Sunday, January 06, 2008

Guess who installed carpet for the first time EVER and did a FANTASTIC job (and also said he'd never, ever do it again)???? Why, BIG D, of course!

As we begin our magic carpet ride, you can no doubt see why opted to go on this journey at all...the (what was formerly blue) dingy, gross and
stained carpet that came with the house ......(and the previous house owner proudly informed me at that time, "This carpet is five years old and has been through dogs, cats and children. It's berber! Doesn't it look great??" "Uh, yeah, superb, lady."
Jump ahead three years later (and add in some more dog urine--not my dog's believe it or not!--cat puke, red wine, coffee, Coke--the soda of course and that shit doesn't come out of ANYTHING--and who knows what else) and even after steam cleaning said carpet four times in a row, alas--*SIGH*--nothing had changed. Daryl and I were so ready to see it go.

Who knew there was such pretty, dark hardwood underneath those horrid carpets? (well let me rephrase--we knew there was hardwood floor underneath, but who knew it was in such decent condition???) Daryl took a moment to admire the pretty floor and take pictures for prosperity (and for future home buyers perusal, of course). Despite both of our love for hardwood floors (we have it in both bedrooms as well) we still needed to cover it up with new carpet for two reasons. The first and foremost being when D replaced our entire gas furnace and put in new duct work all throughout the house, it left two large gaping square shaped holes in the floor (one in front of the kitchen leading into the living room and the other by the bedrooms) open to the basement below. That is where the previous vents were...both old fashioned furnaces hung from the ceiling in the basement and pumped up directly through these large grates in the floor. Grates that got very freakin' hot for poor naked feet. At least the dogs and cats had enough common sense to step over or around the grates, but it was the humans who constantly burnt their piggies. And talk about inefficient and COLD? Just ask Michele...when she was my roomie and we shut our bedroom doors at night, we got NO HEAT IN OUR BEDROOMS. None. We relied on space heaters all night which of course is SO not safe. Brrrrr!!! Anyway, D ended up buying some wood from Lowe's and filling in the holes which left it--not so pretty. That was reason number 1; reason number 2 which is plain and simple? We both love to sit/lay on the floor and it's a whole helluva lot more comfy on a decent carpet pad underneath some nice soft carpet.

The next step in Daryl's process was the (pain-in-the-ass as he described it) carpet padding. We bought the more expensive top-of-the-line padding that was water proof as well to protect the hardwood floor beneath...perfect for pets...and future babies.

After the padding was down, began the actual process of laying down the carpet in the living room and hallway. And it was also break-time for a tired and frustrated D. Here are some pictures mid-way through...before carpet was secured down.
And here is the finished product! I'm in love! Both with Daryl AND our new carpet!
(That's the small hallway above, please excuse the kitty litter box at the bottom of the stairs!)

And last but not least, a very important picture. This is a penny that Daryl found in the tiny crack between wall and floor, after he pulled up the old carpet and pad. We know this is a Penny from Heaven...Dad's way of showing us he likes our carpet choice. :-) Thanks, Dad!


Melissa said...

Pennies from heaven. LOVE THAT! And I can't believe what a difference that new carpet makes in your room, it looks great.

Cecily R said...

It's beauty-full!!!!

And I love the penny.

Anonymous said...

It looks great, and I am so impressed that you two did it yourselves! I was sad to see that beautiful hardwood covered, but I understand your logic, and it probably would have cost twice as much to refinish and stain it as it did to get the carpet.

And what a wonderful discovery in the penny!

Keri said...

Carpet looks fantastic... but the penny looks even better ;}

Melek said...

gotta love house projects....when they're FINISHED! :)

congrats on the new carpet. i prefer it over hard woods too....softer and warmer.

Chele76 said...

wow, what a difference! I barely recognize the place! I want to see it in person! :)