Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love my boy, D, I really do.

Much to his chagrin, I tell everyone that "Daryl is the equivalent of a toasted marshmallow. Crusty on the outside, but oh-so-soft and gooey on the inside." That's one thing I love about him. His fabulous gooey-ness.

I was just remembering about a year ago when we sat down to watch Fifty First Dates w/Adam Sandler. Mind you, I'd already seen the movie like four times at that point but Big D had never seen it. Secretly, I wondered if it would be (even considering it was an Adam Sandler movie!) too much of a chick-flick for him?

I should have remembered he was my marshmallow!!!

For anyone who has seen it, remember the very ending when the boat is sailing in Alaska and Drew Barrymore's character is coming up on deck to "meet" her family all over again? That whole scene brings me to tears..EACH AND EVERY TIME. I am a sap. No lie.

Anyway, after the credits started rolling, as I wiped the tears away in the quiet living room, my D turned to me with glistening eyes and said, "I'd love to go on fifty first dates with you, April."

I know I'm a lucky girl. :-)


Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet blog.

You are blessed!

Keri said...

so sweet!!
that's the special reasons why we luv our men!!

Melissa said...

Wow, gooey and romantic, he's a keeper.

That is one of my favorite movies, too

Janis said...

You have see all the new stuff I bought. Come look.

Mustafa Şenalp said...

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Awww... =)

Zoe said...

how freakin sweet is that?