Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warning, this post might be TMI for some people. It's not going to be gross or anything, just extremely personal.


Okay, no, I'm not pregnant. But our plan is to try in 2008. Our wedding is May 17, 2008 and I see no POINT in wasting any precious time in procreating (hell, I'll be 31 and D will be 32...we're both READY). I'm not exactly one of those "OH-MY-GOD-MY-BIOLOGICAL-CLOCK-IS-TICKING-
TIME-IS-RUNNING-OUT!" people. I just really love children; I always have. I tear up for every episode of Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I hold my friend's children for hours, willingly change diapers (yes, I know "eagerness" will change when I have own LOL). I literally feel an ACHE when I see mothers with their children and long for that myself. I've written POEMS about how badly I want children. I remember being a little girl and the one thing I said I wanted THE MOST to be when I grew up was...A MOMMY.

And that hasn't changed. What brought on this outburst you ask??? I went to my yearly gyno appointment today (this is the personal part LOL). I told him of our plans to TTC starting in late May. He asked me if I take vitamins and I was ashamed to admit that I do not. He then wrote me out a prescription for prenatal vitamins to start taking to prepare my body. Wow. I left the office and immediately called my mom, feeling choked up. My mom already knows of our plans but I just wanted to say it again out loud, that we are going to start trying to get preggo in May. I have not even told all of our friends/family our plans yet...they know we want to start working on it but I don't think anyone knows how SOON we want to start. It's getting closer and closer (I'm more excited about trying to get pregnant than I am for the wedding! LOL Don't get me wrong, being married to D will be the happiest day of my life, but I'm even MORE excited to see him as a Daddy. See, here I go, getting emotional again. LOL)

Anyway...I just really can't wait to become a Mommy. :-)


Keri said...

It's the hardest and most rewarding job / experience you will ever have ! I would change nothing about my kidlets (maybe Gav could sleep more)
Mad Kudos to you for waiting till your married too. That's what we did too. (dated for 12 years)Just makes it more secure and a great foundation to start a family on.
Congrats ! i'm excited for you!!

Carsa said...

I can't wait for you to have a baby either!!!!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh, I so hear you. I would have a baby tomorrow, if I could. Of course that would require a man. Therein lies the problem. =P But I hear you. I used to say the same thing about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

April said...

very cool! its quiet an experience - both the wedding and the baby part!! But so worth it!! The next six months are going to FLY by!