Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am so tired today. My body is tired, not necessarily sleepy-tired (although a little bit of that from dear little Daisy whining in the middle of the night. I pulled on some heavy sweatpants and huddled in the doorway to let her outside to pee where she proceeded to sniff every inch of the backyard till I *softly*--it was two in the morning--yelled at her to get her little black and white butt back in the house!)

I think I'm fighting off the cold that has been going around. I'm very determined to keep it at bay! I started feeling yucky yesterday so I took an Airborne and also some Echinachea (sp?) Plus that you put like 30 little drops into your water. Continued to feel pretty crappy last night. Today I went to CVS before work and bought some more Airborne (I'm on my second tablet of the day). Plus a co-worker (who is a vegan/raw foods chef) made me his concoction that he calls "Rocket Fuel" for when he feels like he is starting to get sick (and he made it specifically for me so there was NO turning it down! LOL I tried!).

Rocket Fuel=3 cayenne peppers, 1 whole lemon (minus the skin, or is that called rind?), fresh apple juice and raw honey...mix it all together and you've got a HELL Of a spicy burn going down your gullet! But I must admit, it cleared up the little bit of congestion I was starting to feel! Then I followed that up with little bit of Chicken and Rice soup for lunch (and a whole lotta water!).

So after work tonight on the docket is LOTS of rest (mixed in with a little laundry cuz we are running DANGEROUSLY low on clean undies/socks)...and then a good night's sleep. *Fingers crossed* that Daisy doesn't interrupt it again!

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