Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can someone PLEASE tell me why all Dunkin Donuts employees are so stupid/ignorant/rude (feel free to insert any other adjective here!) no matter where I go?

Me ordering (in a slow, clear voice) at the drive thru: "Hi I'd like a large tea with skim milk and one splenda, please."

DD Dumbass: "That's a large coffee with milk and splenda?"

Me, rolling my eyes: "No, I said...LARGE TEA...with skim milk and one splenda."

DD Dumbass:
"Oh sorry. Drive up."

Me, thinking in agitation:
Why do they have a sign asking to please be courteous and have your money ready if they never tell you the damn total?

Me, at the drive thru window seeing the confused looking employee try to hand me a medium:
"No, that is supposed to be a LARGE TEA w/ skim milk and one splenda."

(At this point in time I vaguely hear voices in my head--yes, I hear voices: "I'd like a liter of cola." "Sir, we don't have a liter of cola." LOL God, I love that movie.)

SO anyway, the kid, looking decidedly irritated with me (why? HE is the one who screwed up my order to begin with!) turns his back on me and blocks my view into the window but I was pretty sure he dumps my medium into a large and add more water.

Gee, thanks.

I take my tea and politely say, using the manners my father taught me long, long ago:
"Thank you so much."

DD Dumbass: "Yeah." And he starts to turn away.

"And thank you, I will have a great day!" I retort sarcastically and drive off.

All for the love of caffeine. *SIGH*


Poltzie said...

Us Candaians are addicted to a chain called Tim Hortons. There is one everywhere but the one by my work is also full of idiots. They usually can't speak english (which makes me crazy when I have to ask them to repeat themselves a million times) and they screw up my order at least 50% of the time and yep when I point it out they always act annoyed with me!
I'm going to write a letter to the company right now actually!

Melissa said...

Sounds like he needed a large cup of coffee!!

April said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! You're right, though. The folks at DD are IDIOTS!!

Smitty76 said...

Poltzie, we have Tim Horton's here as well! They are nowhere near as big in CT as Dunkin Donuts (I only know of one location near me...I first found them in Maine) but their coffee is yummy! If there was one near my work I would GLADLY go there instead. Although like you said, I'm sure they are idiots there as well. LOL

Cecily R said...

Is this weird or what...I've NEVER been to a Dunkin' Donuts!

I get what you mean about stupid drive through people though. I always notice AFTER I drive away that they messed something up. ARGGGG. I almost never go back. Not worth it.

Big D said...

AHH Yes like ordering a light and sweet coffee and driving away and then 10 minutes later realizing when you take a sip of said coffee there is no fuc**** sugar at all in it!! And then fighting the urge not to go back and throw the damn cup at the drive through window. God I hope to get the balls to do that one day. I don't want a large farva I want a liter of cola

jennwa said...

Funny story. I hate trying to yell in those speakers, no one understands each other. the whole thing is a pain sometimes it is just easier to go inside.

Keri said...

Don't you just get the urge to mumble into the speaker some days...
Hate DD. always mess up my coffee. I've got a whole Donut down the street from me... love their coffee and cream donut...
But Hortons have the BEST service and flavored coffee... plainville one rocks, soooo polite, must pay their employees well.

Zoe said...

we just got a tim hortons here is hicksville...i though maybe just maybe people working there would be brighter than dd but apparently not. starbucks here also hires some freakin idiots...