Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Today has started out so lovely.

Bitchy black and white cat shit on the couch sometime during the night. Bitchy black and white dog ate it before I could stop her this morning.

Then before leaving for work, Big D brought in a deer leg (I think it was a leg?) that his friend gave him. Now, I've never eaten deer--and I'm not saying I'm against it--but to see this disgusting grisly raw piece of meat/bone poking out of a garbage bag on my sun porch this moring was enough to make me feel like yacking. On the spot. And decide I never want to try deer. Then had to keep shoo-ing Big blondie dog away from it. Repeatedly.

And on to of it, all morning, my friggin' eye has been killing me. It feels like that dull ache you get with a bruise...it's just...my eye ball that is feeling it. But it's not something in my eye, if that makes sense. It hurts more when I press on my lid (closed over my eye ball). So what do I keep doing? Pressing it of course.


Oh, and my Food Bag coffee tastes like a cup 'o crap, this morning.


Keri said...

Step one: go back to bed
Step two: try to forget day happen'd
Step three: start at step one

i thought i was the only one who had a cat that shit on couches... crappy cat (no pun intended)

Melissa said...

LOL! crappy cat!! Sounds like your day got off to a rough start. I hope things are looking up.

Zoe said...

what the hell is it with dogs and cat poo? norm thinks its delish!