Thursday, December 20, 2007

Okay, I figured it's time. Here are 25 random facts about MOI...enjoy!

1. I am deathly, deathly afraid of spiders. So much so that if either (a) I have to kill it myself or (b) Daryl is taking too long to COME kill it for me, I refuse to take my eyes off it (I've walked backwards before so that i could keep my gaze trained on that devil with eight legs). I literally start to sweat and my breathing quickens and I feel like I'm going to hyper-ventilate. This fear worsened immensely the year i was a camp counselor at the Y (I think I was 16?) and we slept outside over night for the big camp-out. I woke up face-to-face with multiple Daddy Long Legs on my pillow. And crawling on my sleeping bag. OH my god, I'm starting to sweat.....

2. I LOVE cheese the best over all other foods. I must have it at least once a day and a sandwich is NOT a true sandwich to me w/out cheese. I put cheese on almost everything (eggs, apples, burritos, potatoes, pasta, bread, nachos, pizza, mmmm....cheese....)

I almost thought that being a nurse would be a kick-ass job (I LOVE helping people!!!) however, the sight of blood and/or guts makes me want to vomit. A few years back I was giving blood at a blood drive and the person stuck some cotton on my arm and had me hold it up a second or two and then was like, "Okay, sit up, you're done." I remember thinking, "Ummm...don't i usually hold this cotton on for a couple minutes while I lay here?" And next thing I knew, blood was squirting out thickly all over and the room started to spin and I said "Oh, god, I'm going to throw up!". I was forced to lay there for another 20+ minutes with cold compresses on my forehead and back of neck, dry heaving into a garbage can while millions of senior citizens popped in, gave blood, then left. I felt like the biggest dork on the face of the planet.

4. I am NOT, however, grossed out by pee, poo or vomit. Lost count of how many times I've (a) stepped in mushy, warm cat puke, (b) pulled pieces of string/sticks/etc. out of my dog's hiney's while they struggled to poop it out, (c) changed many a nasty diaper w/out so much as a frown, (d) slid barefoot through Tucker's slimey water-puke, (d) watched (and smelled) and tried to help as Daryl struggled to stop sewage water from gushing into our basement (with his bare HANDS!!!) after we'd only been dating for about 2 months (that's for anther blog ALL in itself!!! LOL).

5. Big, chubby baby cheeks are my absolute favorite. Essentially a baby could be a total stranger, and all I want to do is put that chubby little cheek in my mouth and kiss it!! I try to refrain though if the parents don't really know me. It's better that way.

6. I asked Big D to move in with me after only about 2 or 3 months of dating...and he happily agreed.

7. My favorite sounds ever are the crash of waves on a beach, the soft and gentle "quiet" of a freshly falling snow, and a baby's giggle.

8. One of my favorite smells is RUBBER. Walking into a tire store? HEAVEN.

9. I didn't lose my virginity till I was nineteen. And I'm so glad I waited till I was somewhat emotionally "ready" for that moment AND with someone who I truly and deeply loved at the time (good 'ol puppy love!).

10. In addition to baby cheek's, I also like to nibble on dog's warm floppy ears.

11. As a child, I vowed I would never marry a man with facial hair of any kind. My, how things have changed. :-)

12. I was conceived on my parents honeymoon, in California. Who knows, maybe it was the day they went to Disneyland, hence my love for theme parks?!
13. I can easily eat half a pizza (one of my favorite foods) in one sitting. I am working on stopping that habit though.

14. The first concert I ever went to was for Dave Matthews Band (I think I was about 22 or 23 years old?) and it was freaking AWESOME. I LOVE DMB!! Coincidentally, that was the first time I got full-blown drunk, as well.
15. I have never taken illegal drugs of any kind (just prescription drugs) nor have I ever smoked a cigarette.
16. I won my 3rd grade spelling of my most PROUD moments from childhood. The winning word was SALAD and the girl before me spelled it S-A-L-I-D. I won a big bouncy ball and a first place ribbon.

