Monday, January 21, 2008

I have to start having a meal plan each week so that I don't have to rely on (1) pasta every night or (2) take out every night. Obviously neither will help me lose weight! (although my pasta is at least wheat pasta! LOL)

Do you guys do any type of meal plan? If so, do you find it helpful? Does it change often? Meaning, if you plan do you definitely stick with that plan...or do you sometimes stray depending on a mood you are in? I hate that I work till 6pm and don't get home till 6:30pm cuz often times I'm just to tired to cook anything elaborate. I know crock pot meals are a god-send for some but I honestly don't see myself doing them maybe more than once or a twice a week (on the weekend, yes...but all that prep cutting into my regular weekday morning routine would mean I'd have to get up earlier. Ugh!)

So, I'm on the hunt now for "easy" (i.e. less time consuming but still tasty and healthy) recipes to try out.

For this week I think I will do:

Monday: wheat pasta with tomato sauce and steamed broccoli, reduced fat Pillsbury biscuits

Tuesday: Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn (There is a delicious Cooking Light recipe out there, but with meat loaf I always just wing it.)

Wednesday: Might turn out to be Pizza Night

Thursday: Chicken Breasts stuffed with Pesto Butter (I found the recipe on a blog...when I remember WHERE I will link it!)

Friday: Homemade Nachos (made with 99% fat free turkey chili, reduced fat refried beans, scallions, and 2% cheddar...with a dollop of Daisy Light Sour Cream on top...I love this when I'm craving "bad" but don't want to cross completely over to the dark side! LOL And Friday's are kind of like fun-food days in my house.)

Saturday: Crock Pot dish...still trying to figure out what though...I'll keep you posted!

Sunday: Ham, Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Calzones, hope it tastes as good as it sounds! This one is from


Melissa said...

I make plans but then never follow through with a meal plan. I just can't eat something I don't want. So I fly by the seat of my pants.

Some of those things you've listed sound pretty good but I'm not to sure about turkey nachos. I would try chicken but turkey just seems so wrong to me...

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

It's summer holidays here, but during school (and college) term we are even more organised than usual. Have to be!!

But I do a BBQ at least two or three times a month; even more now in summer.

Next time you're stumped for a meal option, come on over!

And bring Dawn with you ....

Chele76 said...

I recomend setting up Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals on your DVR. I find her to be a *tad* annoying, but she has some great cooking tips... its all about the technique, then you can subsitiute flavor however you like. And you can get it all done in under 30 minutes! :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hey! I see my blog buddy David wandered over here! =)

Anyway, if you can't stand listening to Rachael Ray, get her magazine or her cookbooks! Or look up her recipes online at Food Network's website or at the website for her magazine!

I don't post it on my blog, but I make a menu plan every week. I have to, cooking for one, so that stuff doesn't go to waste. I stick to it in the sense that with maybe exception of one day, I will cook everything on my menu. Maybe not on the day I penciled it in, but it will get cooked. If I have one that carries over, I make a point to make it that following Monday or Tuesday. And I always try to work in an easy meal or two or a night for carry-out so that I don't *have* to cook if I don't feel like it one night.

As for not having time to prep a crock pot meal in the morning, what about doing a prep work in the evening, like the measuring & the chopping, etc, and then just dump it in when you get up in the morning?

Anonymous said...

I said the same thing as Dawn & Chele, but it ate my comment. I pick a lot of meals from Rachael Ray as well, I have the 365 No Repeats book and it's great. We just randomly select a page. If you don't make her sides (which admittedly are sometimes as stupid as "open a bag of fancy chips"), you really can make most in 30 minutes or less. I usually just add some frozen veggies or a side of pasta or soup.