Friday, November 16, 2007

Stole this from another blog but can't remember quite where or whose...sorry!

Thirteen Things in my life I just wouldn't want to have to do without

1. Daryl. That man becomes more important to me every single day. And life is NEVER a dull moment with him. :-) I don't think I ever knew what true HAPPINESS was until I met my crazy, loveable, moody, silly D.
2. Mom. The woman is a freak sometimes, and she may occasionally drive me batty, but she is there for me when I need her (Wednesday!) and I love her to pieces. She (along with Dad) gave me LIFE and I can never repay her for that.
3. My computer...I hate writing by hand cuz my brain moves faster than my fingers. So all my stories get typed on the computer! (maybe someday I'll PUBLISH one!)
4. PIZZA. I can't begin to describe the euphoria I feel from the first bite of a cheesy piece of pepperoni pizza.
5. My fur babies. I love wet sloppy dog kisses and the purr of kitties, especially when they give me "mooshies" on my belly.
6. Sneakers. My favorite shoe, EVER. Comfort, man, comfort.
7. My "Smith" nose...even though I always complain about my nose, it reminds me of my Dad. It is a part of me, my life, my family, my legacy.
8. My boobies. Yes, you heard me. I love 'em.
9. My journal. I've kept a journal since 1982...I have MANY MANY journals now. LOL It's crazy (and AWESOME) to go back through twenty five years of chronicled read the thoughts that filled my crazy brain throughout the majority of my life.
10. My cell's insane how important this pink sliver is to me...if I misplace it or forget it at home I totally freak out. It's like a lifeline or something.
11. Autumn days...the beauty of New England (oh, hell, all four seasons). Can't forgot pure, clean white SNOW.
12. My's little and it lacks closet space but it's MINE. I bought it on my own and what it represents to me is HUGE...independence as an adult! Success! Living life to the fullest!
13. All my friends!! They bring me laughter, joy, tears, grief...and I love all of them. They are my family! I wouldn't have made it this far w/out them.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I so miss Autumn days in New England. And snow, especially this time of year. (I have to remind myself how much I hated the yucky brown snow, and cleaning off my car at 4am, and stepping into slush puddles.)

Your comment about boobies cracked me up. I don't know if you've read Heather's blog yet, but she is breastfeeding her son. When I was on the phone with her the other night, he made a noise that could only possibly express that he happens to love boobies too. LOL!

Smitty76 said...

Dawn, who DOESN'T love boobies?!?! And if someone says they don't I DO NOT believe them! That is hilarious about Heathers son...LOL
My friend is still nursing (Michele you know who I'm talking about!) her daughter who is 16 months now I think and it cracks me up to hear her say, "Mommy, boo! Boo!" when she wants the boob! She brought her to see me on Thanksgiving and the baby reached down my shirt and giggled and said, "Boo!" And I was like, "Uh, yeah, no "boos" at work." LOL

~**Dawn**~ said...

Or as I told Catherine (Heather's daughter, my god daughter) when she was just a bitty thing: Sorry princess, these are just for show!