17. I took dance lessons for 12+ years growing up (all the way through eleventh grade, I believe) and participated in COUNTLESS dance recitals and dance competitions. (I won third place for my solo as the Tin Man from that Ease on Down the Road musical, is that what it was called? Can't remember.). To this day, I still love to dance.
18. I love sneakers. I have multiple pairs (2 New Balance pairs, plus different colored sneaks for stylish purposes only: fuzzy blue ones, black ones that look like bowling shoes, and the pair I'm wearing today which are brown with white stripes on the side).

19. I shop-lifted some candy when I was 12 (maybe 13?) after giving in to peer pressure from my best friend at the time, Becky Benko--and got caught. I think that was the first time I came close to passing out. My friend's father was mortified (especially because he was a push-over who would have BOUGHT us whatever we wanted) and spoke to us in such a controlled angry voice in the car (throwing a couple f-bombs in...I'd never heard him swear before!) that I was in awe. And afraid of how MY Dad would react. LOL

20. I like to sleep naked sometimes. Not ALL the time, mind you (it's COLD right now! LOL) but I'm going to continue to cherish being able to do it until I have children and no longer have that luxury. Ha!

21. My first date with Daryl lasted for 8-9 hours. It was the best first date I had EVER gone on. He arrived at my house at ten a.m. with bagels and coffee for me and Michele, who was living there at the time. Then he took me to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Mass. which was awesome and interesting and FUN all at the same time (I remember turning from admiring paintings to catch Daryl admiring ME LOL). After that, he then drove us to Mohegan Sun Casino to take me out to dinner and then specifically to the Martini bar there becuz he remembered in a past conversation on the phone how I said I LOVED flavored martinis. Unfortunately the martini bar was closed for a private party, as was the next 2 bars in the casino that we went to, and I could tell he was getting a tad anxious. We finally ended up at the waterfall bar which I love...the sound of the water rushing down, sitting there beside each other, having great conversation and when the conversation stopped briefly, just staring into each other's will be a moment (and day!) etched in my memory forever. On the ride back home, when D took my hand and just gently rubbed my palm with his finger, that was the moment I KNEW I was totally smitten with this man.

22. I love animals. I've had many different pets growing up (dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, chickens) and have enjoyed every moment with every single one. Different pets have helped me get through really hard times in my life (most especially my kitty Bailey, during my issues with depression and while my father was dying. She always knows the perfect moment to curl up on my chest and softly head butt me or kiss my cheek with her sand-papery tongue.)

23. I really enjoy receiving a good full-body massage. It's the best ME-time there is where I can just shut my brain off for awhile, enjoy the sensations and just BE.

24. I have been dying my hair on and off since I was in the sixth grade. I love changing my look. I think I've forgotten what my "true" hair color must look like.

25. I've moved over at least 12 times in my life (all in Connecticut...most in the same TOWN). Most of these moves with my parents and brother...but on my own I've moved four times (the last time to a different town).


Anonymous said...

Love these posts! I so enjoy getting to know the people whose blogs I read. I too am a HUGE DMB fan - my sister and I were at the Folsom Field show in Boulder when it was recorded - it was incredible. Love cheese, also eat an enormous amount of pizza in one setting, wish I could sleep naked every night (the kids have put an end to that . . . I hate having to look for something to throw on to go tend to them at 3:00 in the morning!) Good stuff!

Melissa said...

I'm surprised at just how many of these I said 'uh huh' to. Looks like we have much in common.

Cheese is also my favorite, right after chocolate. I could live on these two things forever. Or at least until I died of a heart attack!! ;)

Aww, on #21. That is so sweet. After being married 12 years its hard to remember those times, looks like I'm going to have to do some remembering, too.

Thanks for the list. This getting to know you stuff ROCKS!!

Melek said...

wow...we're pretty alike. i didnt have sex til i was 19, AND, i've never ever tried anything illegal. i didnt even drink til i was 21. how funny.

i love the first date story :)

Rick said...

I understand fat baby cheeks, but you surprised me with the chewing on puppy dog ears thing.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Your favorite sounds are some of mine as well. A deep belly laugh from a baby is music in its purest form. =)

Anonymous said...

I am totally grossed out by #4...LOL. I couldn't agree more with #5. Babies are squishy and I want to eat them up! And I've dyed my hair so many times that I forgot what it looks like too. But mostly I was surprised at how similar we are.... no drugs, love pets, etc. Yeah!