Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okay the time has come....25 more random (useless?) facts about yours truly:

26. I need to lick the cheese/coating off of my Doritos before eating them. I lick the salt off of potato chips and bite each individual speck of salt off of pretzels before eating the whole piece. I'm....special that way.

27. On my first date with Daryl I was talking about how flexible I was from 12+ years of dance lessons to which he told me to "Prove it". I put my foot behind my head, in the passenger seat of his truck. "TA-DA!" I cried. His eyes widened and he told me later that his first thought to himself was, I think I'm in love.

28. I remember the first time that it really dawned on me that I had boobies. Fifth grade. The a male classmate asked me to pull my shirt down tight against my chest, with no explanation. Like a naive little knucklehead, I did it. And then on recess, if you were wearing white shirts, they chased you around with cups of water to throw over your head. I had my "A-ha!" moment when my white shirt got wet. LOL

29. When I was 19 or 20, I walked in on my parents having sex. I was immediately scarred for life.

30. I love to wear the color brown. I think I'm a neutral girl...earthy colors look best on me. Then again, I can pull off a nice jewel blue tone or red as well!

31. I love boots. Always being a tall girl, I never wore heels growing up cuz it sucked to be taller than the boys. This insecurity stuck with me into adulthood. But when my love for boots began quite a few years back, I stopped caring about towering over men and started flaunting my stuff!

32. I do not remember my first time having sex! Crazy, huh? I do, however, vividly remember the time I almost had sex for the first time---and chickened out!

33. I am a PACK RAT. I can't part with anything...pictures, mementos...I have every note exchanged throughout my years of high school kept for safe keeping in a binder or two. A stuffed animal I got as a five year old. I save messages on my answering machine of my mom, Daryl's mom, our grandparents...just to save their voices forever. I have a hard time seeing "garbage" in things and often want to keep items that should have been thrown away years ago. Daryl has been great about trying to help me break this habit. He told me that if i haven't used something in six months, chuck it. Great motto...I can't abide by it for EVERYTHING of course...even throwing away things like old lotions and makeup? Difficult for me to do!

34. I might have said this before but...I LOVE TO BAKE. Sometimes I can bake 3-4 times during the weekend...and not get tired of it! I love to bake and then feed my delectable treasures to Daryl, his coworkers, my coworkers, whoever wants to eat them. This is NOT a helpful thing when I'm trying to diet/get in shape. *SIGH*

35. I keep a little notebook in my purse that I write down potential baby names in. Daryl and I have already decided on a boy's name we love (and I'm not even preggo yet! LOL) but we're still stumped on girls names.

36. CLINIQUE'S Tenderheart lipstick is my all time favorite lipstick. EVER. I'll be wearing it when my boobs hang down to my knees and my face is a mass of wrinkles.

37. I wish I was better at photography. Sometimes I take the shittiest photos! I either manage to chop off heads (or other valuable body parts) or it's blurry or too dark or too light...

38. I have to have at least ONE piece of furniture (minimum!) in my home kitty-cornered against two walls. Why? I don't know. Blame my mother. The Queen of Kitty-Cornering furniture.

39. Growing up, my favorite summer time lunch was fresh tomatoes from our family garden sprinkled with salt, followed by ice cream sandwiches. I always thought my mom was the coolest for letting us eat "fun" meals like this some times. To this day, biting into a garden-fresh tomato makes me relive childhood.

40. I constantly crack my knuckles. And my toes. And by back. And my neck. And my elbows. I'm a cracking-machine.

41. I can still put my foot behind my head. :-)

42. I am extremely patriotic. I love July 4th and wearing red, white and blue, and thinking of all the men & women in the armed forces who protect and serve our country! Hearing people "Pledge Allegiance to the Flag" or hearing our national anthem usually causes me to well up. I always cry during EVERY/ANY war movie I watch. I'm proud of my father and both grandfathers for serving their country!!

43. I can't sleep when it's sunny out...which means I'm unable to nap. I've been so exhausted sometimes that I feel like dropping (especially if I was home sick from work) and still, my body fights off sleep. It's a curse!

