Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ok, here it is.

ONE more mushy post about Big D...and that's becuz yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of our fabulous first date. :-)

I think it was after we finally said the big "L" word that I decided to convey my feelings for him in a poem. I'm not a huge poem writer...I do them, but my first love is short stories (and some day I'll actually finish one of my LONG stories! LOL).

So, yes, here is my incredibly cheese-ball poem but it encapsulates two of my most favorite things in the and DARYL!

Summer's Flower

I touch the soft hairs along the nape of his neck,
velvet beneath my gentle, exploring fingertips.

I feel the smooth, sweet fullness of his lips pressed to mine
and I can taste his love for me—sweet like the fruits of summer—
ripening slowly, carefully under the warm existence
of my tender gaze upon him.

He is a beautiful and cherished flower
that I nourish daily with teasing smiles, sensitive hands,
kind words and showers of appreciation,
all in return for the spreading mass of joy
that he’s blossomed in my life.

His arms encircle me in a petal-smooth embrace,
and I bury my face into his neck,
warmed by the sun’s enriching golden rays,
and smelling faintly of his heady summer-scented musk,
and I feel peaceful, at long last.

I will continue to watch over this blooming flower,
this man that I love,
as he too faithfully cherishes me in return,
for all the summers of our lives.


Melissa said...

Wow, you think you liked the guy enough to marry him or something...beautiful poem!

Chele76 said...

awwww you made me cry :)