times a year. Got a large jar candle in the Mistletoe scent (anything that smells even remotely like a Christmas tree, I love!), a new tart burner, and six different scented tarts (including gingerbread! Can you tell I'm ready for the holidays??). Then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way home. Yum! After that i did some organizing in my bedroom drawers and then John came over with pizza for dinner so even though I missed the first half of the Patriots game, I saw the 2nd half. Wow, what a close game! MUCH more exciting than the past few weeks!

I tell ya though, turning the clocks back really screwed me up this weekend! I went to bed WAY too early two nights in a row, woke up multiple times through out the night, and today I was ready for lunch at 10:30am! LOL That's just not right.


April said...

Ok - this is a stupid comment - but you MUST smell a new scent they have - it's mediterranean cypress - OMG - fantastic. Have had less than a month and it's almost gone! It's my "glimpse" of what's to come for's not as strong as an evergreen, so yummy.

Smitty76 said...

ooohhh...that sounds awesome! I'm mad I didn't see it when I was there!

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG. The Patriots game almost led me to my untimely demise. They gave me quite a scare. I was *not* amused. >=[

I so miss Yankee Candle. And by that, I mean the *real* one, not these little half-assed excuses at the mall. I used to go up right at the start of each new season to stock up on seasonally appropriate scents. I miss that. =( I am loving the new scents for Christmas though! I ordered six Samplers: Sparkling Pine, Sparkling Cinnamon, Sparkling Angel, Frosted Cedar Wreath, Gingerbread, and Red Apple Wreath. I also really love Mistletoe and Balsam & Cedar! Heavenly...

Smitty76 said...

Ooh, Dawn, I did smell the sparkling cinnamon, frosted cedar wreath and gingerbread and LOVED them!!!I had to "settle" on Mistletoe cuz Daryl and I couldn't agree on a scent we both wanted. LOL Mistletoe was the first we were like, "okay, yes!".
I feel your pain...Yankee Candle is my favorite place ever...I must go every season myself or I suffer withdrawal! When have you been last? It now "SNOWS" in the tree room! Every four minutes. Sometimes I will stand/sit there for four minutes just waiting for those fake, soap-bubble snowflakes to fall on me. LOL

~**Dawn**~ said...

First, must say, *love* the new decor on the blog! It makes me happy. I'm kinda dorky like that. =P

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way. *This* is why I do not get the big jars. Or any jars. LOL! I get a big honkin' box of Samplers so I can have all the scents I want. And I can change them up often. Some people channel surf the tv. I am a serial candle scent changer. It's a disorder, I tell you!

I haven't been there since... oh gee... I moved down here five & half years now. So about that long? The withdrawals have not subsided. ::sigh:: Do you mean it "snows" inside the room?? Not just at the edges over the little train tracks?? ::dies a little death wishing she were there::