44. I have a monstrous appetite for books. I've always been a voracious reader but there are certain times in my life when I slacked off. Thankfully I'm back in reading mode. I've probably read 5 books in the past month, two months tops. I can't stop!

45. I worry often about dying young, and/or getting cancer. (despite the fact that I always have a clean bill of health at the doctors)

46. Growing up, my mom always let me and my brother Sean lick the mixer whisks or mixing spoons when she made cookies, brownies, cupcakes...and now I find myself constantly trying to get Daryl to lick the spoons after I bake something. It's almost an obsession. LOl

47. I have had ONE one-night-stand right before I met my D. I hated it and the anonymity of this person not knowing my favorite color, or favorite food or favorite position, for god sakes--not knowing ME. It was totally and completely awkward and early in the morning, I whispered that I was leaving and slunk out of this guy's condo, feeling like a slug.

48. I'm not a very religious person. I don't go to church or pray. But I do believe in God--maybe not on the same level as other people. And yet on some of the most beautiful days when I'm quiet and contemplative and peaceful, I thank Him for my life.

49. I used to have a masturbating cockatiel (I feel horrible now typing this right after my post about God! LOL). Her name was Cinnamon. She would rub her--ahem--lower half on the rope toy she sat on and make THE MOST hilarious sounds I've ever heard a bird make before. Kind of breathy chirps...And like voyeur's, my mom and I would watch, listen and giggle. Cinnamon didn't seem to mind.

50. I am a walking-accident. I constantly trip, fall, scratch, cut, bruise or somehow injure myself on a regular basis. I used to have nice legs. I say "used to" becuz now they are covered with cuts, scars, bruises, you name it. Daryl has gotten so used to me walking into walls, stubbing my toe (I do this at least once every weekend), banging my shin etc. that he often times forgets to ask now, "Are you okay?"


Melissa said...

Wow, so many of these I could have written. In fact, one of them I did. It's on my next list, you'll have to read it and find out.

Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

#25, totally me. Except I usually am picking the salt off the pretzels, because it's too much for me. My husband yells whenever he notices me licking off cheesy doritos.

#34, totally me too. Sometimes at 7:30 at night I'll decide I NEED to bake cookies, or something, even though I don't really have enough time before going to bed.

And we have been making lists of baby names for EVER, and we don't even know if we're having kids. We've got two girls' names, and only one boys' which I DON'T want to use, because every generation of males on both sides (as well as one female) have had that name, but it's the ONLY name we can agree on. If we have two boys were screwed!

Faz said...

I do the same thing with pretzel rods. When done, it looks like someone de-barked a tree trunk!

~**Dawn**~ said...

29. Oh yeah? When I was twenty, my dad got remarried. His wife had never had kids & wanted to have a baby. She was on Paxil at the time, and you can't take that while you're pregnant. Her doctor warned her that when she came off it, she would notice an increase in ummmm... desire. So. I know that they are trying to have a baby. I still live at home & my bedroom is fifteen feet away from theirs. One day, driving somewhere, my dad says "Jeez, ever since she came off that med, she's making me crazy. I have to beat her off me with a baseball bat!" ACK. I know what all is involved in having a baby, but that is *not* a mental image I *ever* needed to have.

33. I used to be like that. Perfect remedy: First, move 1200 miles from where you live now. Then, move five times in 15 months. You would be shocked how quickly things lose "sentimental value" -- and what you're left with are the things you really do lose and/or use.

35. Oh yeah? I have a list of names & *I* do not even have a boyfriend. LOL! Funny thing is, I have a bunch of girl's names & only two possibilities for a boy.

37. Practice practice practice. =)

39. Mmmm... that may be the world's perfect meal.

43. I think you need to invest in room-darkening shades of some sort. You are so missing out on the wonderful thing called napping.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY do that with nacho doritos!!! I loved reading about *achem* Cinnamon right after God. RLMAO!! I can't wait to hear your boy name..... =)