Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Big D is cute.

Last night I got a cavity filled (yuck with a capital "Y"!!) and the dentist had to give me two shots of Novocaine (cuz after the first shot I still felt her poking and prodding painfully into my tooth with her drill. *SHUDDER*)

After the second shot I started to feel a little funny, a little bit light-headed as I stared up at the ceiling, but I attributed it to anxiety. I get WICKED stressed out when I have dental procedures done. Not sure why. Probably the visual of this HUGE Novocaine needle spear-heading right towards my face? Perhaps.

Anyway, as I was writing out the check for my co-pay after the dentist had finished, I suddenly realized my hands were shaking so bad I could not read my own hand-writing!

I held up my right hand--which was shaking like an old lady on crack in the middle of a blizzard--and casually asked, "Excuse me, is this shaking normal?" Even though inside I was slightly freaking out. I've never seen ANY part of my body shake like that before. It was weird! Thankfully, it was just a funky side effect of the Novocaine.

I continued on my merry way home and immediately showed D how I had the shakes. At this point I thought it was kinda cool and mesmerizing to watch. (Which also momentarily made me forget that the lower left side of my face and mouth was completely numb and sagging open. At least I distracted D before he could tease me about it.)

"Oh my God! Are you okay?" He quickly asked. I explained how it's supposedly a side effect. But I kept catching him sneaking nervous, furtive glances in my direction on the couch where I huddled under my blanket, shaking away like crazy. I don't know if he expected me flop off the couch like a fish out of water, or what.

"I don't like to see you like that." D said, frowning.

And being as how I have babies on the brain nonstop, my first thought was, "Wait till you see me going through LABOR, honey." LOL I have a ton of friends with children and have heard enough stories now (as well as I was my aunt's labor coach all through her labor and delivery of my cousin, AJ...WONDERFUL experience!) so I feel like I have an idea of what to expect. But poor D, I am not so sure he knows too many specifics. Maybe it's better that way. LOL I know I can laugh about it now, but I'm afraid my Big D will pass out when that day comes. For one thing, he gets the dry-heaves over certain sights...so I wonder how he'll do with blood and other bodily secretions. (secretions...don't you just love that word?).

But my main concern is that he won't be able to handle seeing me in pain. D is very sensitive and empathetic to my pain or discomfort. I think out of any part of it, that will bother him the most. But then again, he might totally surprise me. Mmmmm....babies....Crapola...this post started out about D and morphed into 100% baby-thoughts! How the hell did that happen? I think he and I are passing the baby fever back and forth like a beach ball lately! LOL


Melissa said...

Funny before you even started to talk about babies I was thinking D better buck up if you guys want to have kids.

I think he'll do fine. I think it's less about the pain then and more about the 'holy shit, this is my kid. How did I do something so fantastic.'

That's what it was for Joe anyway.

Poltzie said...

He will really have a hard time with it. One of my good friends told me that when his wife was in labour it was like watching his best friend get beat up and not being able to do anything about it. That being said he will be a great support for you and I think it's better to have someone who is sensitive to your needs over someone who thinks you are faking it!
I'm worried about the hunny myself although my fears are a bit different. Mike wants to video tape everything (yes everything) which I'm really not sure I'm ok with. He also thinks it's going to be a big party with his first born son and all. I can tell you it's going to be the worst fucking party he's ever been to lol!

Keri said...

D might want to wait in the waiting room. lol... Even my sis got so upset seeing me go through 14 hours of hard labor... she called M who was home taking care of Ava for a bit and screamed at him to get me some help... I think M had already 'helped' enough. ;}

Anonymous said...

I tell my husband too that I don't think he'll be able to take the screaming I'm likely to engage in. He claims death is coming his way for any little ailment (okay, I exaggerate slightly), and I hardly complain about anything. He says he can step up when the time comes. He is most excited though about the poopage that will be occurring on the delivery table. He laughs about it already, and who knows when we'll even have kids.

Melek said...

nice that he was concerned. a lot of guys would be like "eh, it'll stop. walk it off." hahah...

i went to the doc once for 2 fillings and had to get 7 or 8 shots. i was full-body shaking violently for the first 10 or 15 min. scared the pants off me. dont know why that happened, but i wont let them give me that many shots at once ever again.