Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mmmm...chocolate...salty pretzels...candy cane.

Yes, I made more but this time with just regular chocolate. The white chocolate version came out MUCH prettier, however, I know not everyone likes white chocolate. I'm thinking of giving one of each flavor in addition to the tins of cookies. I've got some hungry parents waiting for these! (including my best friend's parents...who essentially are like my 2nd set of parents.) Each year I make a ton of cookies and treats for April #2's parents and each year I'm told how wonderful I am! LOL These guys LOVE their sweets!! But, hey, who doesn't?

What else are you guys making lately? Since this is our last week to finish our holiday baking? I want to do something else easy like the dipped-pretzels but not sure what else. Any ideas? I don't need to make any more cookies though cuz I made two kinds myself plus I'm getting 12 dozen tonight of 12 different kinds. PLENTY O' COOKIES! Maybe some fudge? Does anyone have a nice and easy (and yummy!) fudge recipe? Ideas? Thoughts?

This is going to be a busy week. We're having company over tonight, my friend Sarah and her family, to exchange birthday gifts (since both of us are December babies) and we'll probably do pizza and beer. Then SOMETIME this week, D and I have to go out and do our little bit of shopping (not looking forward to last-minute shopping. I might as well just stab myself in the eye with my knitting needle, it might be more fun.) I also need to HURRY UP AND FINISH THE DANG SCARF I started knitting (then set aside) MONTHS ago cuz I plan on giving that as part of a birthday gift. Then I have to clean the house before Saturday cuz April and her parents are coming over (her hubby has to work. boo hoo!) for dinner and our cookie exchange and birthday gift exchange (ANOTHER freakin' December baby! How many of us ARE there?!?! LOL). Sunday I'm hoping, praying to wrap the gifts that we get this week and finally put SOMETHING under the tree. It's been looking pitiful lately!

How is everyone else doing with the 'ol Christmas countdown? Are you done? Almost done? Or like me....Not even close? LOL


~**Dawn**~ said...

I know it's more chocolate & pretzels, but I am thinking that I might make some of these because they sound very yummy. I also found these that look like they will be something between a cookie & a brownie and they use the Candy Cane Kisses which I am ridiculously addicted to.

As for prepared, like I posted on Keri's blog this morning, needing to mail out packages and prepare to travel for Christmas *forces* me to be done early. I mailed out my last package last night (I mailed the others on Saturday but I was waiting on the arrival of one last thing to go in this last box) and the only gifts I have left to wrap are Nichole's & Daniel's but I can't do that until I get to California, because airport security does not like wrapped packages, even in checked luggage.

Melissa said...

Not even close to done, but I can't seem to care to much about it this year...not sure why.

I think Dawn has some good ideas. I may give the marshmallow guys a try seeing as I have so many left over.

Cecily R said...

I want some of those pretzles! They look so yummy!

I am not done with Christmas shopping and it's only in the last few days that I have noticed how close I am cutting things. Oh well. I always seem to be shopping on Christmas Eve--best not break traditions! :)