Sunday, December 02, 2007, it's cold outside!

Well the weekend is drawing to a close, unfortunately. I swear these two days seem to fly by quicker and quicker as the years go on! What is up with that? Anyway, my weekend was a good (if busy) one.

Friday night I was mellow. Got my nails done after work and then got pizza for me and D on the way home. Of course, he ended up having to run out to tend to a friend's HVAC emergency so it was just me, a large pizza, and lots 'o t.v. Nev
er a good combination.

Saturday we were pretty busy. Knowing the snow (or lack of it?) was on the way, Daryl got out into the yard, after borrowing his friend Rob's leaf blower, and blew up all the leaves into the way back of the yard. This year I REFUSE for all our grass to get ruined cuz of snow on top of leaves! Then we did some much needed grocery shopping and stocked up. At BJ's (I love that store!) I got a new DVD...don't laugh...The Sound of Music. How could you not love that movie? ;-) Did some laundry but alas, I never got to bake any cookies this weekend. NOT good! I'll have to do more this week.

Today, Sunday, was another busy one. Daryl had to go and price out a side job in the morning (more jobs, more jobs! we need the money, please!!) and I meanwhile attempted to take Daisy for a walk, with no coat and gloves, even though I had a hat on. Big mistake--I could barely feel my fingers after only the short block around our house so I had to take her back. Plus, Daisy has short little fur-hairs and she shivers something FIERCE in this weather if I don't have a coat
of some kind on her. Laugh all you will, but it's not for a fashion statement (although I do make sure her coats/sweaters are cute, LOL). Here is a doggie coat that was actually a hand-me-down which looked so cute on her. But of course, like her Mom, she's packed on a few pounds (no, I'm not preggo, ha!) and it doesn't fit anymore! After our attempted walk, I took them out in the backyard and played ball with Tucker until yes, again, I could not longer feel my fingers. Seeing a pattern here? Do I need to buy new gloves, ya think? Later in the day I went to my friend Crystal's baby shower with my Mom. That was fun and I enjoyed seeing the *three* heavily pregnant women there. That's right, THREE of them including my friend Crystal. Is there something in the water?? After the shower, Mom came back home with me and had dinner. D had made homemade French Onion Soup in the crock pot, one of my favorites that he makes! So Mom just left a little while ago and I'm thinking of calling her soon cuz the roads are CRAZY slippery! D actually scraped the ice off her truck when she left (he's a sweet son in law, isn't he?).

Anyway, I hope you all had a SMASHING weekend!


Keri said...

Your little one looks so cute in the sweater ! Ozzie used to hate his sweater. He'd go outside and rub on the wall till half of it came off. Always come inside dragging a ton of snow on what used to be his coat. It was hard to find a manly doggie coat for a 85 pound doggie. But he made pink and purple plaid look cool.
Stay warm and get some gloves !

Smitty76 said...

Oh God I would LOVE to put Tucker in a nice winter coat but Daryl thinks its NOT manly either so he won't let me! LOL I think big 'ol Tucker could totally rock out in some purple plaid! LOL

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. We had a serious icing here to this weekend.
Oh, peanut butter blossoms, YUM!

~**Dawn**~ said...

And meanwhile it's still in the 70s here. It seems so strange to think of wintry weather!

My ex-boyfriend's parents had a Whippet (looks like a smaller version of a Greyhound). Her coat was very very short too. She used to wear a coat & booties for her Winter walks!

Zoe said...

ah you dressed you dog in a coat and not yourself? hmmm....