Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday.

NOT glad to be back at work, but definitely glad I can finally "slow down" some. Thanksgiving was good. I probably only got about 1-2 hours of true sitting-down time the entire day. I was exhausted, bloated and ready for bed by 8:30pm!

Friday was fun. We got our tree! I love it! Went to a place called Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm. How cool of a name is that??? I do have a couple pictures but of course I had difficulty trying to load the pics on the computer this morning with my new camera that I got as an early birthday/Christmas gift from a friend. So needless to say, pictures will come tomorrow. I "mother-f'd" a bit when after stringing the ENTIRE tree in bazillions (ok, maybe a slight exxageration) of white lights...the whole tree just plunged into darkness. Seriously, I thought my head was going to spin completely around and steam come shooting out of both ears. I'm sorry to say I screamed at the poor doggies who were in the wrong place at the wrong time...and then suddenly the lights popped back on. No idea why. THEN I decorated the entire tree while Big D was putting up our new outdoor light (and doing some "mother-f'ing" himself) when our friend Lorelei stopped by. I put the last ornament on the tree, squatted down to grab something off the floor, and heard a gasp from behind me followed by an "Oh, oh, Ooooohhhhh!" and then a flash of gold and green blurred by me. That is how the tree, fully decorated, ended up laying across my coffee table. Gold sparkles were everywhere, ornaments scattered across the carpet, the tree skirt soaked from the drink we'd just given the tree, and the terrified dogs nowhere in sight. Aaahhhh...gotta love Christmas. LOL More "mother-f'ing" trying to get the tree back upright, Lorelei mopping up the carpet, ornaments BACK on the tree, and me calmed down. Not an easy task. Then a very irritating phone call right in the midst of that hullabullo. *SIGH* That irritating phone call will have to be in my next blog or we'll be here ALL morning. Not that I don't like you guys, but I'm sure we all have work to do.

Saturday was a nice day all around. My friend, April, came over and we hung out and vegged all morning/early afternoon. Big D made us omelets and I brewed up some coffee and we chatted then watched a Christmas movie. I had woken up that morning with a horrible pain in my neck, literally, so around four Daryl put some type of icy/hot stuff on my neck. We had dinner plans with another couple, Crystal (who is seven months preggo and so stinkin' cute with her big belly! although she feels "fat") and Jimmy, that evening so as the evening and dinner progressed, the neck pain started to radiate down to mid-back. By dessert (half a slice of pumpkin cheesecake and three tylenol), I was having trouble moving. Coughing, laughing, sneezing, breathing---all hurt. Went home and slept on and off all night, on an ice pack. Thankfully by today, Monday, the pain is almost completely gone. I carried a LOT of Christmas boxes up and down from the basement this's the only thing i can remember doing out of the ordinary. Ugh!

Sunday was perfect. We ran out and got lattes and some stuff at Lowe's to finish the kitchen pantry/closet/fridge project (again--fodder for another blog). I also started some of my Christmas cookie baking...I have a cookie swap to go to in a couple weeks and I need ten batches for the swap alone (not counting what I'm keeping for myself to give out to family and friends!). Between my mom and Daryl, I think they killed about a dozen and a half alone. I wanted to smack them both. LOL Baking cookies ALL DAY is freaking tiring! Anyway, Daryl and I enjoyed each other's company all day, just giggling and teasing each other, not stressing about anything which was nice. A pleasant change. Then last night I watched one of my favorites, "The Year w/out Santa Claus". A perfect end to an almost-perfect weekend. :-)


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

I'm going to start my baking soon. I'm so not looking forward to it.

Cecily R said...

I am waiting for our tree to topple because someone (Gracie) can't stop fiddling with it and redecorating it. I thought maybe the baby crawling would be a problem but it's turning out that the five year old is going to be the end of our lopsided master piece!

Keri said...

Sounds like a busy fun weekend. Glad everything seemed to work out.
I lost a ton of ornaments one year when my tree took a dive. Now i tie it to my french doors so it can't fall foward.
I think i cleaned up glitter for two years !!!

Heather said...

the cursing at the christmas decorations by both you and soon to be hubby sound like something from our house!