Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I want to tell a little (humbling) story about being thankful.

I'm having a REALLY bad day today...all hell has broken loose at my bank and loan payments have gone awry and a very large check was (still is) close to bouncing...freak out #1. Then I log on to the bank again and see that D's paycheck has still notbeen direct deposited into our account which will leave us IN THE RED going into Thanksgiving if it does not go in today...freak out #2. So basically I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with nothing more than a turkey and some lint balls in my jeans pockets.

Freak out #3 was technically the first cuz it happened last night but thinking about it again today just made everything else seem so hopeless. D's father (who is an alcoholic...not an ADMITTED's kind of a hush-hush thing in his family and is what caused his parents to divorce years ago) was arrested late Monday night/Tuesday morning for drunk driving....IN UPPER STATE New York about 3 hours away from us! He was supposed to be driving to Pennsylvania to pick up his girlfriend's daughter from college. STILL not sure how he ended up in upper state NY. ANYWAY, long story short, D's grandma and his father's g-friend wanted HIM to go pick his dad last was already six thirty p.m. at this point. I'm SO proud of D becuz he stood up for himself and said NO. If he went, he would not get home till two, he'd have to be up again at five for work, no way Jose. And then his grandma asked if he could take today off and go pick him up. AGAIN, a big fat NO...D has no PTO right now AND I explained to him that if he calls out sick on the day before a holiday...he will NOT get paid for Thursday and Friday! Hell no! So, needless to say, things are tense, and his grandma is NOT happy with D. Both Grandma and my father-in-law are supposed to come to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (along with my mom and her boyfriend) but WHO KNOWS what's going on now.

Now, today...and the humbling part...I was crying the blues (oh alright, LITERALLY crying) to my boss Wendy basically cuz I just had to vent and get it all out (after D and I had screamed on the phone to each other about bank I was pretty emotional). And another coworker, Patti, came in and heard the story. I tried to make a joke out of it about how I'd be serving turkey and a smile for this Thanksgiving. THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN finished listening to my story then left the office. Unbeknownst to me, she ran to Stop and Shop and bought stuff and just showed up at my desk with two bags full of stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. I just proceeded to bawl my eyes out (and feel like a total loser and TOLD her that) but all she said was, while she cried herself, "Don't feel like that. You are loved. Pay it forward, April."

Now I've never seen the movie with the same name, but, I understand the idea. And I'm so thankful that someone took time (and money!) out of her day to do something nice for someone else in need. I don't feel that I DESERVE IT--I know there are other people out there in MUCH WORSE SHAPE than me-- but I'm thankful nonetheless. I know everyone falls on hard times and it makes you feel like shit, but then someone does something like THIS and it just totally blows my mind and makes me realize how lucky I am to have people like this in my life. How THANKFUL I am. I'm very very appreciative and this is something I will never, ever forget.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Melissa said...

And this is why I love this time of year. It's a time when people do things that are so unexpected and so appreciated!!
Enjoy your dinner and try to forget all the craziness, I know I'll be doing the same!!

Chele76 said...

yea... that got a tear or two out of me as well. I'm glad things are tuning your day around :)

...glad to hear that D stood up. Hopefully others will come to their sences and realize that too much was being asked of him. :/

Carsa said...

What a great boss! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and time with your family. Don't stress girl, things will be OK!

Keri said...

What a wonderful unexpected gesture. It;s a great example of what this season should be about. I once couldn't afford a pumpkin for Halloween, and a co-worker went out and got me like 10 pumpkins... iwas overjoyed.
My parents are undercover alcholics big time. along with my sis. I'm surprised i haven't had to go through that scenirio yet... but i would be right behind D.... IT WAS HIS DAD'S CHOICE TO DRINK AND DRIVE, not to mention risk a child / mom / dad's life. He could've hit someone. Good for D to no longer be an enabler!!! Even if it ends up being a fiasco at t-day... you know in both your hearts that you did the right thing. He shouldn't have picked him up if he was 2 mins down the road on a Saturday Afternoon. The dad needs to realize that he did wrong. Tough Love goes both ways.
I've had three interventions with my sis.... incl. one hospital stay for alchol related issues... did i go to see her... Hell NO. i told her i loved her and i wouldn't support any drinking related problems.
Huge Holiday Hugs !! Be thankful for D and your doggies.

Cecily R said...

Oh I feel all goose bumpy now!!! What a wonderful friend you have, and a wonderful response to her kindness you have.

I'm sorry about your family troubles. I hope it works out for everyone. It will.

The bank problems are all too common around here. Someday when we make our millions we'll leave big tips and help out the little guys like us, right?

Happy Thanksgiving! I so hope everything works out quickly so you can have a nice day.

Sending warm fuzzy thoughts your way...

xo Cecily

~**Dawn**~ said...

(((HUGS))) We've all been there one way or another. We're sent these special angels & I always try to remember that when an opportunity to help someone else presents itself. This woman's generosity will definitely make this a very special Thanksgiving for you.

Smitty76 said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are all the BEST...and now I'm tearing up again...thanks for all your well wishes! If feels good.

...and ANOTHER coworker (who works with Patti) just gave me a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine! I started crying AGAIN! Who knew there were such sweethearts in the world??? I definitely know now...I'll never take it for granted!