Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yay! My chocolate-dipped pretzels were a hit! (Hmphh, like you thought they wouldn't be???)

I made little goody bags for a couple of coworkers and brought them in today (wasn't sure if any of them would be off tomorrow and I'M off on Monday).

I used a small cute holiday bag with tissue and filled them with: a small box that held two choclatey-truffly pieces, 2 chocolate dipped pretzels (one white and one dark), a holiday rice krispy treat (I got those from my cookie swap, didn't make them myself), one of those chocolates in a ball-shaped with the nuts on it (I forgot what they're called, starts with an "R" I think?) and a candy cane!

People love, love, LOVE chocolate and sweet stuff! Geez! It was like I was the messiah or something! I CAN'T wait to finish handing out all my baked goodies to family and friends this weekend. :-)


Melissa said...

Congrats! I tell you, you can't go wrong when you give people chocolate!!

Zoe said...

i could eat choco covered pretzels all day!

Cecily R said...

Hey, ummmmm. Can I be one of your co-workers for a day? Please?