Friday, January 11, 2008

I am so freakin' IRRITATED.

I love my cute little house, and my immediate neighbors on all sides of me. However, I DO NOT LIKE MY NEIGHBORHOOD OR LIVING NEAR THE LOW-INCOME HOUSING AREA.

I try not to be judgemental. I know that not everyone that lives in low-income housing is a criminal or a punk (my mother is actually looking into low-income housing in the town she lives in) BUT when you wake up on a rainy, crappy Friday morning to find the window smashed out of your husband's work van and our PERSONAL GPS stolen? Then it makes me want to run down through that neighborhood wielding a bat, and mean case of vigilante-justice.

Yes, I know, I have no proof that anyone on that street is the culprit, however, two years ago (about a year after buying my house) my house was broken into by a punk (i.e. teenager) that lived in the lower income housing on the street nearby. The police ended up catching his thieving little ass AFTER he broke into fourteen houses on my street (my next door neighbor included). Thankfully for me, I had a house alarm on and it scared him away before he had a chance to steal anything from my house but I remember when I came home, the immediate sense of VIOLATION that I felt, that some UNWANTED STRANGER was in my home, well it really got to me. Never mind the fact that the mother-f*&^er left my back kitchen window open and my indoor KITTIES (who have never ever been outside) could have gotten loose! That freaked me out more than the thought of anything being stolen. My possessions could be replaced, my fur-babies NOT.

Then you have this morning, watching Daryl clean up broken glass out of the (soaked) interior of his van in the pouring rain, and I started to slowly fester and grow angrier and angrier. I could see that god damn neighborhood from my front living room window. And to add insult to injury, when D called the police and asked them to come out to write up a report? This is the kicker--they told him they don't come out for that, and that they'd take the information over the phone and do up a report and he could come pick it up.

WHAT THE F*&% do we have police FOR if they don't even take the time to come out? I know that millions of people's vehicles are broken into at any time, but how about make your police presence KNOWN at least so these neighborhood bastards see and KNOW that they are around? I am in no way blaming the police for the theft; I know we choose to live in this neighborhood (choose? I guess that's not the operative word. This is the neighborhood we can afford to live in.)

I'm sorry for the vent, but I'm just really god damn mad that there are so many honest people who work for a living and BUY what we want, just to have it then stolen by these bastards who DON'T. And Big D's company most likely won't reimburse us for the GPS (that was our personal unit) so it's like we flushed three hundred bucks down the freakin' toilet. Lovely.

It just makes me MAD. Plain and simple.


Melissa said...

If they put it through their insurance it should cover it. Or are they just going to give him cash to cover the replacement?

Sorry your having a crappy day, I to would be pretty pissy!!

April said...

Grrrr. I'm so sorry! What an awful way to end the week/start the weekend!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yuck. The really stinks, April. I'm sorry. I just don't get why people have to act like that. You would think that the insurance on the van would cover the contents, but if it won't, I guess maybe your personal stuff needs to come in the house at night, where your home owners insurance should cover it. What a freaking hassle though.

Melek said...

awww, man, that sucks. totally. would have been nice if they'd at least waited for the rain to stop so as not to add insult to injury.

i know the feeling. i've had my house robbed twice. once in a crappy neighborhood, and the other time...well, in a not so great neighborhood. and in both cases my neighbors saw them but just thought they were 'helping me move'.... yeah, bc i'd pack everything in pillowcases you jackass.

i totally understand your rage and sense of violation and helplessness....

Daryl said...

Yes I could take everything inside that is personally mine, but come on that would involve me "moving in and out of the van everyday" Yea I wish they could have waited till the rain stopped so I didnt have a wet backside all morning or have to drive my work truck 30 miles to the dealer with no drivers window in the pouring rain. I am so sick of people thinking hey I want that but I dont like to work so let me smash the window out of this 3 month old van and steal this guys stuff cause it is easier to do then find a job and be responsible....Aprils=D

Poltzie said...

Shitty! I'm sorry that sucks!
We just found out that my car will be around $1500.00 to fix and we were just saying how you never expect a hit and run whent he car is in your driveway.
I hope that Karma catches up to the asshole who did it!
Now go eat those Girl Guide cookies and hopefully you will feel better soon. Trust me on the cookie therapy!

Heather said...

that totally sucks...i really hope somehow the punk it caught. let D know that my Jason knows what kind of pain in the ass it is to have personal items stolen from a company vehicle b/c before his own business he was in the same boat and b/c it can possibly cost his employer to put the claim in his D's employer is as cheap as Jason's ex employer I am sure he will not do it...which makes me even more pissed about the whole situation.

Keri said...

I feel your pain guys.
We live on a street surronded by crap head bobs! Our street is all old houses that people have worked there asses off to fix up, but step around the corner and you have 50 people living in a one room apartment. sucks.
we had someone last year break into our GARAGE and bust out M's car window with his own hammer, rip his arm rest apart, and riffle and though all my stuff in my truck around.... and then this year we had someone walk off with two HEAVY 50 pound CAST IRON urns filled with dirt and decorative pine trees. Right off our front steps ! CRAZY SHIT ! hate people that steal stuff ! Get your own stuff.

Cecily R said...

What a crappy way to start a day! I'm so sorry for you both. I would hate to have that feeling of violation in my home or my car!