Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's Wednesday morning (it feels like a Monday though) and I'm going to be late for work but what am I doing? First, taking pictures of my kitchen and second blogging! LOL Hi my name is April, and I am a blog-o-holic.

Our kitchen has been a bone of contention for me since I bought the house about 3 years ago. It's small, it's dark (try DARK BLUE paint with a busy, busy apple wallpaper and rooster border...don't even ask...I certainly didn't do it! UGH!) and underneath that fugly blue color we've found...wood paneling. Yep, the previous owner (or whoever) filled in the cracks with putty and painted over the paneling. Sweet! Then you have the tiny slab of counter top and the low, uneven low that certain coffee pots don't fit under them. And with our lack of counter space, we're often forced to cut veggies, prep food, over the stove top or at the table. Which annoys me but with the cook of the house, Daryl, he absolutely LOATHES it!

Anyway, I'm excited because we are slowly but surely making some progress. This kitchen will be a work-in-progress for some time, but, I figured I'd start blogging about it so that I can actually SEE the progress for myself. Sometimes, living through it, it's hard to realize that stuff is getting done. And can I just say? I LOVE my Big D for taking on all my many projects (once he starts one, I immediately think of another one) and the kitchen has been one of my biggest WHINES of all. Thankfully, what Daryl needs some help with, we'll have his uncle to help us. His uncle Rob renovates kitchens for a living and has his own company so we're going to get a very VERY nice deal.

So, fasten your seat belts, and hang on:

In the is one section of our tiny kitchen (this is a picture I took when I first bought the house).

This angle shows you (1) our tiny kitchen counter/cabinet area and (2) that basically wherever you put the fridge, you have no space to move around. (again this pic was taken when I moved in which hopefully explains the utter dissaray on the counters.)

This shot shows the fabulous handy work of a 1940's house's cabinets. ;-)

This shot shows you the lack of space beneath our cabinets. Uncle Rob said that when he puts in our new cabinets, he will raise them up higher (cuz above the cabinets, the wall space is hollow) and I am MOST excited about that...well, that and new counters.

This was the beginning of Daryl's projects. Our pantry closet. We decided to nix the pantry closet and recess the fridge into the wall, so that it would open up some more space in the kitchen itself. So Daryl took off the door, and began cutting! Talk about a dusty kitchen.

This is my view of Daryl during the cutting process...from what was formerly our coat closet in the tiny walk-way between living room and kitchen. That coat closet was to become a small pantry closet.

I see you!!

This, I mean kinda fun to watch!
 the fridge is in the recessed spot...but there is still so much more to go! Daryl still needs to put up the trim around it. And our pantry closet (which I don't have a picture of yet) is pretty much complete. (and please, please don't judge me! The fridge is covered with holiday CHristmas cards/pictures that I can't bear to take down yet, and the top is covered with CRAP that has no home right now! LOL)

But the kitchen is still a disaster---uh, I mean "work-in-progess". I have randomly begun (about four or five months ago!) to peel down wallpaper when the itch takes over. I have driven Daryl crazy. A piece here. A piece there.

Can you see the lovely wood paneling trying to peek through from behind the half-peeled off wallpaper?

We've now reached the conclusion of KITCHEN REMODELING - PART ONE.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Who paints over paneling. Idiots, that's who. Don't worry, I still have holiday kid cards on my fridge too. They're kids, I feel bad tossing them in the trash. One day soon though, they're chubby faces will annoy me and in one fell swoop, they'll be gone.

And I LOVE that you have no counter space, but you have a picture frame there. Ha!

Chele76 said...

you're giving me motivation to organize my kitchen! I can't do much since we rent... but I can DEFINITLY make better use of the space.... actually, I began working on it yesterday... I should take pics and post what I acomplished yesterday....

Melissa said...

You'd be amazed to find out how many people paint over wood panelling that and wallpaper, to lazy to pull it down, paint over it.

We redid our kitchen in the old house. Painted the cabinets white (what a serious pain) replaced the floor and we're just about to do the counters and cabinets when we moved.

One recommendation, IKEA. I'm nost sure if you have one in your area but if you do go check out the cabinets there, the price is pretty good and there stuff is fantastic.

Cecily R said...

Ooooo! I love projects like this!! Sounds exciting. Between the kitchen and the carpet you are practically getting a new house!!

And about the paneling...our downstairs TV room has REAL wood paneling. Seriously. It's old splintery real wood panels. And then some fake wood panels where they had to replace it after a flood. Neat. Gracie has decorated it with paper clouds and a sun. It's an improvement so it stays for now. :)

Poltzie said...

You are a brave woman! After we are done with our house we are never ever again doing renos! If our house is out of date we will move - I swear!
I can't wait to see the finished pictures though!
ps. That rooster boarder, why do they even sell that?

Keri said...

'hi i'm April, a blog-a-holic'... (all in unison) 'Hi April'...
I still have METAL cabinets in my kitchen. house was used by the VNA and the cabinets have locks... guess that's where the meds were kept. I had about the same amount of counter space till M built an island. That's my first project if M gets a bonus... Granite countertops here i come !

Heather said...

good luck... i can't wait to see the finished product!

April said...

fun, fun, fun!! I'm sure you know this, but I found the EASIEST way to get the paper down (I live in a early 90's Florida (read retirement aged people) home) is to take a water bottle and fill it with soapy water - dish soap - saturate the paper and it peels right off! The lady who owned my house had wallpaper everywhere!! Good luck.