Tuesday, November 20, 2007


(But next time maybe you can leave off the sleet and freezing rain...and maybe give me just a FEW more snowflakes. Today was totally a tease!!! But definitely a tease I enjoyed.)As you might be able to see (or might not...this was taken with my cell so crappy looking pic, I know), the parking lot is covered with a sheen of crusty/slushy/melting "stuff"...a mixture of snow/rain/sleet. And what little snow we had is barely visible on the trees. I want more white stuff!!!


Keri said...

Yes, three little kids are we !!!!!!
I love to drive with the windows down to smell the air too. Makes me feel alive.
Have i mentioned it's snowing??!!

Carsa said...

We are getting it here to. But unlike you I HATE IT! LOL

~**Dawn**~ said...

Thank God there is no snow here. After seeing how they drive in the *rain* down here, people drive badly enough without that to contend with! =P

I miss big fluffy white landscapes though...

Smitty76 said...

Keri-I will ALWAYS be a child at heart when it comes to snow. ;-)

Cars-Living way up north, I WOULD begin to hate snow too! But we don't see it enough down here. LOL

Dawn-OMG, every insane a-hole in the WORLD was driving today. I even saw some road rage from one guy cuz this old lady/man was driving SO slow and acting scared to turn onto a main road (cuz it was mildly slippery).

It's NEW ENGLAND PEOPLE, get over it! LOL