Monday, January 14, 2008

I had a wedding dream/nightmare last night.

It wasn't the first; I'm sure it won't be the last either. I call it a nightmare becuz of the intense anxiety I feel upon waking from these dreams until I realize, "Duh, it's just a dream." I'm not anal-retentive or a bridezilla at ALL when it comes to planning this wedding, but obviously all the still-needs-to-be-done items on my list are feeling like they are weighing me down both in the sleepy world AND the wakey world!

Last night's dream was vague...the only thing I remember is #1 feeling MAJOR anxiety. And #2 I had no one to do my hair (this seems to be a theme in my wedding nightmares) so I ended up doing it myself. Somehow I ended up with long, almost Annie-like curls that were so tightly sprung around my head that I CRIED when I saw them. LOL Oh, and we were crammed in this tiny little hotel room/effieciency apartment to get ready and there was another random bridal party there getting ready as well. I remember this other bride was hogging the one lone mirror and I was ready to kick her ass, wedding dresses be damned!

The other wedding dream I had a few months back was hilarious (well it's hilarious to me now, but while I was livin' the dream it was stressful.) In this one, I woke up the morning of my wedding and realized that not only had I NEVER booked a DJ, but we had no where to have the ceremony or reception. It ended up being in some field or something. Then the hairdressers (there were like five in this dream, it was crazy!) told me that we showed up late so they didn't have time to do our hair. I had to beg and plead with them to at least do MINE, since I was the bride. So the hairstylist finally agreed and did it, and I hated it. Then a crazed thought entered my head, "Oh my God! I never bought shoes or a bra to wear under my dress!). So dressed IN my wedding dress, I jumped into my New Balance sneaks, pulled my Red Sox cap down low over my 'do, and took off running for the store. (Guess I had no car in this dream?) By the time I got to the store, I was sweating, and loose bits of hair were poking out in every which direction from under my baseball cap. I was running down endless aisles of shoes and bras while freaking out (the store ONLY had wedding shoes and bras, go figure) and just randomly pulled the first pair of shoes down that were in my size. Then I said, "F*&% it! I don't need a bra!" and off I raced back to the field with my newly purchased shoes. The rest of the dream ended up no longer being stressful in the least..I remember that despite all the craziness of the day, the most vivid part of the dream was standing up in front of the JP, staring into Daryl's eyes as we said our vows, and being so thankful that I was marrying him. :-)


Melissa said...

At least the first dream had a happy ending. Sounds like your a little worried about your hair, have you figured out who is doing it yet?

Smitty76 said...

Melissa, that's the funny part! My aunt is my hair dresser and she has already agreed to do it...and I love everything she does! So the hair should be the LEAST of my worries! ha!

Poltzie said...

Oh yeah I had tons of those crazy dreams too, totally normal! I used to always dream that Mike was marrying someone else - one time it was even my mom??
I wish I had some advice but honestly I felt like that until the day I got on the plane. The one thing I did start doing (just to get some sleep) was to have a pad of paper by my bed and when I would wake in a panic thinking about something I would write it down and (hopefully) be able to fall back asleep. Helped with the "I can't forget this" anxiety.
Also, all the things that go wrong will be the things that you laugh about later (usually)!
But you are right the minute you look into his eyes it will all be ok no matter what was forgotten (even if you forgot your bra hehe)!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Isn't it funny what our subconscious does while we sleep? I often wonder where all the little bits & pieces come from. Sometimes I can trace a detail to its origin, but sometimes I really wonder what the HECK is going on in my own head!

Zoe said...

hahaha1 wedding stress is HELL! elope!!!!