Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Monday!

I forgot just how much I like to get all glammed up (and found out just how much D enjoys it as well! LOL), cuz I don't do it often enough!!

We had his company's Christmas party this Saturday night so we hit the mall on Friday night to get:

(1) a dress for me,
(2) a dress shirt and tie for him, and

(3) some cute accessories to go with mine.

And I got some makeup and lotion from the mall, things I NEVER BUY (at least not in like the last four months) cuz I've been so poor lately. My makeup and lotion had consisted of the cheap stuff for a while even though I was jonesing BIG time for my Clinique tenderheart lipstick!

Anyway, it was a nice time...I enjoyed meeting his coworkers and wives (although one of the wives was a ditz! I mean that in the nicest way...she was sweet as pie but some of the things that came out of her mouth made my mouth fall open! For instance: "Oh I hate when my hands get cold! When that happens, I put them on Johnny's balls." YES, you read that correctly...his BALLS...I almost fell out of my chair! LOL)

And here is the finished product after the glamorization, and after three glasses of wine for me and three jack and cokes for big D from the open bar---( and YES, I have some serious cleave!!! Thank my Vicki's strapless for that! LOL And also what my mama gave me....):

The rest of the weekend was just as busy. We went to Michele's Christmas Open House yesterday which was a lot of fun! She is so darn CRAFTY...I'm calling her "Martha" from now on, seriously. I LOVED the gift bags (and Michele, that is an awesome idea! The homemade cd? LOVE IT!) and all the beautiful holiday decorations. I hope she posts some pictures of them on her blog for everyone to see! My favorite was the little "ornaments" that doubled as labels for the appetizers. So adorable! After Michele's, we went to Daryl's cousin Liz's house to pick something up and see her baby room. She is due end of January (the 20th I believe?) and DAMN, has the nesting instinct kicked in or what! LOL She was too cute.

This moring I woke up and asked Daryl, "Monday morning already? Where did the weekend GO?" It's definitely the holiday season! Busy, busy, busy!


Cecily R said...

Wow Smitty! You are HOT! Go D!

Melissa said...

Nice picture of the two of you. Go Vicky and your!!

Glad you had a good weekend!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Look at you two, all decked out! =) I am still reeling from that woman's comment though. Hello? Social propriety?? =O

April said...

Ya'll are too cute!! Um, balls??? LOL - I would've peed my pants right on the spot for sure!